Hi friends!

It is Saturday evening and I’m sitting in the beautiful kitchen in my art studio, working on some photos and enjoying the sound of the fire in the stove and my dog Nanook snoring on the kitchen floor.
This exact moment is what I dreamed about a year ago, when I stood here on a ladder in the kitchen, with a mess everywhere, painting the walls and spending all my energy and time on the renovation of this little house.

What gave me so much energy to work on this art studio is this moment that I’m in right now. I could see in my mind how this place would one day give me so much joy, peace and inspiration.
And now that is my reality. Now I get to enjoy it, and it feels so amazing that I barely find the words.

The light this afternoon gave me such a boost of happiness! I was going to get some wood for the stove so that I could keep the fire alive all evening, and the sun was just about to set behind the forest on the other side of the lake. The light became so soft, and with a subtle touch of pink, and it just gave me a feeling of a new time to come. The spring.

It’s still so, so far away. We are only in the beginning of February, which is one of the coldest months of the year. But I know that every year around this time, the new kind of light can shift something inside of you. It’s like a whisper of something beautiful to come. A new cycle of life.

And usually around this time of the year, when I haven’t felt my bare feet on the earth in half a year, I can burst out in a ugly cry just to think about green trees and leafs, or the smell of the roses in my summer garden. It feels like such a long time ago. And it feels like an eternity until that will come again.
The winters are really long here. But there is so much beauty and good things about that too.
It’s a quiet time that opens up a lot of space for being alone and being in your own bubble without too many distractions. And that is something I usually miss in the summertime.

So, instead of crying thinking about the smell of roses, I’m going to enjoy the smell of the fire in the stove, and the wonderful sound of crunchy snow as I walk outside, and the peaceful never-ending evenings in my art studio.

For those of you who saw my latest YouTube video, I want to let you know that Nanook is feeling so much better now! He was struggling a lot a few weeks ago, and it was such hard time with so much worries and sadness. But he got through it and for the past week he’s been even better than before.
He is such a fighter ♥

When we took our evening walk this cold Saturday evening, I got blown away by the night sky. Since there is new moon now, the sky is totally black and that makes the stars even more visible. So I ran into my studio to pick up my camera bag so that I could set up my camera to create a timelapse.
So one of my cameras is still out there in the cold to record a beautiful little film of the milky way swirling around in the sky.

I took this photo and as you can see, the milky way is going right between the trees. You can also see the Andromeda galaxy in the middle of the photo, a little bit to the left. Isn’t that incredible?
There is a whole other galaxy there. Its just…so hard to take in.
How I wish I could just fly up there and discover all the stars and galaxies.

Now it’s getting late here and I will actually spend my night in the art studio. Nanook is already alseep, and I think I’m going to join him soon. Just another cup of tea in front of the fire.

I’m sending so much love to all of you who comes here to read my blog. I’m really glad that this way of creating and sharing is still so appreciated by so many of you. And thank you, THANK YOU for all the beautiful comments. I read every single word you write.

Talk to you soon! Good night from me and Nanook ♥

51 thoughts on “A little hello

  1. Colleen says:

    When you say, “I haven’t felt my bare feet on the earth in half a year”, I wonder why not? I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on the shores of Lake Superior, and even mid-winter, I like to step outside, into the snow, for at least a short time, to feel the thrill of the coldness on my feet. You want to talk about refreshing, that feeling certainly is! I’m glad your fur-baby is better, and I wish you a Happy New Year, from a third-generation Finnish-American. My Grandpa was scheduled to be on the Titanic, but, thankfully, illness delayed his trip!

    • Sharon Sinclair says:

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear Nanook is feeling better! 🤗 I love reading your blog posts and seeing your beautiful photos. And I look forward to your next YouTube video. I watch every single one! Thank you, Jonna. You are such a bright light! 💖

  2. Daniel Erik says:

    I’m so extremely glad to hear Nanook is doing better. I’ve been thinking about him a lot, so this truly warms my heart!

