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It was once my dream to be able to make a living out of my art. And today I have my whole family working in my company Jonna Jinton Sweden.

My husband Johan works as a silversmith, and together we design our own silver jewelry that we pack and ship from our beautiful home to customers all over the world.
My mum Anita takes care of all the administration of our business, and my brother Filip works as the economist. And recently my dad Ulf also became part of our team.

It feels wonderful to have my family on this journey and to continue growing while keeping it small and personal. And I am really thankful for the technology today, that makes it possible to live in a secluded place like this, surrounded by breathtaking wilderness, but to still be able to reach the whole world. It’s a beautiful combination.

I mostly spend my time on filmmaking, painting, music and photography, that I like to combine in the videos that I share with my 3 million subscribers on YouTube. I also share glimpses from our daily life living in this beautiful, rural place in the Swedish countryside.



I have always loved to paint, but it was not until around 2014 as I really found a passion for it. Since then I have explored with different kinds of techniques and materials, and the last year I have mostly been painting with my own paint made of natural earth pigments. 

I find my inspiration in nature. The mountains, the winter nights, the northern lights, the sound of the ice and the misty meadows in the midnight sun.
Just to mention a few of my inspiration sources.

As I mentioned above I have this last year been making my own paint out of natural earth pigments, like stones, ashes, sand and charcoal. 
I really fell in love with these beautiful pigments and the very interesting textures that it gives on the canvas. 

In this video I share the process of how I make my own paint out of natural pigments. Enjoy! 🙂

YouTube video

Now and then I put up my original artworks for sale or as an auction here on my webshop. You can also find some of my paintings as “Art canvas”, which is a printed version of the original artwork.


My creative journey started with photography and I have always felt that the photography is the core of everything else that I create. My camera is the most important tool that I have, and I have spent endless hours out in nature with my camera, trying to capture the magical beauty that I see.

I sell my photos as fine art prints here in my webshop, and you can also find some of my photos as photo-wallpaper.




If you want to see more of what I do, please have a look at my YouTube channel, where I share my music and videos.

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