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I want to begin this post by saying THANK YOU for all the beautiful comments in my previous post, which was my first blogpost ever on this new site. I felt quite nervous with the new website and the new blog. So it made me so happy to see that so many liked both the new website and the blog. And it was wonderful to see so many familiar names in the comment section.

I guess new beginnings are not always easy. It’s sometimes scary to let go of the known, and jump right into something new without knowing how it’s going to turn out. At least that’s how I felt back and forth this whole summer.
And letting go of my old blog and start this new one was like leaving my baby behind. But sometimes you have to remind yourself that, actually, we are going to have to leave behind everything in our life some day. Holding on too hard to the past can sometimes be more painful than letting go. And I believe it can often make us unhappy when we feel like we have to stay with the past just because it feels more safe and known. It comes in the way for our life to evolve and for us to try new things. 


I’m so happy now as I just realized that writing this new blog (and in English instead of Swedish) still feels so much the same as before. Because, I was not going to write a long blogpost now, I was just going to share my latest video. BUT, just by sitting down and start writing a post opens up something in me, and suddenly I have SO much to share that I didn’t know about. And I often felt like that when I was writing my old blog. 
And I wasn’t sure if I would feel the same now. But I did, and I am very thankful for that. 

Ok, but enough writing for now! 🙂 
Now I will share my latest YouTube video, which is like a big summary of the whole summer and everything thats been happening and what we have been working on. 

If you have not already seen it, I hope you will enjoy it!  MUCH love to all of you! ♥️

21 thoughts on “My latest video

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Jonna ,
    New beginnings are sometimes a bit heavy but at the end you can see that it was it worth it. Your last video was very beautiful and inspiring. They always bring a big happy feeling into my heart .
    Have a nice day !

    • Deep Kiran says:

      Hi Jonna,
      Actually, I am your new youtube subscriber. Let me tell you how I got bumped into your channel. A week ago I was just scrolling down the YouTube and I saw a video named ” The art of balancing stones” and I watched it. Also I checked your YouTube channel now I am loving your every video. I don’t know why YouTube recommended me to watch your video but I just wanna thank to YouTube for getting to you.
      Your last video is incredible. I really enjoyed watching it.
      With love,

  2. Ida says:

    Hej Jonna!

    Älskade videon, så himla stämningsfull och fin! Jag hittade dig ganska nyligen på youtube och har sedan i somras haft som vana att se en av dina videos varje morgon när jag dricker kaffe, himla mysigt. Liksom många andra har det här året varit ganska kämpigt för mig, men dina lugna och supervackra videos har varit en av de saker som inte gjort mig orolig eller stressad, utan lugn och glad. Så tack för att du delar med dig av allt det vackra du skapar och av ditt liv!

    Ha det fint <3 /Ida

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Åhh men tack Ida för din fina kommentar! Blir så himla glad!
      Ja det här året har verkligen tagit rekordet på många sätt och vis.
      Det värmer att höra att mina videor kunnat skänka lite lugn ♥️ Tusen, tusen tack!

      / Jonna

  3. Manon says:

    I’m so happy to read you again!
    I’ve read all the posts you wrote on your previous blog (I used Google to translate), I love everything you do!
    I can’t wait for the next things you’re planning.
    Love you <3

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Thank you so much Manon for still wanting to read my blog!!
      That makes me really happy 🙂 And thank you for your beautiful words!

      Much love to you! ♥️

  4. Nathaline says:

    Oavsett om du bloggar på svenska eller engelska så är jag glad att du fortfarande vill blogga, Dina youtube videos är magiska men så är även dina bilder och ditt sätt att skriva. Hade varit så tråkigt om du slutat helt.

    För 6 veckor sedan fick min älskade Bonzo somna in. Han var 15 år gammal och hade funnits vid min sida i mer än halva mitt liv. Dessa veckorna utan honom har varit fruktansvärda. Vissa dagar är enklare än andra men tårarna vill aldrig sluta rinna. Även om jag vet att vi fattade rätt beslut så äter saknaden upp mig levande. Vissa stunder vill jag inte ens leva längre för jag vill bara vara med honom. Jag tror du kan förstå hur jag menar då du och Nanook har samma starka band som jag och Bonzo hade. Det blir speciellt när man arbetar hemifrån och man alltid är tillsammans. Dina videos hjälper mitt hjärta i min sorg. Jag kan inte förklara hur men du ska veta Jonna att det du skapar är viktigt.

    • Iza says:

      KRAM! Tråkigt att behöva ta beslut att ta bort sin bästa vän. Verkligen, hoppas du får tid att läka och sörja som man bör, men det kommer alltid göra ont på samma gång. Varma kramar till dig! Var rädd om dig. / Iza

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Åh det verkligen skar i mitt hjärta av att läsa dina kommentar…blir alldeles tårögd.
      Blir så ledsen o höra att din älskade vän inte finns med dig längre. Kan inte ens förställa mig sorgen du går igenom nu.
      Det är helt ofattbart. Bara tanken av att Nanook inte skulle finnas mer får mig att vilja skrika inombords.

