I saw it coming

I had a really rough day yesterday, feeling so sad and down because of things regarding my work and someone stealing my identity and content on the internet. I spent the whole day in the cabin with Johan trying to solve the issues but things didn’t really work out as we I hoped. And that just started a spiral of negative thoughts in my head. In the end of the day I had an intense headache from all the worrying and all the emotions, and I felt so drained.

I went down to the wild river just a few minutes from our cabin as the sun was setting, because I knew I needed to get some fresh air and take a break from the internet world.
And suddenly I’m there, back in my body again, after a whole day being stuck in my head.
I’m observing the playfulness of river below me and the stillness of the majestic mountains far away, while the last rays of the sun hits my puffy eyes from too much crying that day.

It was so beautiful, I had to cry again.

I felt like I was embraced in the warmest, most loving hug by the most beautiful scenery. The mountains, the pine trees, the water…everything was so perfect that I knew that everything is exactly the way it’s suppose to be.

And suddenly as I sit there, a very cold, strong wind comes from out of nowhere, bringing some tiny snowflakes swirling around in the air.
And I saw it coming. The winter is on it’s way.

I took the car and drove to the closet town before it got dark, to fill up some more water to have in the cabin. And on the mountains I saw the first, tiny layer of snow covering the tops.
I was so glad to be here when that happened. Because the look of the first snow on the mountains is such a special view. It creates such a beautiful contrast together with the rocky parts.
I really love that.

But I still got a chock this morning when I opened the door and saw how much snow had come during the night. It looked like a winter wonderland.

We didn’t bring so much warm clothes so Johan had to take an old fishing hat that we found in the cabin for our walk with Nanook today, as a protection from the cold air. He looked so cute 🙂

And Nanook seemed very happy to see the first snow, as always.
It’s so beautiful, but to be honest I don’t feel ready for the winter just yet. I had a lot of photography projects to do outside still, and the snow makes that really hard.
And I would like to squeeze out a bit more of the autumn before the long, long winter arrives.
We will see if the snow is here to stay or if it will melt away in a few days 🙂

Right now in this moment, I’m sitting in the cozy cabin, Nanook is sleeping and snoring on the floor beside me, and Johan is soon arriving with some food that he bought from a restaurant in the nearby town. Because it is Friday, after all!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, wherever you are.
And thank you for all your beautiful comments. I haven’t got the time to answer any yet, but just so you know, I ready every single word you write.

Big hugs and tons of love to you all ♥

My cozy cabin in the mountains

It’s 02.30 in the night as I arrive to my cozy little cabin in the forest among the mountains. I unpack my car and carry all the crazy amount of bags into the cabin. It’s all my camera equipment, tons of warm clothes and food for at least a week.

It’s a bit chilly in the cabin, so I light a fire and some candles and then I’m to tired to do anything else, so I just make my little bed in the sofa and crawl into a little shivering ball underneath the cover, and take a deep breath.
Im here. Im finally here again.

Just as I lay down in what feels like the coziest bed of all times, the rain starts pouring down on the metal roof which creates the most calming sound. And suddenly I hear thundering. In the end of September? Never heard that before. But wow…how magical.
I felt so grateful falling sleep that night, thinking about the fun days ahead and all the hours I would spend in the rivers working on some photography while cleansing my soul with the roar from the wild, mountain waters.

Every autumn I go to our cabin in the mountains for a week or two, primarily to work on product photography for our new jewelry designs for the year. I just fell in love with taking photos of our jewelry on the beautiful, raw rocks among the wild waters. And now I feel like I couldn’t do it any other way.
It’s something with the sound of the water flowing all around me that makes me go into a really wonderful state of deep focus, where all my thoughts are silenced and where I get extremely creative.
I love when that happens.

I wish I could show you some photos of the new designs, but they are not “released” yet so here is a photo I took of our arm cuff “Origin“, which is one of our oldest designs that my mother Anita created many years ago as a gift to me.

I usually stay by the river until it gets to dark for taking photos, and after a long day by the roaring river it feels so amazing to get back to the cabin again where it’s all silent.

Filling up water in the nearby town to bring back to the cabin, since we don’t have running water there.

In the evenings I edit the photos and films that I took during the days. But then I also just relax, read a book, or just listen to the rain outside. Because even though coming to the cabin usually means a lot of work, it’s even more like a break from the every day life and all the “to do’s” and daily routines.

What often stresses me is not the work that I do, but all the little things in between that distracts me from doing the work I want to do. So coming to the cabin is like stepping away from the everyday life and tasks for a while, so that I fully get to focus on whatever project I’m working on.
And to me that feels so relaxing. To not get interrupted or to have my focus fragmented between a thousand different things.

I’m so grateful to have this cozy little space to escape into whenever I need to disconnect from the world a little bit. It’s also the most perfect place for me and Johan and Nanook to go to whenever we need some vacation but don’t want to travel to far away. The cabin is only a 3,5 hour drive from our home.

The surroundings are breathtaking. I love the views of the far away hills and mountains behind the treetops.
The trees are so beautiful now, with its yellow and orange colors, but any windy day now will make them all fall off.
A cozy morning, reading in a mountain magazine and eating sandwiches.

So I’m having a really good time here. I’ve got a lot of job done and I’m so happy with the photos I’ve taken of the jewelry so far. And in a few days my husband Johan and our dog Nanook will also come here and we will spend some days relaxing in the cabin, and enjoying the views of the mountains and fill our lungs with fresh mountain air.

