I was out in the forest last evening, just me and my camera. And in that moment I suddenly felt this deep urge to write another blogpost. I’ve been thinking about it many times since I wrote my previous post in June. But the busy summer left little space for that spark inside of me to show up.
It’s been a lot of focus outwards, on doing things and getting done with the project of moving into my new art studio. And besides that, summers usually feels very noisy to me and the older I get the more I begin to love the autumn.

Like last night. I just went out to take some photos of some jewelry but ended up just standing completely still on a huge field of dead fireweed, as the sky turned pink and the low degrees made smoke coming from my breath.

It was so silent. All I could hear was a raven far away.
And that was the first moment in many months where I felt completely still inside.
I took a deep breath in. And a deep breath out.

And that’s when the inspiration came to write this blogpost. And I am so happy for that.
I have for so long wanted to write and say thank you to all of you who wrote comments on my previous post. I was so shocked to see that so many still went into my blog now and then to check for a new post, even though I hadn’t updated in years. I’m so happy that you are here!

As I said when I wrote my “first” post in June, I felt like I was writing out in a black void. An empty space, that all humans had left a long, long time ago. And that felt ok, because the urge to write just came from the joy of writing and for expressing myself in another way, not necessarily for someone else to read it.
I like writing so much more than talking.
So it was such a huge bonus to see so many still coming in here. In this little void.

As I sit here and write, it is Monday evening and there is a fire burning in the stove. Nanook is laying on the floor snoring, and a candle on the table next to my laptop is the only source of light apart from the screen. This is exactly what I need right now.
Quiet autumn evenings.

Even though I have a busy time ahead of me now, with a lot of work and many different projects manifesting at the same time, I have promised myself to slow down and make sure to have many more evenings like this. And to go for many more evening adventures in the forest, like yesterday.
Because I really feel how that opens up something. You gotta slow down and quiet your mind for something new to arise within.

And I feel like autumns and winters are made for that. For us to slow down and let the inner world take the lead and inspire us and show us the way.

I just sit here and smile as I upload my photos and mix them with my words. I really missed that feeling of composing a blogpost. It’s very satisfying in a way I cannot put into words.
And to see an image, without any sound. No spoken words and no background music.
Even though I love to create feelings using many different elements, I also really miss letting the photos speak for themselves. It’s such a beauty in that too.

Ok wow, this post became longer than I thought. I just wanted to say thank you and share som photos from last night. And to let you know that I will probably keep posting in here. How often I don’t know.
But the darker times of the year inspires me to write. So I think I will see you soon again! 🙂

Sending lots of love to wherever in the world you are ♥

73 thoughts on “A time to breathe

  1. Dixiwonderland.com says:

    Åh Jonna. När jag hade en väldigt mörk period i livet för ett par år sedan så läste jag dina gamla blogginlägg. Det var det enda som gav mig en liten glimt av hopp. Att få läsa ett nytt blogginlägg ikväll gjorde verkligen min kväll. Min Johan är på ett affärsmöte ikväll så jag har suttit här ensam hela kvällen. Men du fick mig att känna mig lite mindre ensam nu, tack 🥰

    • Marissa Haynes says:

      Hello. Its Marissa from Sacramento, California. Thank you for sharing your life. I always forward look to your posts. The photos are so beautiful. I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  2. france says:

    Thank you so much for the time you take in everything , you have a beautiful soul and energy. it s like having a friend at the end of the world.

    • Eliana Gonçalves says:

      Feeling the silence, yes this time of the year calls for the nest and stillness. Thank you for be such a beautiful inspiration in this noise world. Thank you 💚

  3. Laetitia says:

    reading you again brings me great comfort and also brings tears to my eyes… find your photos
    and your words are a real joy. For almost 10 years, you have become someone important in my life. you inspired me, you consoled me. may we still read you for decades to come

  4. Daniel Seaman says:

    I always look forward to ANY of your posts, shorts, vids, blogs. Autumn is coming here, too but not like it does for you in Sweden. I am getting my Subaru ready for snow and off-road adventures, and getting more motorcycle rides while it’s still cozy temperatures.
    ps: Soooo happy for your studio completion and actual business work place.
    – Dan Seaman Arizona/USA

