I had a really rough day yesterday, feeling so sad and down because of things regarding my work and someone stealing my identity and content on the internet. I spent the whole day in the cabin with Johan trying to solve the issues but things didn’t really work out as we I hoped. And that just started a spiral of negative thoughts in my head. In the end of the day I had an intense headache from all the worrying and all the emotions, and I felt so drained.

I went down to the wild river just a few minutes from our cabin as the sun was setting, because I knew I needed to get some fresh air and take a break from the internet world.
And suddenly I’m there, back in my body again, after a whole day being stuck in my head.
I’m observing the playfulness of river below me and the stillness of the majestic mountains far away, while the last rays of the sun hits my puffy eyes from too much crying that day.

It was so beautiful, I had to cry again.

I felt like I was embraced in the warmest, most loving hug by the most beautiful scenery. The mountains, the pine trees, the water…everything was so perfect that I knew that everything is exactly the way it’s suppose to be.

And suddenly as I sit there, a very cold, strong wind comes from out of nowhere, bringing some tiny snowflakes swirling around in the air.
And I saw it coming. The winter is on it’s way.

I took the car and drove to the closet town before it got dark, to fill up some more water to have in the cabin. And on the mountains I saw the first, tiny layer of snow covering the tops.
I was so glad to be here when that happened. Because the look of the first snow on the mountains is such a special view. It creates such a beautiful contrast together with the rocky parts.
I really love that.

But I still got a chock this morning when I opened the door and saw how much snow had come during the night. It looked like a winter wonderland.

We didn’t bring so much warm clothes so Johan had to take an old fishing hat that we found in the cabin for our walk with Nanook today, as a protection from the cold air. He looked so cute 🙂

And Nanook seemed very happy to see the first snow, as always.
It’s so beautiful, but to be honest I don’t feel ready for the winter just yet. I had a lot of photography projects to do outside still, and the snow makes that really hard.
And I would like to squeeze out a bit more of the autumn before the long, long winter arrives.
We will see if the snow is here to stay or if it will melt away in a few days 🙂

Right now in this moment, I’m sitting in the cozy cabin, Nanook is sleeping and snoring on the floor beside me, and Johan is soon arriving with some food that he bought from a restaurant in the nearby town. Because it is Friday, after all!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, wherever you are.
And thank you for all your beautiful comments. I haven’t got the time to answer any yet, but just so you know, I ready every single word you write.

Big hugs and tons of love to you all ♥

88 thoughts on “I saw it coming

    • Marga says:

      Don’t let thinks ruin your life. How bad it seems right now. It isn’t nice that this has happend, ofcourse. We, your followers, still enjoy your blogs and we send you love so the problem Will be solved. You’ll get trough this. You are a very beautiful woman. And how beautiful is it out there in the snow.
      Even it is to early.
      I wish you all the luck and love in your world.
      Greetings from me, marga , from Holland.

    • Leona Reber says:

      Hello sweet lady, I have enjoyed your posts so much since I found you. I particularly enjoy the music and calls that you’ve shared with us. I have read so much that you’ve shared that I feel like I know you. Please, please don’t be so sad about some idiot stealing your content. We, your friends around the world, will know when it is really you. It’s not worth crying over. I’m glad that you could go outside and be cheered by the mountains singing to you. I took have had a similar experience. I could hear the mountains and trees singing to me in more than one place. The place that I hear it the most is the Mendocino Woodlands. The trees sing me to sleep each night and the sound of the ocean which is not far away seems like a mother’s lullaby. I am snug in my little house in Lincoln, California, but when I read your words or hear your lovely voice, I feel transported to the cold and beauty of your home
      Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I always really enjoy it.

  1. Ravensong says:

    Beautiful. “And suddenly I’m there, back in my body again, after a whole day being stuck in my head….” I know the feeling, but had not put words to it before. This speaks to so much truth, what nature – and this beautiful Earth – is about. Thank you, Jonna. Things have changed, but always remember there are thousands of us here who love you and your posts, and are so very grateful for your be-ing.

  2. Antonia Azoitei (Coco) 🎻 says:

    Don’t worry, Jonna. We will solve the tiktok thing together all of us, your fans! We will message and message until it gets fixed. It might just take some time! I know it feels so unjust..xx Beautiful photos! I’m so happy you are blogging again xx love Coco

  3. Penny says:

    Joanna never stop writing your blogs humans all over the world are truly transported to your magical serene world especially here in SloCal where we have excessive heat warnings ..so this evening I will send you warm love and appreciation from the Pacific Rim where the wind is hot and the ocean almost 70 o ..keep us posted on your life and work .

