Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share my new video with you, in case you haven’t seen it yet.
This video really summarize what’s been going on in October. It has been a month of so much work and so many new things. It’s been feeling a little chaotic now and then but also very exciting.
Like an explosion. And it takes some times before all the pieces falls into order. 

My week in the mountains was a perfect way of calming down and just taking a deep breath and settle down.
It was so needed. I wish everyone had their own cabin in the mountains to escape to now and then.

I hope you like the video! And I wish you wonderful weekend!
Much loive to you al l♥️

YouTube video

21 thoughts on “A time of transition

  1. Lars 8463 says:

    Gomorgon Jonna
    Jag har lättare för att släppa taget
    när tanken, för en stund, en tid.
    Har något annat att ta tag i.
    Som din story 46
    ca 3:15 – 3:27 Filip får tre F
    ca 9:08 – 9:18 Johan får tre F
    Och många rrrrrrr ?
    Men jag tror, att han är där han är
    För att han är den han är.
    Och inte min bild av honom.

    Story 47, när pusselbitarna lagt sig
    på plats. Som en ny, lagd redan
    i Johans barndom.?
    Nu när “ETIKETTMASKINEN “!!! ?
    går varm.
    Men livspusslet är alltid ett pysslande.
    Så glad om jag kan ge dig en bit lugn.
    För det får jag av dig.

    Nu ska jag ta tag i dagen.
    Önskar att det är som ni vill!

  2. Catherine Haney says:

    I love watching your videos especially A Time of Transition. As I was watching your beautiful video I felt so calm. Sweden looks so beautiful, you take breath taking photos. Since I started watching your videos I have taken a DNA test. The results came back over 50% Southern Sweden and Norway. My Great Grandmother was born in Hycklinge, Ostergotland. I recently have been finding myself wanting a quieter life. I was in a car accident in Los Angeles, California where I live. Since the accident and having a couple procedures to heal me. I have found myself really wanting a whole new life. I have gradually been creating it. I find myself drawn to theMountains, to a quiet place.
    After watching your video., and seeing where my Ancestors lived, is 5is just who I am, and it took till now to realize it.
    As I have made the decision, I have more peace in me. I am not worried about the cold, I can bundle up. I grew up near Lake Michigan, Illinois where my ancestors moved too. It could get to 40 below F. You have given me strength and knowledge to make a bold move, out of my comfort zone, but not really. I think I will start to document my journey when the time comes. Where I am going is suppose to be beautiful, lots of creeks and Mountains.
    Jonna, thank you for sharing your journey. As you said when you are at your Cabin, you become inspired. As I am writing you I feel inspired. The only noise is my cats fountain in the background. Quiet is so healthy for us. I have learned that from my time of healing.
    Warm regards,

  3. Deep Kiran says:

    Hey Jonna,
    I just wanted to say you are beautiful, full of positive energy. I love the way you speak and most special I love the way Johan looks and smiles when he looks at you. Your videos makes my soul free, takes me out of this crowdy world into something amazing and takes my tiredness away and fills my heart with calmness. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Thank you so much.
    Lots of love to you and Johan. Deliver my Hi to Johan.
    With regards,

  4. Claudia Opitz says:

    Dear Jonna <3 dear Johan<3
    Thank youfor writing a blog post again to all of us 🙂
    I was very pleased about this, because you can look at your contributions like your works of art and the silversmithing works of Johan again and again and read them 🙂
    Please , don`t be discouraged by not so many comments<3
    I think most of your followers were because of covid 19 , the terrorist attack in Vienna and now have claritiy of the election in America.

    I am also happy and graeful to live in the beautiful Jämtland of Sweden and to enjoy this nature.

    Thanks for the video , which I have already watched and listened to 4 times 🙂 <3

    I which you MUCH, MUCH SUCCESS for your independence of YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORKS OF ART 🙂
    big hug , stort kram <3
    Claudia Amitola

  5. Melianna says:

    This picture looks so peaceful…
    “I wish everyone had their own cabin in the mountains to escape to now and then.” That is one of my biggest dream :). But i’m glad I can have a glimpse of that through your videos !

  6. Hansi Munasinghe. says:

    I’m from from Sri Lanka(no clue whether u know my country) love our videos n songs .I’ve downloaded then to listen when I’m low.
    keep doing these great things .Your a wonderful person.
    Much love,
    Hansi Munasinghe.