  5. Julianne says:

    It’s so true, the older we get, we appreciate the silence and stillness more and more. Autumn is definitely in the air (my favorite time of year)

    Much love from Pennsylvania 🍂❤️

  6. Anna says:

    Hey Jonna, it’s nice to read a new blog post from you. It reminds me of the time I started following you. It’s probably been 10 years now? Wow! So much has happened since then. I send you all the love, a big hug and best wishes for a peaceful, cozy autumn ♥ Anna

  7. Dejah says:

    Autumn is one of my very favorite seasons!! It is a beautiful reminder to pause and reflect on the months passed.. Mother Nature’s final hurrah before the cold of Winter settles in. Autumn is truly a time of beauty, introspection, reflection, and joy. I am so grateful that we have you in our lives, Jonna. Your Soul is pure magic and you inspire me every single day. Thank you for your beautiful presence. Sending you SO much Love and Peace on your journey!!!! Love&Light🤍🌟🪽

  8. Rue says:

    I love your blogposts. They feel so intimate, like reading a letter sent by a dear friend. I also love Autumn with its slower pace and the reminder that change can be a beautiful thing. It’s a time I use to reconnect with myself. I’m so glad you’re back to blogging and look forward to future posts. Kramar 🍁

  9. Réka says:

    I kind of feel like this post is a present for my birthday… some unexpected, very much needed words. Thank you so much. I will celebrate with this heartwarming feeling tomorrow!

  10. Margreet Heidstra says:

    Dear Jonna,
    Thank you for this message. I need to hear that. When it gets darker and darker it’s time to find the space in myself again, and slow down.
    I like to learn to be more offen alone, just by my self. For me that’s hard. But I wil try…….thank you Jonna. Lots of love from the Netherlands! ❤️

  11. Terri C says:

    I love hearing from you no matter how you arrive. Thank you for your centered, grounded focus that reminds us to visually take in all the beauty around us, then breathe it in.

  12. Anna says:

    Hej Jonna,
    Har följt dig sedan 2019, då var jag 14 år. Du öppnade mina ögon för så mycket skönhet, att läsa din blogg för första gången var att hitta en helt ny del av mig själv. Det var som att jag gick in i ett helt unikt tillstånd. Den känslan har jag inte upplevt igen, men jag blev permanent förändrad. Du inspirerar mig fortfarande.
    Tack för det du gjort och gör.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Jonna, thank you for this lovely post 😊I’m looking forward to the cozy weather and using my fireplace soon 🙂
      Love from Canada

  13. Eliness says:

    This is such a needed reminder. No matter how busy our lives are, it’s vital for us to carve some time out just for ourselves. If you, with all your big projects and creative ideas fusing in parallel, are able to do so – I have no excuse not to! And the quietness of reading words and immersing ourselves in pictures rather than videos and sound is also a nice reflection of that. There is a time for activity, movement and awakenings, and there is a time for stillness, silence and contemplation. Both are as important as they are complementary; as for most things, balance is key 🙂

  14. Erin Loughery says:

    I’m so happy to read these words from you, Jonna — and looking forward to more posts like this! My God, that photo of you from behind is just so beautiful and timeless. There’s nothing like a good rock to sit on in the middle of nowhere <3
    Much love from NB Canada xoxo

  15. Daniele says:

    To anchor in the inner world is essential and to breath the peace and space is most nourishing! Balancing yourself – loving you being such a big giver. Thank you for sharing in this form too whenever you are moved.

  16. Antonia (Coco) Azoitei says:

    Well this is so strange, something must be in the ether! Because I have a defunct blog which I haven’t written since 2015. And I just started in the last few days, researching blogging again and resolving to start a brand new blog… and now you post this!! I am so thrilled. There is something so, so intimate and personal about the written word, when it is written by someone like you, Jonna, who speaks from the heart and so truthfully and keeps your reader close. I will absolutely follow your blogs as well as your filmed content and photos. Something about the collective energy these days calls to return to the written word. I’m so happy you heard it too! Much love, Coco xx

  17. Tiffany says:

    Iv often thought about writing as well. I’m not a writer at all but more of a critical thinker, or over thinker. Always getting stuck in my head. I think people tend to navigate towards east entertainment of videos and such. Reading comprehension is starting to become a lost skill I noticed among customers at work. Or even coworkers at that. Keep up the creative stuff for yourself.