  4. Michelle Harrison says:

    Glad you were able to get back to feeling yourself and not the worries. Hope the snow doesn’t stay so you can finish your photography projects. I love seeing the beautiful pictures you take

  5. Greg Boyd says:

    I love every video I have watched of yours You are so multi-talented in your artwork, photography, jewelry, and in your joy of life personality. You make the world a much more loving and beautiful place. You are loved so much by me and many others in the world. Hope you get all the goodness you deserve now and in the future. Love, Greg Boyd

  6. Sieglinde says:

    hello, I just wanted to give you a piece of my mind. I’m very sorry that this had to happen to you. It’s just incomprehensible that someone just decides to pretend to be you. So low…so unforgivable. I think there are many who follow you who, like me, are extremely indignant and angry. I think it’s powerful that you recharge your energy in your beautiful surroundings. Your blog here is so beautifully expressed that it will give all your followers who love you a powerful energy boost to get you through this. Stay focused on what you are doing, you are a beautiful soul! Blessed Be!

    • Veronika says:

      Oh I wish I were there! I love the snow tremendously. Well maybe in October a bit early for sure.. But here in Hungary where I live we have less and less snow in the last winters. If there is some snow, it lasts only a few days, or there is just zero. There used to be a lot of snow in my childhood though. I miss the four seasons. Now in October it’s 20-25C! So warm.
      I always watch your new videos, but especially in winter I re-watch your snowy ones because at least I can have the feeling of real winter coming through the screen. If you feel you have too much snow there in winter, please send some part of it here! 😉 Much love to you! 🤗

  7. Jane Adams says:

    Dearest Jonna, you are an inspiration to so many of your followers! don’t ever forget how much you touch our hearts, bring the beauty of your home to us and allow us to join with your family as you journey and explore.
    There can only ever be one of you! although it’s distressing that another has tried to cause you so much anxiety. You have more than enough people who love you and support you to even give any nastiness room in your heart. Stay warm sweet lady xx

  8. Stuart says:

    Hej, The first snow flakes falling is always an amazing moment, just something so magical about it 🙂
    Arrrr the internet, i suppose the shit side of it must be expected, to balance the positive things it allows, just super annoying when it’s affecting your business, wouldn’t be so bad stealing content from someone who just posts for fun but when it’s how you make a living that’s simply not ok! One of the reasons i ditched my photography website was finding my images on someone elses page without any credit to me, and that was before the whole social media thing took off. You know your actions are pure so try your best not to let it get to you!
    Anyway, hope the jewellery looks great with a snowy background, i’m pretty sure it will… 😉
    and you’re giving me a bit of inspiration to push on with my own work, i have sketchbooks and a mind full of designs that need to come in to existence… it’s all been on hold for some time, dealing with difficult aspects of life took over but hope to make some progress soon.
    Hope Johan makes it back safe with still warm food! Take care guys 🙂

  9. Laetitia says:

    a friend once told me “be like the bison”…. ❤️❤️❤️

    I am sending you lots of love. You will end up getting justice, I am convinced. strength and patience.

  10. Jack Willard says:

    Just to bring a glorious Fall picture into your mind, it is the perfect time of year here in Nevada City, California. Here is famous for our Fall colors, many bright golds and bright reds. People travel up here from many miles away, into the Sierra mountain foothills, to see it all around our area. The middle of October is the best time and I have scheduled the 16th as my day to go see all the best locations, which are shown on a locally produced map for all to use. Just like you, I am not entirely looking forward to Winter. The last two Winters have delivered Snowmaggedon conditions with way too much snow. This year it destroyed an almost flat front entry patio roof and I had to rebuild the whole roof. It is quite beautiful now, and designed for a much larger snow load. I am hoping for a better season this year, as Winter is typically my favorite. I do love watching the snowflakes fall… You get the really dark season I know. Stock up on your supplies and firewood. Cozy times by the fireplace with family are great too. Love you all for your sharing.