    Also, I just love seeing your pictures here on your blog. It’s so, sooo much better than Instagram! The last photo, the one of the stars, is a good example of that. I already thought the picture was beautiful on Instagram, but it’s EVEN better seeing it in full. So I’m thankful you write and post photos here once in a while! ❤️ And that you still have a following on a format that otherwise seems kinda “dead”. I’m actually really sad blogs are dying out, because if you ask me, it’s a much better way of sharing photos and moments, than Instagram.

    Take care, and please hug Nanook from us! 🥰

  3. Irene Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for your beautiful work, the video’s remind me so much of my time in Switzerland when I was working there in the mountains for the winter season.
    I understand your love for the cold winters, they are so special and wonderfull……throughout your story’s i can relive those winters again!
    Lots of love from rainy Amsterdam where spring is going to bloom soon! Big hugs for Nanook❤️

  4. Sylvia says:

    I have so loved all of your endeavors with the YouTube’s, recording of the ice, and the blog. Thank you 🙏 I too am happy Nanook is feeling more like himself. ❤️🐶

  5. maria eugenia says:

    Felicidades Jonna me alegro que todo vaya bien en tu vida, siempre traes mucha alegría y felicidad a la mía.
    Saludos al gran Nanook luchador, que tu salud siga mejorando.

  6. Marcia Haggstrom says:

    Good to hear that Nanook is doing better. Enjoy so much of your videos on YouTube for me to escape the busy world around where I live in a country farm house in Newberg Oregon USA. Have a Lovely Sunday.

  7. Suzi H says:

    Such stunning photos! That one of you and Nanook, though, just melts my heart. The love between you two shines through. I’m also so thankful for your beautiful art studio. I know it has already brought you so much joy and has helped you keep the creative vibes through the long winter months. Create on!!!

  8. Al Knight says:

    Happy to hear Nanook is doing better! and I hope you and your family are doing well…. ( My package arrived VERY fast, and it looks awesome and fits perfectly) Thank you SO much for the beautiful pictures!…. CHEERS !

  9. Alessandra_Stuarda says:

    I’m so happy that Nanook is better, I was so worried and moved watching your latest video.. I send you so much love 💙 Good night to both of you 🌌

  10. Gail Ellis says:

    You are such an inspiring woman sharing your deep peace of the land and beautiful creations. Thank you for this and your uplifting words leaving good feelings.

  11. Hazel Tufton says:

    Hello Jonna – Because there is so much light pollution where I live I have never really seen the stars – I am an old lady now and will never have the chance to, so your pictures are really appreciated and so beautiful. Much love to Nanook, glad he is feeling better.

  12. Theresa Lee says:

    Hi Jonna,
    Like many, I am overjoyed to hear that Nanook is doing better! Hope the pain and troubles have all gone away now. Enjoy your time in your cozy little house with your dream art studio and create some beautiful magic on the blank canvas in front of you. What a joy it must be living your dream after a long year getting this place ready. Wishing you and Johan all the best this year! You are just the best, and we love to share your world and hear about your journey! — Many Blessings! Theresa Lee

  13. peter lindstrom says:

    Hej Nanook and Jonna….and Johan…good to see you all, inspiring me to do more painting ! Break down the walls….
    Just to add a tiny thing- In 4.5 billion years, Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way will be colliding and over maybe another 5 billion years, they will merge into a new galaxy ! We do not have to worry about the stars crashing into each other due to the incredible distances- though maybe there could be some changes from the forces….
    ••• And, speak of missing nice weather- I plant Morning Glory flowers in my kitchen beginning of January- by March I will have beautiful blossoms at the windows….then in May, some hummingbirds return and they will come to windows to try to reach the flowers ! I just have the Morning Glories climb up lengths of twine at the sides of window ( inside house ).