  18. emalinedelapaix says:

    That’s so weird Jonna, as I was just talking to my partner about how I think it’s time to go off social media and back to old fashioned websites and make blogs again and now you have written one 🙂 I had one for many years and I think FB etc took me away from that as well as just being in nature and the silence. I also agree, there is something lovely about words and photos without sound or video. It’s nice to leave space for the reader to create their own world from what you have written. Beautiful photos as always xx from North Yorkshire.

  19. Marie-Phé says:

    Bonjour Jonna! 🤗

    Here Marie-Phé from Québec. Always happy to see and read you. Yes, take time for you. Keep the balance, it is important. And as I ever told you, you can be the perfect representation of Lagom, Friluftsliv, Fika, Hygge, Lykke, Sisu and Petta Reddast all together! In French, we say : ”Hâtez-vous lentement”. I think we can translate it as ”Make haste slowly”. As you say so well : ”You gotta slow down and quiet your mind for something new to arise within.” I agree so much with you!

    Thanks again to be the beautiful YOU you are. Take care of yourself… I send you Love, Magic and Gratitude.🥰

  20. LARS 8463 says:

    Godmorgon Jonna
    Det är höstmörkt nu, men juli likt
    för jag vilar i soffan, i ljudet av regn.
    Synen av när du stod stilla på fältet.
    Väckte minnet av när du dansade
    och upp ur mitt “glas” dök även
    ett urklipp efter min farbror.
    En översättning av Alf Henrikson.
    Som med åren har blivit allt mer “jag”

    Vad är vår liv, om utan ro,
    vi ej har tid att stå och glo?
    Ej tid att stå bland träd och snår
    och koxa långt som kor och får.
    Ej tid att stå och vänta in
    var ekorren gömmer nöten sin.
    Ej tid att mitt i dagens ljus
    se stjärnornas glans i bäckens brus.
    Ej tid att följa någonstans
    skönhetens blick och lätta dans.
    Ej tid att vänta tills vi ser
    hur hennes mun och ögon ler.
    Armt är vårt liv, om utan ro
    vi ej får tid att stå och glo.

    Nu blir det gröt och nykokt sylt
    följt av några bör, “måsten”
    Så, för en stund med “SPILLTID”
    Som är värdefull för mitt “jag”

  21. Linnéa says:

    Hej Jonna,

    Jag heter Linnéa och är Finlandssvensk (m.a.o. född i Finland med svenska som modersmål). Jag har följt din Youtube kanal ända sedan den första videon jag såg av dig, vilken var “Snö” för ca 9 år sedan. Jag beundrar ditt mod att följa dina drömmar och din kreativitet. Jag föredrar också att uttrycka mina tankar i text över tal, eftersom jag är lite blyg. Efter att jag såg din senaste video och hörde hur sorgsen du lät om hur din mammas morbror Tages dialekt sakta men säkert kommer att försvinna, kom jag på en idé. Du kunde utnyttja din talang och bevara både Tages dialekt och berättelser genom röstinspelning, och t.ex. dedikera ett hörn i din nya ateljé till honom. Det är bara en idé förstås. Ha det bra och lycka till med dina nya projekt!


  22. Marian says:

    Your YouTube videos warms and soothes my spirit. I look forward to seeing them for my self care for work. I come home and sit in my patio to journal, listen to music and do word searches or crosswords after work. If there is a new episode on YouTube, I will watch the video. This is the first time I checked out your blog. I love Autumn and the description of it seen through your eyes where you live is breathtaking.

  23. Yvette Janssen says:

    Hej Jonna! Jag bor i södra Sverige, flyttade hit från Nederländerna förra året. Jag följer dina vlogs sedan länge och gillar att du skrev en ny blog. Så jag ser fram emot kommande bloggar. Meningen “You gotta slow down and quiet your mind for something new to arise within” är helt inspirerande! Tack så mycket för allt du gör.