  11. Marti says:

    Dearest Jonna,
    I’m sending you the warmest hug and know that you are never alone. Your beautiful photos and your videos were so much solace for my soul. Please know that even in the darkest of moments there is always, always light.
    So much love to you and Johan.
    Marti Simon 💜💞🔥

  12. Margreet Heidstra says:

    Dear Jonna,
    At first, I’m so sorry for the problems that you have right now. I wish that I could help you. I understand that it makes you sad, and feeling down. It’s a good thing to talk about it, and try to find a way out of it. That’s the spirit! I want to give you a big compliment! You stil see what you need, go out, breeth, be in nature. Take time for yourself. That’s wel done Jonna! You wil find your way again, because you are strong and you don’t give up. Still you can see the beauty all around you, and that’s a beautiful thing. And about the snow…….maybe in Grundjärn it’s still green without any snow. I hope that for you! So you can enjoy the autum a little bit longer. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I hope you wil feel a little bit better, knowing that you have so many friends all over the world that care for you. You are my friend all the way up in the North of Sweden. And here in the Netherlands I write you this message. And I hope that tomorrow is the best day ever for you.
    Bye Jonna, everything will be oke. Lots of love from Geerdijk xxx Margreet🤗

  13. Susanne says:

    Visst är det så dumt att en enda person eller händelse kan få ens självkänsla att nå botten. Jag verkligen älskar dina bilder, klipp och kulningar. Och smyckena ni säljer! Styrkekram och varmaste hälsningar från mig.

  14. Rue says:

    “And suddenly I’m there, back in my body again, after a whole day being stuck in my head.” I think most of us can relate to getting stuck in our heads. I love this statement above because it reminds me that at any time I can step outside, connect with the healing embrace of nature and return to my body. I’m so sorry you’re having issue in the digital realm but grateful your have built a life that supports you in the good times and not so good times. Much love to you and yours. Kramar❤️

  15. Trella Hastings says:

    Oh how I love to see how you are able to pick yourself up out of those sad moments and turn them into beauty and joy. I am not so able to do that. The negative things and experiences in my life just don’t want to let go and I don’t know how to change that. I am old so I probably won’t learn that now. Music does help me some though. Thank you for sharing these very personal moments and how you manage to turn them into good things. I love seeing and hearing about your Nanook, who is so faithful to you. My dog will be 12 next month.
    Love and hugs to you,
    ~Trella Hastings in the Seattle, WA area!

  16. LB says:

    Hi Jonna!
    Sending much love and prayers that this is resolved soon! I always look forward to your YouTube videos and vlogs! It brings me so much peace!
    Have you ever thought of using your paintings as a backdrop for your jewelry photo shoot? I think it would be beautiful!

  17. Lenka says:

    Hi Jonna.
    I’m so sorry for the stealing problems that you have right now. Please don’t worry too much, I know it makes you sad and angry but we – your comunity- is here for you. If its something that we can do, just say it and hope we help.
    And about weather – wow, its alredy snowing? What a big difference compared to Slovakia, where I can still wear a T-shirt outside (not in the morning because its about 7-10°C but in noon its still 20-25°C).

    I’m sending you the warmest hug ♥

  18. Susan says:

    Dear Jonna, I am sending love and a big hug to you. Stay true to you, let us know what is happening so we can help from our side of the media issues. There is only one Jonna. Her truth, goodness, intentions and love will prevail.

  19. Erin Loughery says:

    You were blessed by a magical snowfall! I’m sure autumn will be back for you soon :p
    Nature truly is cleansing, I know that feeling of being in exactly the right place.

    Much love from NB Canada <3 It's Thanksgiving weekend here, and we're watching the golden leaves falling all around.

  20. Carole Reese says:

    You are so very wise. To have had such a hard day dealing with dishonesty and then take yourself to the beauty of your surroundings to absorb what truly matters. I hope the problems are resolved soon!

  21. Tina L-Beaudoin says:

    Oh dear Jonna!! All will fall in place . I hope tgese scammers get caught and have those fake sites removed🙏✨️ Wishing you 3 a wonderful relaxing weekend❤️❄️ We have our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada Oct 9th🦃…I was wandering if you guys celebrate anything similar in Sweden??

  22. Odel Hilgendorf says:

    We all have a day that is sad and painful. These days brings into contrast the days that are good and pleasant.
    You are an original, even if there are others using your content. Although their intentions are not pure, they know, by ther deeds, you are real, open and honest, and connect with others, in that many do not.
    Hope all is going better. Do remember the places and things that gives you strength and hold fast, dont let troubles rob you of your joy.
    Stay blessed.

  23. Serge says:

    These things from Internet go from best to worst in second and it is normal the feel sad, sick and mad. And You feel so helpless. Be like the bison Jonna & Johan, walk through the storm. You know we are thousands of People that are supporting you…from all over the World!

