It’s 02.30 in the night as I arrive to my cozy little cabin in the forest among the mountains. I unpack my car and carry all the crazy amount of bags into the cabin. It’s all my camera equipment, tons of warm clothes and food for at least a week.

It’s a bit chilly in the cabin, so I light a fire and some candles and then I’m to tired to do anything else, so I just make my little bed in the sofa and crawl into a little shivering ball underneath the cover, and take a deep breath.
Im here. Im finally here again.

Just as I lay down in what feels like the coziest bed of all times, the rain starts pouring down on the metal roof which creates the most calming sound. And suddenly I hear thundering. In the end of September? Never heard that before. But wow…how magical.
I felt so grateful falling sleep that night, thinking about the fun days ahead and all the hours I would spend in the rivers working on some photography while cleansing my soul with the roar from the wild, mountain waters.

Every autumn I go to our cabin in the mountains for a week or two, primarily to work on product photography for our new jewelry designs for the year. I just fell in love with taking photos of our jewelry on the beautiful, raw rocks among the wild waters. And now I feel like I couldn’t do it any other way.
It’s something with the sound of the water flowing all around me that makes me go into a really wonderful state of deep focus, where all my thoughts are silenced and where I get extremely creative.
I love when that happens.

I wish I could show you some photos of the new designs, but they are not “released” yet so here is a photo I took of our arm cuff “Origin“, which is one of our oldest designs that my mother Anita created many years ago as a gift to me.

I usually stay by the river until it gets to dark for taking photos, and after a long day by the roaring river it feels so amazing to get back to the cabin again where it’s all silent.

Filling up water in the nearby town to bring back to the cabin, since we don’t have running water there.

In the evenings I edit the photos and films that I took during the days. But then I also just relax, read a book, or just listen to the rain outside. Because even though coming to the cabin usually means a lot of work, it’s even more like a break from the every day life and all the “to do’s” and daily routines.

What often stresses me is not the work that I do, but all the little things in between that distracts me from doing the work I want to do. So coming to the cabin is like stepping away from the everyday life and tasks for a while, so that I fully get to focus on whatever project I’m working on.
And to me that feels so relaxing. To not get interrupted or to have my focus fragmented between a thousand different things.

I’m so grateful to have this cozy little space to escape into whenever I need to disconnect from the world a little bit. It’s also the most perfect place for me and Johan and Nanook to go to whenever we need some vacation but don’t want to travel to far away. The cabin is only a 3,5 hour drive from our home.

The surroundings are breathtaking. I love the views of the far away hills and mountains behind the treetops.
The trees are so beautiful now, with its yellow and orange colors, but any windy day now will make them all fall off.
A cozy morning, reading in a mountain magazine and eating sandwiches.

So I’m having a really good time here. I’ve got a lot of job done and I’m so happy with the photos I’ve taken of the jewelry so far. And in a few days my husband Johan and our dog Nanook will also come here and we will spend some days relaxing in the cabin, and enjoying the views of the mountains and fill our lungs with fresh mountain air.

Before I end this very long post I just want to once again say THANK YOU for all your lovely comments on my previous post! You guys really inspire me to continue making blogposts. And I feel like I fall in love with it more and more for each time I sit down and write. It feels so peaceful and relaxing, and I already look forward next time.

Have a beautiful week everyone! ♥

87 thoughts on “My cozy cabin in the mountains

  1. Domi Hake says:

    Oh Jonna, I can truly see your heart and soul in your work. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world time and time again. Much love to you and you will always have my support!! ❤️

  2. Kristin Benini says:

    So beautiful! I can see why you find it restorative. Looking forward to seeing the new designs when they are released. I love my Ice pendant and wear it almost daily.

  3. Joanna says:

    Thank you Jonna for sharing a bit of your paradise 🙏🏻 Your pictures fill my heart with inner peace 🙏🏻❤️

    • Cheryl Goff says:

      The beauty you find shines right through you like a beacon standing for the safety of others at sea. You’ve become such a valuable part of our lives. I’m so happy for you being back up north at your beloved cabin. I’ve watched you find many treasures as you went through items left behind. The joy you emit is contagious and healing. Your beauty is like the humming mountains, inside and out. We are so blessed to be able to feel your frequency. Thank you for pouring your soul into all of us. Much love!

    • Rhonda says:

      Love your artist eyes… These outdoor photos are spectacular! Definitely a fan here…ever since I saw you trudging through waist high snow to hang your laundry on your outdoor clothesline in the spring. Super interesting and inspiring life for me to watch online! Thank you for posting!!