Before I end this very long post I just want to once again say THANK YOU for all your lovely comments on my previous post! You guys really inspire me to continue making blogposts. And I feel like I fall in love with it more and more for each time I sit down and write. It feels so peaceful and relaxing, and I already look forward next time.

Have a beautiful week everyone! ♥

A time to breathe

I was out in the forest last evening, just me and my camera. And in that moment I suddenly felt this deep urge to write another blogpost. I’ve been thinking about it many times since I wrote my previous post in June. But the busy summer left little space for that spark inside of me to show up.
It’s been a lot of focus outwards, on doing things and getting done with the project of moving into my new art studio. And besides that, summers usually feels very noisy to me and the older I get the more I begin to love the autumn.

Like last night. I just went out to take some photos of some jewelry but ended up just standing completely still on a huge field of dead fireweed, as the sky turned pink and the low degrees made smoke coming from my breath.

It was so silent. All I could hear was a raven far away.
And that was the first moment in many months where I felt completely still inside.
I took a deep breath in. And a deep breath out.

And that’s when the inspiration came to write this blogpost. And I am so happy for that.
I have for so long wanted to write and say thank you to all of you who wrote comments on my previous post. I was so shocked to see that so many still went into my blog now and then to check for a new post, even though I hadn’t updated in years. I’m so happy that you are here!

As I said when I wrote my “first” post in June, I felt like I was writing out in a black void. An empty space, that all humans had left a long, long time ago. And that felt ok, because the urge to write just came from the joy of writing and for expressing myself in another way, not necessarily for someone else to read it.
I like writing so much more than talking.
So it was such a huge bonus to see so many still coming in here. In this little void.

As I sit here and write, it is Monday evening and there is a fire burning in the stove. Nanook is laying on the floor snoring, and a candle on the table next to my laptop is the only source of light apart from the screen. This is exactly what I need right now.
Quiet autumn evenings.

Even though I have a busy time ahead of me now, with a lot of work and many different projects manifesting at the same time, I have promised myself to slow down and make sure to have many more evenings like this. And to go for many more evening adventures in the forest, like yesterday.
Because I really feel how that opens up something. You gotta slow down and quiet your mind for something new to arise within.

And I feel like autumns and winters are made for that. For us to slow down and let the inner world take the lead and inspire us and show us the way.

I just sit here and smile as I upload my photos and mix them with my words. I really missed that feeling of composing a blogpost. It’s very satisfying in a way I cannot put into words.
And to see an image, without any sound. No spoken words and no background music.
Even though I love to create feelings using many different elements, I also really miss letting the photos speak for themselves. It’s such a beauty in that too.

Ok wow, this post became longer than I thought. I just wanted to say thank you and share som photos from last night. And to let you know that I will probably keep posting in here. How often I don’t know.
But the darker times of the year inspires me to write. So I think I will see you soon again! 🙂

Sending lots of love to wherever in the world you are ♥

Long time no see

I have felt a strange longing for writing lately. I’ve actually been thinking about writing more blogposts again for the past year.
But since I haven’t done a post in what feels like an eternity it feels so hard to write a first one. I don’t really know how to start or what to say.
But I know that as fast as I sit down and start writing something and then click on post, that “wall” I’ve built up around making a first blogpost will be teared down. It’s always the hardest before we take that first step.

I feel like I’m writing out in the black void. As if it’s 4 billion years since my last blogpost and earth is no longer existing and nobody hears me haha. That’s how strange it feels to write a blogpost again. This part of the internet feels like something ancient now.
Who spends time reading blogposts now days when everything is suppose to go so fast and make a lot of noise to gain our attention and to keep us scrolling and looking for the next shot of dopamine?
In a time when everything moves so fast, and social media changes in ways that makes me feel a bit lost sometimes, it just feels so nice to sit here and write, in this empty space.

A blogpost doesn’t make any noise.
It’s not trying to be seen or read. It’s just there for those who want to take part of.
Like the flowers in a field.
You can stop and smell them if you want or just walk past them.
I like that.

So this will be my first blogpost in a long time and I have no idea if my inspiration to write and make blogposts will stay but I will just leave it like this now. Without any pressure. I do hope that I will continue with making blogposts now, since I really feel like I need it in some strange way.

So hello there, whoever will be reading this. And welcome back to my blog!
I decided to share some photos of a roadtrip I just did the past week. After a half year of renovations on my new art studio I really needed to get away and charge up my batteries a little bit, and going to the mountains in the north without any time schedule our plans, that is among the things that brings me most joy in the entire world! In that freedom I feel like myself.

So maybe this roadtrip to the north is what actually inspired me to finally make this first blogpost! I think so.

In a lot of ways I feel like I’m just about to start a new chapter in my life. Not that a lot will change in my life, just that the “feeling” around things will change to the better. Like an upgrade.
Or maybe it’s because I will soon move into my new art studio that for some reason feel like one of the best things that ever happened in my life.
Something I been dreaming about ever since I moved to the woods and started my creative path in life. That is definitely a huge upgrade in my life and I have a feeling that it will bring so many new good things into life.

Anyway, I think I will just post this now before I change my mind haha!
Looking forward to the next time that I will sit down with a cup of tea and just let my hands write whatever my heart wants to express.
That is such a beautiful feeling.

Big hugs to all of you out there! ♥

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