  24. Jeff Lancaster says:

    The snow in the mountains may be beautiful, but it will never be as beautiful a soul as you are! Just reading your words and watching your videos brings peace to my heart and soul. Keep doing what you’re doing. Enjoy life!

  25. Daniel Erik says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the account on TikTok stealing your content. I’ve reported that account, and hope more people do so. Maybe that will help, eventually. But something tells me TikTok isn’t the best when it comes to this. I get a gut feeling saying, that as long as they make money off of the content, they don’t care if its you or someone else who uploads it…

    The snow you had go up to us today, in Jämtland. everything is covered in snow now! And I was definitely not ready for this! Just yesterday, I found a spot where the wind couldn’t reach, and laid in the grass there for about 45 minutes, feeling how the sun actually still gave off some heat, when the wind couldn’t reach. That must have thrown me off completely, because the snow really come as a surprise! It was a magical feeling, seeing the first snow falling down… but then I realized all the things I should do before there’s too much snow, and I guess that’s why I don’t feel ready yet! 😅

    Absolutely love seeing Nanook so happy and playful! Knowing his age, it’s wonderful to see him so full of life in that picture! What a sweetheart he is! ❤️

    Anyway, I hope you feel better by now! And I really hope that account (and everyone else) who steals your content, get their profiles deleted!

  26. Zia says:

    Keep shining, beautiful Jonna. They can try to copy your identity but they can never steal the essence of who you truly are. And you are pure magic! Nature is always the answer. Thank you for all the light you bring to the world. You are such an inspiration to us all. Much love!

  27. Paula says:

    Bless your time in the mountains. I hope there are cyber security people who can help you iron out the places where evil people try to enter your space…soon. God bless..

  28. Joanna says:

    Dear Jonna,
    Sorry to hear that you going through difficult times. Same in my life at the moment. I have huge problem on my shoulders for three weeks now and still dont know if I will be able to resolve it the way I could feel not anxious about it anymore , just happy again. I guess time will show…Wishing you strength, you will find a way. I believe that good will win at the end. Dont let the bastards grind you down. Love you lots, xx

  29. Maya Nikolova says:

    Ah dear Jonna! You bring so much light into the world. I’m so sorry this happened to you. You’re right: everything is the way it is supposed to be…. even though we don’t always see it at the time. I love watching your videos and get so much inspiration from you. Even the little daily things you do or the way you cope with life situations. Perhaps someone out there is dealing with a stressful and difficult situation and they’re reading your blog and it is helping them cope with their own problems.
    Thank you for what you do!
    Much love!!

  30. Margaret says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your life Jonna ❤️ Seeing your beautiful country and lifestyle through your eyes is so therapeutic to others. Hearing how you deal with the issues that come with modern life is also inspiring. Sending you love and good wishes from Australia and may you always get things in perspective quickly and find the peace and beauty you share with us so generously ❤️❤️

  31. Amie says:

    I hope you find a solution to the internet thievery and share it. My young daughters are artists too and it’s a shame what thieves will do. I hope they will enter a world where their creativity can be their livelihood and not stolen for the profit of lazy people.
    I love following your adventures in blogs and videos.

  32. Sharon says:

    I’m boycotting TikTok until they resolve this – except we will all have to keep posting on the fake JJ TikTok and tell everyone to go to the real one. An internet campaign by all your followers might help a little.

  33. Sandi Sissala Salsburg says:

    We love you so much Jonna. You are an inspiration on how to appreciate what this beautiful earth gives us. We also love your strong and loving husband and your wonderful dog, Nanook. Even though you have a beautiful Sweeden family, you and I both have some Finnish ancestory that gives us strength that cannot be taken away. Don’t mess with a Finn. We celebrate the completion of your studio which will give you much joy in ther future. There is only ome Jonna Jinton.

  34. Cina says:

    Så fruktansvärt tråkigt att någon har stulit din identitet på Tiktok. Vad jag förstod använt dina bilder och även känat pengar på det!? Så ledsamt! Hoppas det går att lösa på något vis…..
    Tack för dom fina bilderna och det du skriver.🖌🌅🧡
    Naturen kan verkligen läka, och som du skrev “omfamna”.
    Och underbart med den första snön!❄💙

  35. Nancy Hart says:

    I am so sorry this happened, Jonna. You are the sweetest of spirits. It will get better.
    I love you and your life.