  4. Valerie says:

    I always wish to come join you on these cozy trips, but this works too. Thanks for bringing us along. These photos are so beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the new product photos as well! Of course Nanook’s arrival is greatly anticipated! <3

  5. Linda says:

    Dear Jonna, reading your blog is my little escape from daily life right now. All of the sudden it feels like I’m also in the mountains and can hear the water roaring and feel the coolness coming from it. The photo’s capture the feeling so well, I really love autumn. Thank you very much for this! What a treasure to have a cabin like this, wish you and your loved ones a lovely time over there!

  6. Teodora says:

    Such a nice surprise, a new blog post from Jonna 🤍 Last week I received the most beautiful present from my husband who knows I am in love with your videos and your art and got me the Ice Necklace. I’ve been using it since and I absolutely love it, it’s so beautiful. Wearing it gives me so much positive energy and inspiration. Sending you all my hugs and my love!!!

  7. Karen says:

    What a nice post and gorgeous pics…Thank you so much for all your contents, you tube videos and blogposts….You’re such a lovely and inspiring person. You are a like a peaceful light in this world.

  8. Nat says:

    Dear Jonna,

    There’s a chance that I’m making a huge fool of myself and I’m going to get very disappointed after contacting you. But I’m willing to risk it, because if you decide to help us in one way or another or even acknowledge us, it would be one of the best things that has happened to us and it would be life changing.

    Hear me out, please.

    Your videos have been giving us something to look forward to for over the last 4 years. They honestly were one of very few reasons for us to make it to another day for the past two years. It may sound simple and exaggerated to others, but to us you are the only friend we have and we LOVE celebrating your life now that we can’t celebrate ours anymore. Love broke us many times but it’s also the single biggest thing that’s kept us going.

    We’re a 35+ year old couple. A very short introduction: vegans, naturalists, free spirits, adventurous homebodies, minimalists, environmentalists who love hiking, photography and simplicity.

    We have been in isolation for almost two years now due to grieving the love of my life, other trauma’s, PTSD, mental health, my complex brain disorder, neurodivergentism, depression, anxiety and germaphobia. I’ve literally never not lived in my parental house, in this busy city (4000 ppl per km2) and my man has joined me 5 years ago.

    Our disorders and mental health have prevented us from going outside the house during the day in this city. Even inside mum’s garden and house, there’s stimulans all the time (sirenes, cigarette smoke, children playing, the HUGE apartment a few meters (!) behind mum’s garden where people come and go, detergent and perfumes, the THREE motorways surrounding the district/city etc).
    Our brains, especially mine, are very sensitive to smell, sound and light pollution and the latter is quite a thing (traffic lights, car headlights, flickering sirenes and lamp posts) whenever we walk our fur baby during the night (!) to escape daytime city life. From the 21 times our fur baby has to walk every week, I can only manage do to about 2-4 of them around 4-6 AM.

    We used to live in an old camper so that we could live just outside the city and still be close to my mentally unstable mother who got anxiety attacks whenever I told her I want to live on my own. A home on wheels seemed to be our best solution and we bought it with money we didn’t have. We lived from 1.5 social income.
    The municipality, however, took it away from us because neighbors who admitted enjoying bullying us, pretended to be bothered by our camper (we always parked it where others’ campers were parked as well). We tried to explain to the rozzers many times that it’s OUR only home and we couldn’t function in a residential area and NEED to be close to our helpless mother, but alas, mental health still seems to be non existing. A younger couple who lives only a couple of houses to our left, got PERMISSION to park their old camper in this very street because their mother has got cancer (literally caused by herself by smoking a lot of cigarettes!).
    Somehow, only visible diseases are valid…

    We then bought an old car with money we didn’t have, so that we were able to escape the city every day and go to a park or so to be away from all the simulants. The car hasn’t been road legal for a long time now due to its missing MOT.
    So now we’re literally stuck in my childhood bedroom and a small tent (to avoid seeing mother – we can’t handle her negative energy these days, they’re draining us) in mum’s small, paved garden.