  14. Sharon Poe says:

    How beautiful… all of it. I have been following you on Youtube for about a year now and sooo look forward to your videos. So calming and lovely. Thank you for sharing your life.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Wow!! The pictures of the galaxies made my jaw drop!
    I totally understand missing the feeling of grass on your feet. I take off my gloves to touch the trees but the merry is different- maybe they are sleepy haha
    So glad Nanook is well and you are enjoying your studio!

  16. theObserver says:

    You are so lucky to have such a sky! Here, even if there was no light population, the cloud cover hides the night sky from us too often.

    I could hear Nanook snoring from your description and your YouTube videos 🙂

    Have you ever considered writing a book about your journey? Or maybe a photography style book.

  17. Richard says:

    Thank you so much Jonna for this! I’m so glad to hear that Nanook is better. I have been sending him and you healing energy everyday since I saw your last vlog.
    I can feel the peace and joy of your studio and the beautiful night. Thank you for sharing!!

  18. Daniela says:

    Your words, work and photography make the world a better place by bringing so much joy! I look forward to your posts! Keep staying your sparking self Jo! Kisses to Nanook !

  19. Marianne says:

    I read everything you write and have seen all your vlogs and it warms my heart and make Me feel so much happier and more peaceful, you are such an amazing and inspirated woman. Thanks for sharing your and your familys life with us ❤️

  20. Vera says:

    So happy for you to be able to enjoy your hard work on your studio with your buddy Nanook. Thanks for your photos and writing tonight. No sun for the PNW of Canada 🇨🇦. But it’s light out until 5:30 pm now!

  21. Lesley Milne says:

    So relieved to hear Nanook is feeling better, have been worried about him! As you say he never gives up, I like the fighting spirit ! Sending you light and love 💕

  22. Jack Willard says:

    It is always delightful to wake up and see you in the morning, so to speak, sharing some moments. Feeling privileged to do so. Enjoy all the wonder as usual. Peace and love to all…

  23. Cyndie says:

    Blessings! Glad to hear about Nanook! I have said once that I live vicariously through you as I read or watch and drift into your reality for a moment! It’s so refreshing and rejuvenating! Love to you❤️

  24. Anders Heljeberg says:

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour, Jonna! Really good ”Nanook-news”!
    Hopefully, you will ow get some time to ”create”, gather energy and enjoy life in general! And don’t forget: ”Semmel day” on Tuesday!😀❤️

  25. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for your new blog. I love your pictures and description of the “world” around you and Nanook, who is doing better, which is the best news!!! 🙂 Love and light from Germany 🤍💛💙🤍

  26. Janine says:

    Dear Jonna, glad to hear that Nanook is feeling better! And the photo of the night sky is simply breathtaking! All the best for you and your family 💫

  27. Diane says:

    Hi Jonna, We are so happy to hear Nanook is feeling better. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and pictures. We anxiously await your next video. My husband wakes me every morning with your beautiful soul soothing music from you tube. Hugs from our family to yours.

  28. LARS 8463 says:

    Godmorgon Jonna
    Kämpen räcker ut tungan mot…
    Mina händer
    Växte upp och blev stora
    i pälsen på tre personligheter
    Men mina händer
    var aldrig lika nära och länge
    Som dina är Nanook
    Så för att hans personliga stjärnstoft
    och stillsamma snarkningar.
    Fortsätter att lysa upp
    även mulna vinternätter.

  29. Jasmina says:

    I was thinking about Nanock and so so good he is better!When I read your blog I had a fire on too and my best cat friend beside me:)
    You deserve to injoy this place so much.
    Sending you and all who read the blog lots of love and warmth, for the rest of the winer journey to come!

  30. Alexis says:

    My honour friend ,you give us the gift to close our eyes and full our mind with your photos.thank you and hopefully we find a way to give you back pictures of our Land you deserve it.Open your window let the bird arrive our message in your art studio.we see the same Stars Your friend from Greece.A Land full o fsun , we sent you our sunlights when you see over the trees the sunlights is the arrival of my message.<>.
    BRAVO NANOOK FIGHTER.❤Spring is going to leave us and travel for your Land.