  36. Cat says:

    What beautiful scenery up there in the mountains!
    Try not to worry too much about the fake accounts and scammers on TikTok. Most business owners have HUNDREDS of people pretending to be them on TikTok, as well as Instagram, so there’s not much that can be done, other than paying to verify your account, because these platforms don’t really care. All you can do is make sure everyone knows which account is truly yours. Make a pinned video telling people there are fake accounts, and which one is really you.
    So, breathe, let it go as much as you can (I know that is so hard), and carry on with your beautiful work.

  37. Ruth Banwell says:

    I love reading your blog and your YouTube channel you courage and strength in all you do is a light in my life you will make it through this tough time going out into nature is a great healer here in Wisconsin fall is starting so beautiful just a note my ancestors came from southern Sweden I meet them many years ago I wish you the very best

  38. Johanna says:

    Oh and I felt so alone yesterday, stuck in my head with negative thoughts and far from my body. Enjoy the snow!It looks breathtaking. And today I take time for me and the sea 🙂

  39. Iuoras Cristina says:

    Hey Jonna, you are such a sweet soul and I have hope that everything will be solved about stolen identity, we will report it and in couple of days it will be gone, enjoy the views at the mountains and don’t let anything ruin your day, we support you and we love you! Please take care of yourself!
    Much love from Romania!

  40. Sandi Paquet says:

    I’ve been feeling depressed lately too Jonna. I’m so sorry about how things are going for you right now. I often wonder what life lesson we’re supposed to learn from our troubles. I just wanted to say I love your posts and they always remind me to be grateful for what I have and for you. You are the best person. I’m glad that Johan and Nanook are there with you. Sending you hugs. 💓

  41. Caroline Lennartsson says:

    Hi Jonna, I celebrate your unique place in life, your chosen path and all that is part of what makes you – YOU.
    Nobody can steal this, they can’t ever take the core of your individuality and creativity from you.
    I hope you find out all you need to know about the identity attack you went through.
    Some people are like leeches – they have to steal from others to feel real, so sad.
    If it is a theft of income streams – I hope you have all the expert help you need.
    You are wonderfully original and blessed, nobody can steal the strength that is yours.
    Thank You for all the beauty and life you give out. I love reading and seeing what you share.
    I hope you are surrounded by strong supportive friends, and I send every blessing,

  42. theo tuitel says:

    hoi hoi beste Diaan, ik schreef een heel mooi stuk weer aan jou, net als eerst. Heb nog steeds jou whatssapp nummer eindigende op 96. Ik ben nu al 89. haha. groetjes hoor, Theo . Love you and take care.

  43. wideeyedtree says:

    What a beautiful blogpost! I had these moments also, when I tried to solve some worldly things and my body felt so tense of all the worrying and then I stepped outside, sitting alone in beautiful nature and felt how all those problems immediately felt ridiculous and distant in a way. Nature is such a consoler and always brings everything back into the right perspective somehow! I’m sure you know what I mean! To be in your cabin when the very first snow came, must have been magical, but I can understand that you do not feel ready yet! In Austria we had the longest summer and still we have such summery warm days that it almost does not feel like autumn at all and somehow I think that we might skip it also this year and will get suddenly cold days, but lets see! We can only take it as it is presented to us and make the best of it! Much love, Claudia

  44. Géraldine Gauthier says:

    Dear Jonna, I admire what you create and I’m sad to hear what happened to you. I hope you can recharge your batteries in this magnificent nature around you. Don’t let this discourage you because it’s wonderful to be able to make a living from your creations.
    On the other hand, I encourage you to continue writing blogs. I follow you on other media but I particularly appreciate blogs because you can take the time to read them, look at the photos, dream and all at your own pace.
    Take care of you.
    Géraldine from Belgium

  45. emalinedelapaix says:

    I’m so terribly sorry this is happening to you Jonna. So awful of the people doing it and the fact that tiktok won’t sort it out. I am glad you got a little peace and the photos are so beautiful. I know what you mean about Autumn. It’s moving too quickly. I will find your real account on tiktok and follow you now xx

  46. Andreea Radu says:

    It’s a Romanian saying: there is no forest without dry plants – in other words, nothing is perfect and inevitably in life you will encounter difficulties or you will meet bad people. I’m so sorry you have to go through identity theft. Sometimes the malice and envy of people has no limits, but also think about how many people trully love you, from the bottom of their (our) hearts and we thank you enormously for all the magic you constantly bring to our lives. I’m glad that nature managed to bring you peace again! And I hope our love too!