    A car is mandatory for us. But then, an old camper or van would be ideal – the housing market is really BAD and expensive and even though I’ve been registered to a lot of housing corporations for many years, the only houses available to us are apartments in cities…

    My last cry for help is to you, Jonna. You seem to really understand that you can’t poor from an empty cup. That you need your surroundings to be perfectly aligned to your wishes and needs in order to create. To live. That you need balance in your life and that you need to recharge, which I literally can’t remember has ever happened. All we need is to be free and right now, euthanizing seems to be the only solution, but I don’t want that to be it. It’s not fair when all we want and need is in fact SO little. It’s so confusing to me that in order to want very little in this society, you need to be wealthy. This society fools people into believing that they want to keep on buying things they don’t need, so that they keep working their asses off and keep their heads busy in order to prevent them from starting to really think about what their hearts really want and need, which is of course not much, something you and I both know.
    It’s love and nature.
    But the world’s leaders have become so wealthy only by keeping us all busy and sick. Our lizard brains want us to survive, but not thrive or even be happy. And I wish to challenge it by becoming as happy as I can be.

    Could you help us so that we, too, can live where we both can live a normal life? In my country, vehicles have become very expensive over the last few years, that’s why I’m looking for support here, as we are unable to work now that we’re in constant survival mode and live from our social income (which is as little as only 70 percent of the lowest possible income in my country).

    We have a burning fire inside of us that wants to leave a footprint behind and make the world a tiny bit better as soon as we are given the opportunity in the future. I’ve always wanted to make videos as well since I was a child and I really feel passionate about doing as much as I can to save all life on this planet.

    I have built a website late 2021 to express myself and it’s where I’ll go into much more details about all that’s happened to us. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could check out my blogs.

    Thank you so much even for reading this. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


  9. Lauri Jones says:

    I love that you are choosing to express yourself this way again… blogging… a return to a simpler art form. You are always true to yourself and that is so inspiring and refreshing. I live out in the woods in a vintage trailer… an artist, too (mostly music) … your posts and videos inspire my nature-loving and artistic heart and I am so, so grateful to have found you… a kindred spirit. Everything you share touches my heart and soul. And your joy at what you create is so beautiful to witness… so happy for you! 💗

  10. Kerry says:

    Thank you for sharing the beauty that exists within and around you. It’s so interesting to hear about your creative process. Hope you and Johan and Nanook have a lovely holiday together! 💕

  11. Dennis Phoenix says:

    Enjoyed the blog, say hi to Johan and Nanook. I noticed the little foot thing on Nanook, he seems very patient and understanding about it by not trying to take it off, probably resisting his instincts because of you.

  12. Fiona says:

    Thank you Jonna, so wonderful to read your words, you really bring the location to life. It connects me into nature too and helps me feel less alone.

  13. Ninni says:

    Åh Jonna! Att du har börjat blogga igen är det bästa som hänt på flera år på internet! 💚✨ Jag tittar på dina vloggar flera gånger i veckan, bästa sättet att avsluta dagen på. Hela kroppen fylls med ro av alla vackra vyer och tankar du delar med dig av. Så tacksam att du finns även här nu! Njut oerhört nu av stuglivet. Kram!

  14. Anika says:

    I felt all the cozyness come to my livingroom when I read your beautiful blog post 🙂 I didn’t think I would enjoy your writing as much as your videos but since I love reading I can feel the cabin atmosphere and emotions from your place just as much over here.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Sending you lots of love <3

  15. Lenka says:

    Thank you Jonna for sharing a bit of your life with us. And for amazing heartwarming pics. I really enjoy all your content, for me is like relax. And your blogpost is like message from good old friend. So THANKS for all Jonna. Lot of love from SLovakia ♥

  16. Karina Rojas says:

    Love that you are enjoying the cabin and the surroundings, it look so breathtaking 🤩 🥹 Thanks for the update 🥰

  17. Cina says:

    Tack för dom fina bilderna, naturen, älven, bergen!🌅🧡
    Påminner dit jag brukar åka till släktgården i Jämtland.
    Älskar den norrländska naturen!🌿💖
    Så trevligt att du fortsätter med bloggen, du berättar och skriver så bra!
    Tack också för dina fantastiska filmer du gör på Youtube, för mej är dom så lugnande och läkande.🌿(är sjukskriven för utmattningssyndrom)

  18. Annja says:

    I needed exactly your words and beautiful thoughts to remind me: Sit back and enjoy the evening, have a cup of tea and dream.🌟☕️💖
    Thank you 🫶🏻

  19. Kristin Kirchhoff says:

    Hej Jonna,
    i love the post and tha you are writing more again. Fall ist my favorite season and i love to make my main vacation then. In Teil weeks i will Go to werden and spend it there. I’m so exited!
    Enjoy your time there with your loves…
    Hej då, Kristin

    • ALEXIS says:

      Hallo my friend Jonna you knews just arrived in our home .Good News.Here in South we had a warm summer and an Autumn unstepable’ Winter is coming hopefully to relax and recharge our batteries.The sound of that river is so powerfull even from the video.I always remember two lands that river and the gate of the Kings if i remember well.Time is coming the Lake will sing againHappy to see you go forward and be the same free girl spirit i first saw in a day.Best wishes Alexis💙

  20. Merel says:

    Thank you again for sharing a part of your way of living. It is so heart warming and sends a lot of energy. Your photos are amazing! A lots of love from the Netherlands.