  24. Ilse Aranti says:

    Velkommen tilbage. Det er en glæde igen at læse dine ord og se dine fotos igen i dette stille rum, som bloggen er. Jeg elsker også efteråret og at skrive og vende indad. Mon ikke du kan forstå mit danske? Jeg synes det er fint, hvis vi i Skandinavien kan forstå hinandens sprog i stedet for at bruge engelsk.

  25. Jana says:

    This is so inspiring. Inspiring in many ways!
    In a way I found reading this extremely calming. I feel that I also want to write and stop overthinking about how I should/could/would do things.
    I appreciate you so much, Jonna. Thank you!

    Much love from the North of Finland 🙂

  26. Markéta Bláhová says:

    Beautifully written. I can only agree with what you expressed here. I have felt this way about autumn for many years now. When I think about it, these feelings were always there in some form (probably because I was born in autumn🍁). Thank you for writing this blogpost, the images are pure magic! ✨

  27. Steffi says:

    Hi Jonna, I love your blogposts and I completely know what you mean with the quietness of autumn. I miss it too I’m in a very warm environment right now for a year, I miss the seasons, some times the blue sky doesn’t seem happy to me anymore, even the beaches. I miss the forest of Europe. Really miss Sweden too, I have spent 5 months there all by myself it was the best time for me, but most of all the forests and beautiful lakes❤️ All the best, Steffi

  28. Andrea says:

    Åh, vad roligt att läsa ett blogginlägg från dig! 💚 Jag har följt dig länge och hittade först till din blogg för många, många år sedan. Tror även att detta är min första kommentar. Brukar som någon annan skrivit tidigare, gå in och läsa dina gamla blogginlägg då och då. Det finns något rofyllt i det. Blir liksom glad, inspirerad och taggad på livet. Jag älskar dock dina videor och du är en av de få jag följer på Youtube. Det är lite som du sa i föregående blogginlägg, att allt går så snabbt idag. Frekvenserna blir snabbare och informationen ska matas i större mängd. Förr kollade jag mycket på Youtube och serier men idag har jag bantat ner det (faktiskt omedvetet) och bytt ut det till läsning istället i olika format som böcker, artiklar och blogginlägg. Det får mig att sakta ner och att kunna läsa i min egen takt. Tack för det här blogginlägget. Du inspirerar i allt du gör! 🌲

  29. Terri says:

    So happy to read your blog post. I have followed you for many years….long before Johan came into your life. I remember the photos of you in front of the fire, keeping war with baby Nanook beside you! Your journey has been inspiring, but I still enjoy the quiet peacefulness of photos and words.

  30. Alexis says:

    Hi Ms Jinton ,my friend Jonna the moment the breath is exactly one of your destinations in your journey YOU DECIDED once in Stolhom .I feel so happy of you,Autumn calls water in North in that special River are always fall , the lake will freeze the ice will sing.Don’t miss the destinatios.Your decision sometime is our moment in this blog right now paraler to our journey.
    As I said in a video you chalenge us we see the same sky hope some day see the same colours in this sky.

    -Our friends Jonna jouan Nanook💙

  31. Stuart says:

    Hej, nice you’ve come back to the old school blog! yep i’ve checked in here every now and then. I watch a youtube video sometimes but mostly not, and instagram / fb is swamped with comments immediately so i don’t usually leave one. The blog with the smaller audience was always nice. Anyway Hi from me in Scotland 🙂

  32. EVA BAUER THIJS says:

    I thought of you this morning , missed your movies , pics your energy … such a big inspiration coming from the north of Sweden …. living myself with my family here in Mont Tremblant in Canada on a hill in the middle of the woods too .. then I saw your post tonight , yeeeeee !!!Felt so happy ! You are such a beautiful spirit, Joni ! Your connection to nature ……..your paintings movies are “amazing” & soothing a real a “avgift” showed my Swedish friend Lena your blog , she didn t know ! Enjoy fall with Johan . Best wishes , Eva & family oxoxox

  33. Alpgirl22 says:

    Beautifully said Jonna. Autumn is definitely a time of slowing down. It’s my favorite time to get outdoors and hike. Thank you for the inspiration and calmness in a hectic & crazy world. Peace & love to all!