  31. Linda says:

    So relieved to hear that Nanook is feeling better. You have all been in my thoughts. I’m so happy for you in your new art studio, and feeling joyful about how it will nurture your creative soul! Thank you for all that you share. I never write comments, but have been following your vlogs for a long time, and they always speak to my soul and bring me such peace.

  32. Monica C says:

    Love the photos of you and Nanook! You two definitely share an unbreakable love. I’m beyond delighted that he is doing so much better! I have been wondering how he was doing since the last video you posted on YouTube. Nanook the wonderful “polar bear” is a fighter!! The photos of the scenery are breathtaking, I love the slight pink- lilac hue. The white snow and your red house contrast each other beautifully too 🙂
    Sending lots of love from California 🩵

  33. Curl judith says:

    So glad to hear that Nanook is feeling better now. I never forget the dogs I have had with me over the years and I love them all, but one in particular comes to me in my dreams. Here in France we just have grey weather and a lot of rain. I go out mostly to buy goods because I can’t walk any more and use a wheelchair. To put my foot out now would cover it in mud! Thank you for your lovely pages. They give me a lot of pleasure!

  34. Shirley De la Torre says:

    So happy to hear your sweet pup is better! Once they reach this age you realize how sacred every moment with them is.🐾❤️
    Thank you for sharing your amazing life and wisdom with us!🌹

  35. SS says:

    Jonna, I found your youtube videos a couple of months ago while looking for winter snow videos. I am so thankful to have found your sweet spirit.
    What a different world you live in from mine in Southern Illinois, USA. I am amazed at your beautiful world there in Sweden. You truly inspire me to “get out there.” You are so brave. I love your sweet Nanook. I hope he continues with good health for many years.

  36. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    It is wonderful to see both parts of you, Jonna and Nanook, joyful and happy. 🧝‍♀️🐺😊 Perhaps you wonder sometimes why do I write all these comments. I explained some of it once already but it was few years ago, you probably don’t remember.

    I graduated in political science at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland 🇵🇱 and began an academic career when a thought about emigrating to North America got into my mind. I had no interest going anywhere but this thought kept growing and growing and it became so big that I couldn’t help acting on it. In the background there was was this completely overwhelming conviction that if I didn’t do it, I would miss something incredibly important.

    I ended up on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia. 🇨🇦 For many years I kept asking myself questions like: what kind of a dark force brought me to this place, why do I hate it so much ? 🤷‍♂️ And then one day I realized: Damn, this place looks exactly like a coast of Norway 🇳🇴, even the climate is the same, I am back in Scandinavia, I cannot escape from it. Damn it.

    Divine Mother or Great Goddess (Mahadevi in Sanskrit) revealed to me that in one of my past lives I was a skógarmaðr on the coast of Norway. Eventually I followed a route of many other ūtlagis to Iceland. 🇮🇸 And She considered it such a great idea to bring me back to Scandinavia in this life to get right these things, that I didn’t get last time. Mahadevi can be quite firm with bad boys and girls. In Hindu spirituality this aspect of Her is portrayed as fierce Deities of Durga and her daughter Kali. 👹😱

    There is an old, 1993 comedy “Groudhog Day”. You can still rent or buy it in Apple or Google stores. Guy hates the reality
    that he is in and therefore he starts waking up on the same day, everyday. He tries everything to get out of it, including
    suicide – nothing works. Only after it starts dawning on him that he may be stuck in the same day for the rest of eternity, he slowly begins to change his attitude. When he finally embraces it with love without attachment or aversion, he is able to move on. 🤗 Great movie. 👍

  37. Katja 🐬 says:

    So wonderful! Thank you, Jonna, especially fir your ‘talk from the heart’ video.
    It is such a delight to connect on truth, where we are really at at some given moment of time.
    I’ve been in renovations for the past two years and a half. I am so over it. 😆
    But seeing you are on the other side of it brings me joy and hope.
    Much love! ✨❤️✨

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