  21. Melanie says:

    Hej Jonna! <3 I enjoyed reading your blog post so much! At the time of reading, I was also cozily suggled on my couch in a vacation house in northern Denmark, at the coast where the North Sea roars. You are living the dream, calling the wild rivers of the north your "office". You earned every bit of it. I'm looking forward to the new jewlery designs, I'm sure I will again find something to my liking. I already have many pieces of your collection and I treasure them every single day. <3 Much love! xoxo

  22. says:


    It is midnight now at my place. I was going to sleep when I saw your Instagram story, the cover is so beautiful that I decided to go to read your blog. How you arrange the words and tell the story is charming, it is even more beautiful with how you put the photos along. It makes me feel like I was reading a photo storybook when I was a child. It gives me a sense of magic, peace, and calm. So I continued to read, and before I realized it, I read all of your blog posts. Now I could go to sleep with a peaceful mind.

    Before end this, I want to read more of your works, so I wonder what is your old blog?

    Thank you.

  23. Julie M. says:

    Thank you, Jonna for another lovely blog post! I find that you’re writing about your experiences is so interesting because it’s a window to your soul – writing is such a reflective kind of introspective thing. So glad you have this creative time in the mountains ✨️🙏

  24. Yvette Janssen says:

    There are more companies who make jewelry but no one takes as astonishing pictures from their jewelry like you do! My compliments to Johan who I think is the great creator behind this beautiful jewelry.

  25. Rue says:

    I’ve probably said this before but every time I see you’ve posted a new blog joy fills my soul. Your blogs are like receiving a letter in the mail from a dear friend. I’m glad you’re able to take some time for yourself. You’ve become very popular, which is wonderful, but I’m sure it’s also draining at times. I look forward to seeing your new pieces. From a couple of your photos I saw some that, I’m sure, will need to be added to my collection. Much love to you and the whole family.
    Kramar, Rue

  26. Sanah says:

    This is my first time reading your blog after catching up with all your YouTube videos. Your words fill me up with positivity and peace.
    Reading this I realise how important it is to get a break from all the hustle and go somewhere to connect with the nature. Thank you so much for all your hard work and magical words. Glad you reconnected and had a good time at the cabin.

    Looking forward to reading more from you and sending you lots of love all the way from India❤️

  27. Samata says:

    Thank you so much for all of your videos, music, photography and writing. I can’t tell you how many times over the past years that your art has helped me find peace and a sense of my soul. I find you such an inspiration! As another sensitive person in a busy world you represent someone who has found a way to use that sensitivity as a gift (when it can at times be a real challenge). I’ve never written a comment before but I wanted to send some of the deep, open hearted gratitude that I feel for you directly to you. Thank you. Sooo many blessings from my heart to yours 💙💙

  28. Magda says:

    Hej bästa Jonna,
    Att läsa dina ord och tankar och att se dina vackra bilder betyder så mycket. Jag har följt dig i snart 6 år nu, sen jag var 15 år. Nu är jag 21 år och jag överdriver inte när jag säger att jag inte skulle ha varit den jag är idag utan dig. Din kreativitet, bilder, din musik, videos, tankar och kloka ord har inspirerat mig och gett mig ett fantastisk perspektiv och en kärlek till livet. Din otroliga förmåga att förmedla stämningar och känslor kommer alltid att fylla mig med en sån glädje och ro och kärlek. Du är min största förebild. Jag är så tacksam. Tack.
    (P.S. Jag längtar så tills er butik kommer att öppna i Sollefteå! Jag hoppas, om det är möjligt, att vi kanske kommer att ses där >3)
    All min kärlek

  29. DeAnn says:

    Vi har byggt en stuga det senaste året som är tre timmar bort. Jag kan helt relatera till detta inlägg! Det visar sig att stugan ger mig mest tid att vara kreativ och göra filmredigering och skrivande, och förhoppningsvis så småningom att sy. Eftersom jag är en författare älskar jag att du skriver mer! [Jag studerar också svenska, så det här är en fantastisk upplevelse för mig!]