    After every rain, the sun will come out. Things will work out and turn out as they should. You’ll see!
    Warm hugs!

  47. Amman Højbjerg says:

    Sending you so much kindness 🌲🌧️🗻 there are so many people that genuinely care for you and your little family 🤗

    • Marissa Haynes says:

      I am so sorry this happened. I always look forward to your blogs. They make me so happy. I’m sending you love and light wrapped up in a big hug from Northern California.

  48. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    Experience at the cabin teaches you yet again what a wonderful, creative tool a calm, focused, pristine, mind can be and how good it feels in the body to have it. One can clearly see in one of your pictures how radiant you were. Sound of running water has a well known calming effect on our minds but a sound itself is merely a catalyst of something much more profound to occur.

    Great sage Patanjali begins his “Yoga Sutras”, written maybe as early as 2500 years ago, with famous statement: “Yogas citti vrtti
    nirodhah” – complete mastery over the roaming tendencies of the mind is yoga. The rest of the book is an explanation how to achieve
    this state. But don’t embark on studying “Yoga Sutras” just yet.

    Understand that the more input you feed into your mind, the more fragmented scattered, agitated and as a result exhausted and
    stupefied it becomes. Such a mind is incapable of any creative endeavour. It is obvious that your top priority is to be fiercely selective
    and protective of the most precious commodity you have – your attention.

    For quite a long time I have had this impression that Gothenburg followed you to Grundtjarn. Gothenburg is not a physical location.
    It is state of your mind. This is what Gothenburgians do: run around like chickens with their heads cut off endlessly chasing more
    stuff of all kinds, hoping that this will make them complete and happy.

    Universe provided you with everything you can possibly need to be creative. All you need to do is to use it properly. Get rid of “chit”
    that distracts you. Analyze what forces you to jump on every opportunity, be everywhere.

    Consciousness, our true essence, is unlimited. But when it enlivens this body-mind-sense complex called individual human being,
    it inevitably has to act through its limitations. Not taking that into account means lack of understanding.

    Read something valuable on this topic. “Power of Now” is an excellent book to start. Also watch Tolle’s videos. His personality
    radiates this warm glow suggesting that he actually embodies what he talks about.

    I write all this so I have a clear conscience and maybe you use some of it as a reference point. But I don’t have any illusions that you
    change anything anytime soon. Basically everybody learns things his/her own, hard way. Only after we become completely exhausted, sick and tired of dysfunctional patterns of thinking and acting, we are ready to drop them like a hot potatoes.

  49. LARS 8463 says:

    Godmorgon Jonna
    Min kropp, skalet där jag bor,
    lever alltid i nuet.
    Mitt “jag” är en tidsresenär
    Som oftast gör saker med tanke
    på, för, framtiden.
    Med erfarenhet, medfarenhet
    från det som var.
    Men när tanken saktar in
    och ibland stannar.
    När det jag gör, slukar mina tankar
    på allt annat.
    Eller när jag blir uppslukad av intryck.
    Höstdimmans gråa palett.
    Utsiktens färgsprakande frihet.
    Lever mitt skal och jag tillsammans.

    Min erfarenhet, medfarenhet
    säger att oavsett väder
    så finns det dåliga kläder.
    Men nu lärde jag mig nått nytt!
    En fiskehatt kan vara bra bete
    för komplimanger!
    Nanook är alltid välklädd!!!

    Livet borde vara enkelt, så…
    Jag minns dina svar under åren.
    Så om du får tid och lust.
    Det räcker med en kram.
    För att livet, inte är enkelt.

  50. Chocolate Jewels says:

    You darling girl. My heart goes out to you. There will always be trolls and monsters and evil in this world – that’s the sad and maddening part. The good part is that, hopefully, there’s more beauty, good, kindness, and love in this world than anything else.

    You find your footing in nature. Remember that, always. The rest will take care of itself.

  51. Steve says:

    Although easier said than done, try not to let other people or outside events determine your peace of mind. Happiness and contentment come from within, so concentrate on the wonderful things and people ( and animals that aren’t things) that you have. Stay strong, love from Denmark

  52. Julia says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful, raw and honest posts, Jonna!
    I always wanted to read your old blog and was sad for not being able to because it’s in Swedish.
    So I‘m even more happy you’re writing in English now.
    Sending you a lot of loving energy to solve your problem without getting too drained from it 💙

  53. Paula Derflinger says:

    Beautiful Jonna, I have your “Way of the Heart” necklace on and can’t wait until the November release of your new arm cuff that looks like your “Eternity ” earrings and bracelet that I wear often! I would love to pre-purchase this lovely creation as soon as it’s ready! Your loyal customer and dedicated follower in o-HI-o!