  7. Amanda says:

    Hi Jonna,

    Recently, I was doing a writing exercise for my class. It asked us to write a letter to a woman who has inspired us. So, I thought I would send it (it’s you) 🙂

    Thank you for bringing pure authenticity and soulful inspiration to the world. The energy you put out is a gift that has reached me. Isn’t it wonderful what social media can sometimes achieve? Although I’m still on the path of acceptance and no one can truly help me get there but myself, you are the person who spoke to my soul and pointed out something that I hadn’t seen before. You sparked a revolution. I promise that this fire will not die and I am going to try my best to be authentic and give back, just like you. Isn’t it pleasing to know magic is real? Your energy won’t die, and it will spread into all corners of the world, and across time. May the stars of the North continue to shine along with you.

    Lots of love! <3

  8. Manon says:

    Hi beautiful soul!

    If you don’t mind me asking, when you moved to the (almost) top of the world, did you imagine you could live the life you’re living now? Like, did you think “maybe I will live thanks to youtube, making beautiful videos, having people who will love my work and create art, and jewelry”?

    I’m so curious, I want to ask you like a thousand questions haha

    Have a great day Jonna!

  9. Julia says:

    One of the things I’m so excited for when I move to northern New Hampshire is being able to pick wild berries! It’s my dream haha. I hate that the small plastic packs of organic berries are so expensive. The thought of being able to walk outside and gather enough berries for so many baked goods lights up my soul ✨

    Also I’m not sure how I could upload a photo to my account like others have done. If you could shed some light on that I’d love to upload a picture ?

  10. Arwed Groen says:

    Aloha dear Jonna from “Schleswig-Holstein” in northern germany (Felde – in the near of Kiel).

    I love your videos very much. You stile is wellness for my soul. You inspire me to make a videoblog too. To give hope and light in this dark world. To inspire others to go into nature – to reconnect with nature. And to make peace with the winter and the cold. For myself, I started to make earthing each day – to have a walk with naked feets quarter an hour. Also with frost at the grass or snow – if we get the present of snow this winter… “Earthing” is a new trend – started by the film “earthing.”

    I do have an idea for your ice-sound-recordings: What about using the ice as an instrument? With the foot or wood, or stones…
    Could be a great sound!

    I love your message: Enjoy the beauty of nature – and enjoy your life.
    Just do what your heart is beating for. Just follow your bliss and talents.

    I hope I could do it like you.

    Greetings and a big hug!


  11. Sarah says:

    Truly loved this video, I got emotional at the end and I have no idea why haha! Watching your videos you really put yourself out there and that’s amazing. You inspire me to do the same.
    It has become my dream to move out to sweden or denmark or even norway to just live in the woods and be surrounded by nature with my family, it’s been a dream of mine for so long, watching your videos, I feel like i am home and I feel like I have known you, maybe from a past life? haha who knows or maybe because I too am a Cancer (our birthdays are actually only a day apart, I am june 27th 1989 ) and we actually have so much in common. I too would love to start my own clothing line, filled with nothing but flowing beautiful dresses with beautiful fabrics that are ethically sources and good for the environment.
    Anyways i am rambling, I can’t wait for your next post 🙂

  12. Yvonne says:

    Wat een prachtige video weer. Er hangt altijd zo’n magische sfeer in je video’s echt geweldig. En de band met je hond Nanok vindt ik zo bijzonder. Doet me altijd denken aan mijn eigen hond “Lassie “van heel lang geleden, daar had ik ook zo goede band mee. Ik hoop dat je nog heel lang door blijft gaan met het maken van zulke je mooie video’s. Groetjes Yvon uit Holland!