  30. Kiri says:

    Hej Jonna! I really enjoy to read your blog. Happy that you are writing blog posts again. That´s so cozy and it reminds me of the time when I started to follow your old blog, many years ago.
    I love your videos, but reading your blog feels even more personal. It´s like a letter from a good old friend 😘 So I hope you will continue 🙏
    The nature at your cabin is really breathtaking! Sooo beautiful 💚 I feel your love for the wild river.
    I am happy to live close to a wild river (but not that big).
    I really love to sit there, close to the water, feel the energy, listen to the special sound and smell the humid air. When it´s raining a lot, the river grows and gets really wild. I feel so blessed to live close to wild nature in Norway. I LOVE nature 💚
    Sending you lot´s of love to Sweden and to everyone in the world who is reading this ❤️
    P.S.: I hope Nanook is better now?

  31. Julia O'Donovan says:

    This was a really cozy blog post! I understand what you mean when you say you have a lot of work to do, but it’s actually relaxing because of the lack of interruptions. The daily mundane things can take up so much of our attention, and it’s only when we get away for a bit that we realize how much we can accomplish when the schedule is cleared up. This inspires me to take the hour drive up to Oklahoma with my love for a few days, for a change of scenery!
    I can’t wait to see the new designs! PS, I can’t seem to find a way to upload a photo alongside my name, I wonder how others have done it?
    Love, Julia

  32. Marie-Phé says:

    Bonjour Jonna! Reading you, looking at your photos, hearing your thoughts, being the witness of your present moments and relaxing in the Light of our Soul connection is a gift. We can feel your Soul in your Art and
    who you are has created a wonderful interconnection of souls who interact through your posts. We are all ONE and this is reflected in our exchanges. I love you. I love you all! Even if I don’t know anyone, personally, among your 4 million subscribers, I feel blessed to be part of such a beautiful and big family.

  33. Anna says:

    Ahhhh, enjoy your stay in the mountains! Here too, autumn is very mild and warm. Today I sunbathed by the river. I don’t know when I did it on an October day. I really enjoyed it! And now we have rain too. I also love the sound of it, especially when I’m lying inside in a cozy warm bed….Big hug! Anna

  34. Kym George says:

    What a beautiful Blog with beautiful pictures….I can hear the rain on the roof and see the twinkling of the candle. What a peaceful place. such a blessing for you and your little family. Enjoy your time sweetie.
    Hugs from the little town of Norway in Wisconsin USA

  35. Clare Leary says:

    I have tried repeatedly to enter, but computer is too slow. “I’m NOT a robot”!! I cannot even read this blog. Just keeps putting black boxes jumping over everything everywhere…including blocking & jumping all over photos… & I did the little ‘bikes’; ‘traffic lights’; ‘buses’… tests to show ‘I’m not a robot’ & it kept timing out!! Now it won’t even give me the ‘tests’. Just repeatedly goes to the ‘red’ {expired; just now again as I’m writing…} after the ‘green’ checkmark.
    Thanks for your assistance ~ If you’ll even get this!! ~ Clare

  36. Cat says:

    I LOVE reading your blog posts – please keep writing them! It’s a nice way to get to see you between videos. I love your photos, your stories and adventures, everything is just so beautiful. Have fun in the mountains!

  37. Paramjot says:

    I love u soul sister 🌸🤍
    with my whole heart no matter how far apart I feel one w ur soul our souls are made from the same magic it feels 🙂 lots of love and peace and joy and blessings ur way lovely

  38. Anna says:

    Oooh I love reading your blog! I find it a little more calming than watching videos. It’s like reading a cosy book and with reading my mind is less distracted by the rest of the world somehow. It makes me want to get back into blogging myself, or at least doing something more to share my photos.

    Your cabin is set up so cosy! It’s great interior design inspiration 🙂

  39. Angelica says:

    Thank you sooooo much for this blog! Reading it was a wonderful way to end my day. I look forward to another blog when Johan and Nanook are there with you. A peaceful time then, too. Blessings from Michigan, USA

  40. Stuart says:

    Hej, looks an ideal place 🙂 and this – “What often stresses me is not the work that I do, but all the little things in between that distracts me from doing the work I want to do.” exactly ! glad to read that, it’s my feeling exactly. Slowly getting on top of the things here and hope to get back in my workshop properly, designs in my mind need to come into reality now… anyway have a great time there, be super careful by that river! hi to Johan and Nanook when they arrive too. Stu.