  34. wideeyedtree says:

    I would appreciate it so much if you continue to write more here again! I still love the blog format the most in the internet world. It feels more intimate and deeper. I wish you the best autumn and more moments like the one on that field! Much love, Claudia

  35. Eleonora says:

    Dear Jonna, I couldn’t agree more! Autumn is a time when the heat of summer leaves and, so I believe, the first clear air comes back and I always feel like coming alive again in Autumn 🙂
    I’m so glad you plan on continuing your blog posts, I really enjoy your writing style! Thank you for your inspiration, take a deep breath and refill on this seasons energy!
    Lots of love from Germany <3

  36. Rebecca says:

    Hello from my quiet corner of Maine, USA. I really enjoy the quietness of the written word. Have been feeling more and more that social media isn’t where I want to be. A few beautiful souls, like you, are all that keep me scrolling through. Thank you for all your beautiful sharings. I appreciate the light and love you radiate here. Sending love back to you. ♥️

  37. Galina says:

    Dear Jonna, I am so glad you are back at your blog. I will read it every time and I will be grateful for your being and honored to be here on this planet at the same time with you. Sending love, I hope to visit your new shop. It already looks so beautiful. I can’t wait what the final renovation result will look like! ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Daniel Erik says:

    Åh Jonna, så glad jag är att du har börjat blogga igen! Jag har börjat gå igenom hela din resa i Grundtjärn genom att läsa din gamla blogg, från allra första inlägg. Så det är verkligen roligt att du börjat skriva igen! Kan verkligen förstå känslan. Helt ärligt talat gillar jag inte Instagram, det är helt enkelt inte min grej. Men en blogg, det är liksom något eget. Något som verkligen är ditt. Något som du själv skapar, från grunden. Inga algoritmer eller hashtags. Bara du och dina ord. ❤️

    Vad du skriver om stillbilder är också något jag instämmer i. Jag älskar att förmedla känslor via filmer, men ibland är det helt enkelt så att en bild säger mer än tusen ord. Var nog därför jag började gå en kurs i foto. Att få ytterligare ett sätt att uttrycka sig på, men då utan att ens behöva säga ett ord.

    Ser verkligen fram emot fler inlägg här! Tack för all inspiration kärlek du sprider! 💕🙏🏻

    En stor kram till dig, Jonna!

  39. Audrey says:

    Hello Jonna, thank you for words and these beautiful photos.
    I live in Quebec and I grow up in a little french caribean island, la Guadeloupe 🙂 witch it looks like a butterfly. There it is hot all year and very sunny most of the time. And now I live in Canada for 7 years, and still learning how to feel home again, not only in the summer times, how to embrace each season especially the very long winter !
    But I adore autumn, it is by far my favorite moment of the year, a precious time while everything turn so colorfull, like a fire of colours, this is incredible. Thank you so much Jonna for your posts, paintings, videos, photos, and all your art, and your kindness and simplicity, that had conforts me so many times ❤️

  40. genevieve montoya says:

    I loved coming across this. I long for the opportunity to slow down quietly and connect in this way. I have enjoyed your video’s and story telling as well, but there is something so personal, one to one feeling about the written word. I hope you do write more.

  41. Emma says:

    Förstår verkligen saknaden i att skriva. Har känt precis samma rätt länge och började faktiskt blogga igen i år 🙂 Det är något med att beskriva bilder med ord och bara få ner saker i text…
    Välkommen “tillbaka”! ❤️

  42. Ruth says:

    As Summer makes her exit and the Autumn days grow shorter, the nights longer, I find myself reflecting on many aspects of my life. Choices I have made, actions I have taken or not. Regrets yes there are some, but my yesterday’s have led me to where I am today. I can’t change some areas of the past but I can live in the present. Your photography and videos are calming and grounding and bring me to the moment whilst watching. You are a gifted and gentle spirit and what I refer to as an Earth Angel. Have a beautiful day..big hug to Nanook 🤗

  43. Melissa says:

    Jonna you are my inspiration, such a beautiful soul. I live what you said regarding the coming autumn and how it helps us to slow down and take stock. Please continue with the blog posts, I love all your content and can’t wait to see what comes next. Much love from bonny Scotland xx

  44. Julie M. says:

    Hi Jonna

    I find it very beautiful that you are attracted right now to slowing down and using your creativity to find a voice through writing. Because you have many wonderful things to say, thoughts that can sometimes only be expressed through words on paper. Like you say, it’s a way of entering into the silence … A way to rejuvenate at a deeper inner level. I love your words and creativity expressed in so many lovely ways. And I would love to see more of your writing.