  54. Nelson Mochilero says:

    Hello Jonna, what a beautifully written post! I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for sharing such an inspiring piece about the onset of winter. Your words have the power to transport us to a world of magic and wonder, making us truly appreciate the unique charm of this season.

    Your descriptive storytelling and vivid imagery have painted a picture of winter that is both enchanting and heartwarming. It’s evident that you have a deep connection with this time of year, and your ability to convey that connection through your writing is truly a gift.

    Also, I hope that the noise of social media and the envious individuals out there don’t detract from your well-being and creative stability.

    Looking forward to more of your enchanting posts in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!”

    Warm regards

    ~ Nelson Mochilero ~

  55. dixiwonderland.com says:

    Det var så fint av dig att dela med dig av dina känslor kring det som hände på Tiktok. Tycker att så stora plattformar borde ha ett mycket bättre system när det kommer till sånt. Ett stort växtföretag i Nederländerna stal min bild för att använda den som promotion för deras företag. Jag mailade dom flera gånger men fick knappt svar och absolut ingen ursäkt. De tog bort bilden utan att säga ett ord och kort därefter hörde instagram av sig som konstaterade att min bild var borta. Tycker det är helt sjukt att ett stort företag har mage att stjäla andras bilder för att de är för lata/snåla för att skapa sina egna. Hoppas att det har löst sig för dig <3

  56. Dreier says:

    Nobody in this world can copy Jonna and Johan.
    But it must be indescribably painful when the honest, warm, beautiful openness towards people in this world is torn apart and robbed by robbers.
    Jonna has written down wonderful words here. As light, gentle and fragile as a snowflake.
    Many of your internet friends feel, rejoice and suffer with you.
    Together you spread so much warmth and light into this often dark, cold world!
    Greetings Stefan Dreier from Switzerland.

  57. Ferns and Forest says:

    Jonna, your beautiful spirit and willingness to show your vulnerabilty makes you more special and real than any thief can take from you. Stealing your identity and content is such a transgression and a sad sympton of the weeds in society. Please feel the love, belief and support from the many followers who gain so much beauty from all you do. May you shed this event soon from your heart and soul, and continue to draw power and inspiration from nature.

  58. Silia Kontothanasi says:

    My dear friend, I wishing you all the good luck and you are always having my support ❤️
    Charlie Chaplin has said that : ” Life is a tragedy seen in close-up, but a comedy in long – shot.”
    Life is full of difficult moments but you are such a strong woman and you’re are gonna get through all of them!!
    Take a step back, look at your life right now and see how far you ve come and how amazing your life, your family is!
    That was another little challenge!!
    Keep going Jonna!!! Have faith in your self and you can do everything!!!

  59. Julia O'Donovan says:

    I’m so amazed that you already got such a heavy blanket of snow, and that it arrived so quickly! The autumns where you live are beautiful, so I can see why you want them to last a little longer 💙 But hopefully it melts and you get a couple more weeks of autumn.
    I’m sorry you’re dealing with that impersonator. The online world is such a blessing but also a place where the shadows feel safe to roam about. These people wouldn’t be so bold in real life. It makes me wonder what sort of trauma they’re harboring.
    I hope things smooth over soon, and I look forward to your next post 💙
    Love, Julia

  60. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    I am happy to see Nanook in so much better shape. He still limps slightly but it looks that he can almost run again. I am just a little
    sceptical about these Librela injections as a reason for his healing.

    In your Instagram post of July 05 you stated that Nanook had been on Librela for some time already. You did not specify how many
    injections he had had by then but it must have been a few I suppose. On one hand you concluded that they had help a lot but on the other you wrote that his arthritis got worse. Indeed, his condition had kept deteriorating to the point that you cancelled a trip to the
    mountains in summer. What kind of healing was that ? Information about Librela clearly states that if there is no improvement after
    a second treatment, veterinarian should consider other options.