  41. Peggy Lj says:

    You know what, I am allways a kind of jealouse when I read your posts but in a good way. You can be so so proud of yourself that you life your live exactly like you do by your young age!!!! I am only 35 but I need to do more big steps in the next years to be as free as you and your partner are! I totally feel the desire to life out in nowhere and just do „my thinks“… To immerse in nature and explore everything I want! Your posts allways helps me to sharp my vision! Big hugs from Berlin. 🙂 Peggy

  42. Penny says:

    This is so cool, I was just at my cabin last night and I started to think about a video I saw on your channel a couple of years ago, when you just bought the cabin. I was feeling so grateful for our little cabin and all the old stuff in it from my grandma and grandpa, and I wanted to rewatch your video last night. So I looked it up on Youtube and snuggled up in the couch, in my own little old cabin. It was so magical and special.

    And now, only one day later, I see your blogpost about your cabin. A cool coincidence. I feel so blessed , it really is something special to have a home away from home.
    And thank your so much for the videos you share, you spread so much peace and joy with your amazing energy!

  43. Jack Willard says:

    Dear Jonna, thank you so much for all of the opportunities to share some amount of time with yourself and Johan and others in your lives. This is exactly the types of experiences that I longed to learn about and feel and understand when I visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 2017. It is the places, the cultures, and the people that interest me so. My military family lived in Germany for several years when I was in high school and traveled to many of the surrounding countries during those times, giving us some degree of understanding and wonder. We got as far North as the Netherlands, but not into Scandinavia, which I really wanted to see. I finally went there on my own for two weeks on a bus trip, which does not bring the deeper experiences that i sought. You are helping to fill that void, and I am so appreciative. I would move to Scandinavia if I were a much younger man. Love you and your family for your kindness to us all. FYI, I learned later that you had visited about 50 miles away from where I live in the Sierra mountains foothills a few years ago. Hope you enjoyed my area.

  44. Emelie says:

    Jag är så glad att du börjat blogga igen. Följde din blogg redan när du bodde i gamla skolan och saknat den SÅ!

  45. Ina says:

    When I first started following you in 2017, I was so touched by your blogposts, journey and the way you tell your stories that I read through your whole blog twice with Google translate. The way you see nature throughout the seasons is such an inspiration and I am over the moon that you have started blogging again. The coziness in your pictures, the stillness and your written thoughts are just something else! 🙂
    I hope to read more of your blogposts again in the future! <3

  46. Carl Stridsberg says:

    Hej Jonna!
    Intressant att se hur du via ett enkelt liv och en enkel blogg sakta byggt upp ett framgångsrikt företag som vad jag förstår idag kan försörja flera personer. Grattis och lycka till i fortsättningen!

  47. Libera says:

    Hi Jonna, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you’re able to recover your identity and content quicky. I just cry watching you at times or near tears. Something really divine about you and it’s not just prettiness in the extreme like the Harp Twins. I could flatter you all day but to what end? I like everything about you including your husband. Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t watch any TV. I just listen to a lot of music. Mostly new age and folk music in my later years, I’m 57 now. Be sure I listen to all your music and share it on Facebook and is part of my soul now. I like the Cottage Fairy too similar to you but very different. Verdant Vanille is another. She would be on the dark sign of the moon, and you would on the bright side of moon. A very cute name for your dog. I’m just a happy puppy around you and wishing you the best. I hope you have great weekend too.

  48. Mary Ann Willoughby says:

    I am loving your blogposts just as I love your videos. Keep going and share your extraordinary thoughts, photos, and feelings with the world. We love you and your family very much! Cheers to you and all of your hard work, creative juices, and new beginnings. I hope to visit your new gallery and shop one day soon.

  49. Silia Kontothanasi says:

    Hallo Jonna,
    I hope you’re doing great!!

    Your pictures are really dazzling and magical. The running water in the river it’s like diamonds and crystal coming out of the mountain and your little cabin it’s like a beautiful fairy house!!

    Also, very time you describe you arm cuff “Origin” I am in awe and I am getting a bit emotion too. And this is because I know that this item and it’s history will accompany your family for generations and generations to come!!

    As for the work focus that you described, I totally and completely understand you!! It’s so underwhelming to want to deal with your passion, with your work, to really want to create and learn and develop in the field you have chosen to do as a profession, and many times the everyday life with it’s obligations does not allow it!

    I am so happy for you that you had such a good time in the cabin !!! Take care of yourselves, you and your family!

    Sending lots of love from Athens, Greece 💕


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