    I am actually becoming more involved in writing myself, with regular almost daily journal entries. It is an interesting way to get back to my own soul.

    Thank you for your beautiful photos combined with equally lovely words and thoughts!!

  45. Vera Golosova says:

    Thank you for writing this post, Jonna. Blog feels like a perfect instrument for slowing down and looking inside. I felt the same longing lately. Slowing down is so much harder. And the world is so overwhelmingly complicated.
    I moved countries last year, fell in love with the new place, but then was kind of forced to make a decision to move again. Writing helps me to live though avalanche of emotions. It feels so weird to be in a beautiful and welcoming place and be in such pain and longing for the older place.

  46. Michaela says:

    Dear Joanna,
    In winter I first came across your video, Wolf song, and perhaps one more….opened your website and said to myself “this woman has something deep in her”…but later got to work which only made me too busy to get ready for it, and in the free time left there was little space for more videos (vlogs) from you…. Or I found other and other interesting documentaries and forgot about you. Till summer. Then you suddenly and gently entered my life again, and not just for what you do, but for what you don’t do as well….you entered my soul, touched it deep and brought a lot of love, serenity, deep inspiration and calmness at the same time, into my heart. I always had a close relationship to Mother Nature, but the way you can bring it close to our hearts is something so beautiful and enriching, inspiring and soul stroking…..I can’t put it all in words not only in English but perhaps in my mother tongue either…. I am so thankful for you being there, in the wonderful north of Sweden, which I somehow always felt attracted to, for being Here, for Being…. And for the way you get in touch with the outer world you win hearts of many other beautiful people thus to all of them my “thank you” goes too… I look forward to watching other and other vlogs from you as there are still plenty left, hearing your calm voice and words and pictures still or moving, that fill the air with pure beauty and create a truly wonderful atmosphere….
    One day I also would love to be able to afford one of your jewellery pieces, that will bring that what surrounds you and what you share closer into my life here and now.
    May the light that grows so strong inside you balance the outer light which is decreasing now in the nature…. May you always find time for yourself and for all what you are.
    With love
    Michaela, Czech Republic

  47. Silia Kontothanasi says:

    Hallo Jonna, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for uploading these wonderful articles and beautiful photos
    , that after so many years you continue and share this magic with the same passion and love!

    Your advice every time, in every post, helps me calm down and keep trying despite the difficulties I may have.
    So thank you for being there! 💕

    I totally agree with you and every autumn I have exactly the same feelings!

    For me, autumn is my favourite season as in the summers here in Greece we have unbearable heat and some months we struggle to even walk on the street! The sunlight blinds you so much that if you don’t have the necessary glasses you can’t open your eyes easily during the day.

    So this coolness that autumn brings cleanses the soul, helps it calm down from all the hustle and bustle of summer. In addition, the colours, shades of brown, the smell of wet pines from the rain and the sound of it , all together create the absolute peace!

    Sending to you and your family all my love !!
    Silia <3

  48. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    This spring of wisdom, that inspires your thoughts when you begin to write, is your own best teacher. You just need to pay attention to it.

    “It’s been a lot of focus outwards, on doing things… ”
    “And that was the first moment in many months where I felt completely still inside.”
    “Even though I have a busy time ahead of me now, with a lot of work and many different projects manifesting at the same time, I have promised myself to slow down and make sure to have many more evenings like this. And to go for many more evening adventures in the forest, like yesterday.”
    “Because I really feel how that opens up something. You gotta slow down and quiet your mind for something new to arise within.”

    Do you really believe that you will be able to keep your promise ? I would be surprised if you did. The doer inside of you is so strong that it will never stop with coming up with newer, bigger projects. You have a tendency to stretch yourself very thin all the time. But there are only so many things an artistic, sensitive, contemplative, spiritually oriented woman can pay attention to before collapsing from exhaustion.