  13. Volker Menz says:

    Hey Jonna, it makes me wistful and sad when I see and feel how our home, our nature is completely destroyed. And still more is being destroyed. It’s tearing my heart apart. Our trees are frozen, dirt everywhere. The birds can only be heard a little. All animals are killed. What a disaster! I am happy for you that you share your beautiful home with us. With love, Volker
    Hej Jonna, es macht mich wehmütig und traurig wenn ich sehe und fühle wie unsere Heimat, unsere Natur völlig zerstört ist. Und immer noch mehr zerstört wird. Es zerreist mein Herz. Unsere Bäume sind erstarrt, überall Schmutz. Nur wenig noch sind die Vögel zu hören. Alle Tiere werden getötet. Was für ein Desaster! Ich freue mich für dich das du deine schöne Heimat mit uns teilst. In Liebe- Volker

  14. Christiane says:

    Thank you for keeping your blog going, Jonna. I’ve loved it for a long time. I miss the ‘archives’ years, and maybe you will make a book from them someday? I hope so.
    I read on another blog that you had portrayed northern Sweden in such a way that you ‘delivered to us its soul’ and I thought that was a very fine description of the depth and quality of your work. The gentle love of animals and nature, the sensitivity to the seasons and the cycle of day and night, all the beauty of the photos and vlogs have been nourishing me especially now that I have been widowed and find peace in your work, as I cannot go out into the nature anymore because of illness. So I thank you for this gift, Jonna. Be well. 🙂

  15. Outdoors says:

    Hey Jonna! Thank you for the beautiful views from Sweden/Norway.
    In the video you walk into the water with your leather boots. COuld you please tell the brand / are they waterproof?

  16. someone ancient says:

    Re: first order of photo prints arrived, securely packed in a tube. The photos are beautiful, well made and of really good quality. Totally worth it 🙂 Am so happy with my first purchase, i’ll order some more prints later. To get some more icy mountain tops! I love em.

    And since i decided to write today; congratulations in every possible way!!

    Jonna, i’m happy you got this streamy award. It’s suits you well. Maybe it’s hard to believe. But that you are believing is nice. Happily, your coworker made that application.
    Eleven is such a meaningful number to me, it’s representing something fundamental. Where things are build up on, stand on or grow up from. I would even connect this number to the base of any type of society. It’s connecting one and one. So that things can work together, like your feet do. It marks a beginning also, where things can raise or grow up from.
    This is just some knowledge i’ve found out about by accident, during the recent years. It’s like a miracle. Some kind of concept, or system. And hey, i know that you know another numbers belonging to that that system. It’s the day i’m born at! It refers to some sort of center, like a town, temple, shed or a heart. Depending on the context and source. I just mentioning this, because it’s so interesting to see that you’re using it quite good, in the right way somehow. It makes your video creations so valuable (maybe not only for me), because it structures them. And i’ve seen books, with very old text, that are structured in comparable ways. And other artist using this order of things as well, if they find out about. One would say, by this they assign their work to something that’s higher than them-self. And this can be recognized and honored.
    I assume there are not many who will ever overview this miracle-like structure in whole. It needs some wisdom and the view from the top to the bottom to find out. The highest position comes from infinity and goes to infinity. and is able to tell about everything below. But actually i’m not allowed to talk about those things that i know about (first commandment/ Aniconism).

    But what i wanna say instead. Maybe there is more, than appears visible at the first view. And many things stay invisible, because it needs knowledge to recognize this. For example, do you remember that violinist i showed you once a video of. Recently she has made a video called “Thank You for 100 Videos and 3 Billion Views!”. It’s 11.5 minutes. And interesting how it’s structured! I mean, if i look for you in there, i need to smile. While she herself seems to be the grinch in an open world. And if you know that her latest album was inspired by the moon, it becomes interesting to look what ThankYou collection tells about me. It appears like she would know something.
    But don’t ask me how that happened and if it’s on purpose what she created. I’m not aware that i ever had contact personally. Did you? Otherwise i’m only left with speculations and theories. Maybe it’s just random and always sense, somehow like a horoscope does. But it’s interesting to just play around with this. Even if my finding seems a bit strange or scary. However, i like the analogy with the moon for some reason. I’ve seen that somewhere else already 😉 You know where 🙂 It’s so interesting, because the moon is looking to the earth always with the same side. The other side is hidden. But from a different position in space, much more is visible, compared to someone on earth can see. And what happens on the moon surface with light is a phenomenon for itself.