    Improvement in Nanook’s condition must have started in late summer like August. This strangely coincides with a comment I posted
    on July 25 where I suggest that you devise and perform a shamanic healing ritual for him. I did not expect that an ordinary Jonna would act on it. By ordinary Jonna I mean this part of you that is preoccupied with day-to-day business of life, conditioned by a materialistic society she grew up in. In the same time I believed that a deeper, spiritual part of you, whom I call my precious, mystical, astral Jonna, would recognize meaning and value in these ideas, and, out of love for Nanook, would begin to dwell on them behind the scenes, even thought ordinary Jonna was not aware of it. Would you be able even to allow this statement as an alternative explanation of his healing ?

    I said it already and I say it again. Deep inside you are a völva, a Nordic witch. This is who were in your past incarnations. You have a lots of power you are not aware of. Because you are unconscious of your own power, you use randomly and accidentally. As a result you can heal but potentially also hurt yourself and/or the others. This is why you have to be very aware of and able to control what is the subject of your dominant thoughts and emotions because they may manifest in this reality. You recognized this power once when you called it an Urkraft. It is not an accident that it happened in Marsfjällen.

    “I can feel how this place calls me from within, and I had to go back before the winter arrived. I need to know why I feel this way.
    When I watch the mountains I feel as if I hear this distant, ancient voice calling me. It’s spellbounding. I need to know what it says. And the river…i sat there for hours, as if I would get an answer from the sound of the water dancing around me. A little cloud took the shape of a heart right above me, and I felt as if it was a sign and I couldn’t stop smiling. Maybe I will understand one day.
    I will keep listening to the mountains, to the rivers and to the drumming beats of the wild heart.”

  61. lbrannan says:

    Dear Jonna, thank you once again for demonstrating that, even in hard times, there is a way to see the good in the world. Even though I don’t know you personally, I appreciate your messages of gratitude and love.


  62. Carolyn Jebaily says:

    Dear Jonna,
    I loved your Wolf Lullaby, your voice is so lovely and expressive. And your whistling Instagram was hauntingly beautiful. I have searched for more of your music, and would be very interested in other recorded music you have created. Have you considered doing a CD of Nordic traditional music and lullabies? The world is in great need of hauntingly beautiful melodies like yours.
    Stay the course. You have a unique gift to share.

  63. Annika says:

    Hej Jonna! Out of curiosity, do you still use your Nikon D810? I’m an aspiring photographer and would love to hear about your latest camera equipment? ♥︎

  64. Tina says:

    Hej Jonna!
    Till något helt annat…
    Vart har du köpt din grå tröja? Eller har du stickat den?
    Jag följer dig och har följt dig i väldigt många år men skriver sällan på sociala medierna.

    Skönt att allt ordna upp sig tack vare din vän Cecilia och skönt också att du har så fin support omkring dig. Ni får det vackert i Sollefteå och roligt att följa er resa med webb shopen där samt fysisk butik så småningom.

    Allt gott i det vackra vädret på den vackra platsen!

  65. Antonella says:

    That looks so cozy ❤️ I’m an argentinian photographer living in Honduras with my husband and you are my biggest inspiration to start my hobby as a photographer. The nature I have in here it’s completely different to Sweden nature.
    Greetings from me and my husband Abel

  66. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    In Hindu spirituality a creative aspect of the Universal Spirit is considered to be feminine in character and is referred to as Divine Mother. An aspect of the Universal Spirit that is not involved in creation but silently witnesses it is referred to as Divine Father. These two aspects are given different names, Shakti and Shiva for instance. Of course, these are just concepts to help our minds understand what is one, seamless reality.

    It is said that we meet our Divine Father by earning the Grace of our Divine Mother. It means that in order to find God we have to make an effort first. By trial and error we need to learn what are the right choices and appropriate actions in this manifest reality.
    “We come to nirvana by the way of samsara” – say the Buddhists. Or as you charmingly put it: “we come to nirvana by way of mosquito meditation”.

    You worked long and hard building a temple for the Divine Mother and invited Her inside. This Peace you sense in your studio is
    Her Presence: “The Peace that I feel in here it’s just incredible. Every time I come into my art studio it feels like stepping into a dream
    that I’ve had since I was a child”. Indeed, it is every soul’s secret dream to return home and see our Divine Parents again.

    Well, talk to Her as if She was a person standing next to you. Our Divine Mother has a little weakness. She just loves when someone pays attention to Her. Ask for guidance and She will guide you gladly. It is amazing process, as if someone kept putting files into your mind. Remember that any message you receive may be modified by conditioning already present in your mind. Keep asking questions and look at answers from different angles. Remember also that everything changes here all the time. What was an appropriate action yesterday may not be today. Enjoy it.

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