    Do you know the story of Eckhardt Tolle ? You will find it in introduction to “Power of Now”. The same thing in a milder form already happened to you once. You described it in a blogpost “As if part of me was gone” in April 2018. Consciousness, that enlivens your body-mind-sense complex, partially withdrew its attention from the world and an over-agitated doer and placed it back on itself – the source of all well-being and inspiration. As a result this over-agitated doer became partially disempowered.
    Essentially, you spontaneously went into a state of deep absorption called samadhi.

    “…it felt like part of me was gone.As if my soul was not really in the body. A bit above. It just felt like my body and “I” were not one and the same anymore.”
    “The very feeling I had in my body was not unpleasant in itself. It was like an incredible calm really, but that became terribly uncomfortable. As if I had been in deep, deep meditation and happened to be stuck there. As if my brain was connected to something else, and not really present in the body. When I was just relaxing and kind of following what my body wanted to do, I just sat staring out into nothingness. I could sit like that for any length of time. Just look out into the air, and feel how soft and floating everything was. Everything moved as if a little… as if it were breathing. I heard hissing in my ears and it felt like I was sitting long enough and as if “let go” I would disappear, away from our physical world.”

    The doer had no idea what was happening and this experience scared the living hell out of it. It started coming up with stories of
    terrible mental and somatic diseases and other afflictions. Only when your Mom called things started coming back to “normal”.

    It is not my objective to scare you. My goal is to point you to the truth that value of every experience lies in knowledge we extract from it.
    The more knowledge we have, the sounder the basis we make our decisions on. Lots of love. ❤️

  49. Julia O'Donovan says:

    I can feel the stillness and crispy air through your photos, it is really peaceful 💙 Autumn is the time when the energy stops literally buzzing all around us and starts to go inward as the earth goes to sleep. I always find myself more clear of mind during autumn and winter because of that. It’s amazing that you listened to your urge to write, and are keeping the art and love for photography alive in this age of 5-second videos. Blog posts are such a calm way of connecting with someone in the readers own time, rather than keeping up with all the elements of a video while listening to them speak. I hope you have an amazing autumn 💙 Love from Dallas, Texas ✨

  50. Wayne Gee says:

    Such beautiful words and images. Autumn has so much beauty-though I am not keen on the gathering darkness! I always find everything you do so comforting and uplifting. Love and Peace from the UK!

  51. BONVALET Véronique says:

    Much much thanks Jonna for all these wonderful images of my dear north.
    I wish you the best
    Love from north of France 🍁🍂🇫🇷

  52. Ceci says:

    Hello Jonna, just sending good wishes to you receive power to face and to overcome the challenges that you are facing. Be strong and happy.
    But, changing the topic, it is about whistle… the place you might heard about language of whistle (or whistling language) is called KUŞKOY, or Birds village; the language they talk is kuşdili, and this place is situated on the north of Black Sea, in Turkey.
    All the best,

  53. Sal says:

    I am so happy to have your words to read again. Nothing will ever take the place of written word. Your cabin is beautiful..some sweet day maybe we will have a cabin to run away to. Til then, il keep the home fires burning in our cozy house by the creek. All the best to you xo

  54. Dan says:

    Be assured that nature will abide.
    Life is a cycle. The trees provide a natural resource. They have a lifespan and when they get old they can become weak and susceptible to disease that can spread to healthy forest.
    We had the problem of our beautiful forest of many species in Northern California where the overgrowth caused insect infestation to spread into many of our 135 year old pines. It was devastating and very costly for us to mediate the problem by removing so many majestic giants. But within a few short years all the other trees of firs, cedars, oaks, and madrone thrived in their new found sunlight. Our forest is more beautiful now than we could ever have imagined and much safer from wildfires.
    In the long run, no matter what humans create, it all will turn to dust and nature will surly abide.

  55. Jessi Mcwilliams says:

    Was thinking of you, Jonna, and wanted to check out your website. I just love your blog and I hope one day you release a book or something. Thank you for sharing! Also, I am so excited for your shop! I really hope to visit in the future when you’re open for business <3 Have a great holiday season

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