    Anyhow, i don’t wanna speculate any further on what other artist try to express in their experiments. I cam here to tell you; ouch, the shoot in Vlog Ep. 55 hit precisely! And yeah, maybe i should have had responded earlier, but i was so so spellbound and became a bit speechless. Because it’s like experiencing a miracle each time i watch your videos. Am impressed. You didn’t lie the day we said good bye to each other. And it feels still a bit unreal, that i can leave you a message again. But i’ll take this opportunity now, to say sorry. Because i wasn’t so honest about the reason that made me leaving. Yeah, i had stuff to do at a different place. But it was mainly, because of my heart. It felt hurt a bit. I got in mind, better leaving now than later, to prevent more pain eventually. And i had in mind, this may be the best way to confront you with reality. I hoped and prayed for a very long time that i did the right decision that moment, because i didn’t know where it will lead to. And didn’t know if it will be good at the end. But i trusted you, since you seemed so convinced, that this is it, what you wanted the most.
    At least this is it how i remember it after so many years. I don’t have made any copies, just know what’s in my head. But today I’m so lucky to explore, what you made out of your life. And how you are affecting other people life. I respect the steps you’ve gone. And seeing now two people supporting each other and enriching the world means so much to me, it makes my heart feel better. Yeah, it gives reason to smile!

    You became a leader. Maybe a bit like Moses was. I mean that guy in the first books of the bible. He also cared about his community. He lead them a good way. He was fighting the pyramid building Egyptians, like you have been fighting in a conflict regarding the wind turbine industry. (I know this comparison may seem a little strange for some reason,eh., But hey.)
    Also, Moses was clever, as he knew that the view from the top of a mountain will be rewarded with the opportunity to see further. And you having a connection to mountains too. You got strong in the thing you do!

    Ad Johan! I know we don’t know us. But maybe you heard about me. I expect this somehow. I’ve heard about you once and wanna say. It’s nice to see what i see. And it seems quite good what you do. At least according to what i get to see and feel. Without you this all may have never happened the way it happened. My blessings! Jonna is truly a gift of the universe. I think she’s somehow special and would say, she is able to feel me somehow and reflecting this to the world. And this even if we haven’t talked for years. Maybe she is like the moon, who does reflect light that then reaches the earth. So please, take care of her as she would be a mirror.
    And hey, i was laughing hard as she lastly told in her vlog. she imagins herself sitting in the stomach of whale. Not sure if i ever told her that i have a chronic disease related to the guts. Actually i got some issues during the second half of last year. Worst time was around christmas and i thought about hospital that time, while visiting my mother. Luckily i heard about wormwood due to a friend of her. It helped quite well. I took two weeks a tea of this herb, every evening, till mid of January and the issues have been gone. A little later i saw her video about the ice, that sound like a whale. Oh man. Unbelievable ey. That was funny! Because if it gets that worse, my stomach really sounds like that ice, paired with a lot of pain. Happily Jonna was just siting by the edge i thought. That means, it wasn’t much weight to carry for the ice.
    But anyhow, i’m not a whale at all. I’m just a very small fish (Ichthys), who’s good at predicting the flow of some river sometimes.
    And Jonna is giving me such nice attention, like no one else does. I love that. And i’m really happy about that. I would say, the best friend i’ve ever met online! She is important to me. She’s the greatest resonance i can get, who is showing me that i didn’t waste all my time with the things i do online. Because usually i don’t see results of my efforts directly. If i ever see! Experiencing this is so unbelievable satisfying to me. And it’s probably hard to grasp for most people. You just shall know this.

    And hey Jonna! Like i said once, everything i wrote is yours. This wont change. Keep it, highlight it or delete it. Whatever you think is best will be best. Actually my text got a bit longer than expected. And i would like to tell you even more. But i think, the comment section on here may not be the best place. Guess i will be silent for a while on here. So let me finish with the following, so that the careful reader may take some more information, to get even more curious about Jonnas magical creations.
    For example, I’ve listened carefully to the video “the frozen call” and found myself guided well. How brilliant is that? What a clever idea! I’ve read all the comments, because i got curious what other people think. (And not only on this video i’ve read them.) It’s truly interesting how different the impressions can be. How close or far, to what i see. Sometimes i really felt to join and contribute to the things i’ve read there! But i still didn’t change, usually i’m not active on major platforms.
    And your video “The art of stone balancing” is a true masterpiece! There have been over 20million views on it, but probably only one viewer is able to listen what the silence of thoughts reveals and hears the solution then, to try the impossible at the same time. This is so amazing!

    I think, this all could be worth to make a book of, at some day in future. Or it could be a movie even. Potential would be there already, that for sure! Jonna you are a unbelievable good creator. Thank you 🙂

    Hope it’s still before midnight, right now…
    Hugs to you all!

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