      Tack för att du orkade skriva och dela dina känslor. Du anar inte vad det värmer i hjärtat av att höra att mina videor kan vara till liten hjälp mitt i all sorg. Tack fina du ♥️ Skickar dig världens största kram.

  5. Gre Abaca says:

    I am looking forward for your new videos on youtube. The first time I watched your kulning video shared in Facebook, I got curious about your life and your love for nature. You are so lucky and blessed to live in a very beautiful part of the world. It was always my dream to see the Northern lights, seeing your videos makes me feel closer to them though I am thousand miles away from it. Sending love from one of fans here in PH.?

  6. Melianna says:

    I enjoyed watching that new vlog so much Jonna :). We started a second lockdown in France and I miss nature so much…
    And it makes me so happy that you are writing blog posts again.
    I really needed to “hear” what you just wrote. It’s so true that sometimes we are holding on old patterns, old lifestyles because it feels more safe and known but it’s good to let go of the past and experience new things. I need to keep that in mind for the next few months since I have big decisions to make.
    Thank you and sending lots of love from France !

  7. OfirSara says:

    Hi Jonna..
    My sister somehow got to tell me about you yesterday.. since then Im kind of exploring this website.. your youtube.. and basicly you. Part of me wish to stand by your side.. to learn for you everything.. you are a true inspiration.. its like somehow im watching an older version of me living the life that i wish i had.. Im 20 years old.. living in Israel and just getting out of the army.. starting my life and dont have a single clue how..
    I love music, photografy and art too.. (as i said older version of me).. and i just know this things have to stay in my life because its part of me. Its kind of scary to be in that position. Of the unknown..
    And i just hope i can learn from you.. how to injoy the little things..like the stars and the nature that i hope to meet some day. To take a breath and embrais the changes that happaning in me and around me because its good..
    I feel inspaierd already.. i feel like i have a new friend.. and i just want to thank you..
    Thank you~

  8. Noah Hogan says:

    Hi Jonna,

    How’re you, Johan, & EVERYONE else in you life?!!!? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your stories & vlogs, & now I REALLY want to meet you & Johan, because I can NOW tell that you & Johan have REALLY BIG hearts!!! Keep being AWESOME; & I’ll see you two someday when I visit Vaesternorrland!!!

  9. Barry Masters says:

    Hi Jonna,
    I have just viewed your wonderful jewellery and paintings.
    They are all exquisite and unique.
    I have two suggestions for you or maybe questions.
    Will you be making jewellery for men in the future and the others is a calendar.
    Calendars are extremely popular and I know if you did a calendar of your beautiful self with your wonderful taste in clothing in your amazing landscapes, you would be on to something really big.
    Instincts tell me to mention this to you.
    Kind regards
    Barry Masters

  10. Julia says:

    I agree with you completely. So many times this year I have realized how many bad habits I have that are keeping me chained to the past as I try to move forward. Once I realized that I needed to restructure my thinking, life started becoming easier and more natural.

  11. Maddie says:

    Hi Jonna. First off, I hope you’re doing well during this crazy time. I just bought a piece of jewelry from your Jewelry collection – the Swedish knot necklace to be exact. I bought it as a holiday gift/early birthday present for myself. I can’t wait to receive it! I am very inspired by everything you do. You’re an incredible photographer, videographer, painter, storyteller, and the list goes on. In other words, your talents are endless. You’re inspiring, not just to me, but many people, to get outside and breathe in the fresh air and live in the moment as much as possible. I will continue to watch your videos for as long as you make them. Enjoy and happy holidays!

  12. Ignat Konstantinov says:

    Dear friends in Art, Jonna & Johan, words can hardly express my sincere gratitude for pulling me out of my post traumatic depression with your amazing personalities, friendly blog, magical music and so much more. Since my wife Konstantina left for Valhalla in 2018, I do my best to continue the legacy of our collaborative art tandem KONKONS, still working together with her from two different realms. You can’t imagine how many similarities we have – the mixed media, the use of natural substances, the inspiration from Nature , even our every morning ” Twist again”! Just like Jonna’s father this is my first year in retirement and I can dedicate to painting and to Konstantina’s Mom Liliyanna. We both love you fiercely!
    Also I want to ask your permission to use your music ( Summer Solstice, Wolf Song, Song of the Earth…) in our upcoming KonKons Retrospectacular show in Richmond, Virginia, May 24th, 2021. Although we are Bulgarian-born American artists our passion is Norse Mythology. Please, let me know is this possible, of course your name will be there. To know that there are humans like you is my best X-mas gift!
    With KonKons compliments and artful blessings,
    Ignat Konstantinov

  13. Volker Menz says:

    Hey Jonna, I don’t know what else to say. What a magic, what a composition. Every part of this video embodies your soul, your pure spirit. I have never seen anything so beautiful, charming. I feel deeply devoted in everything you do. And it’s my dedication and my feeling as a viewer of your video to be a small part of it. Thank you very much, Volker
    Hej Jonna, ich weiß ja gar nicht was ich noch sagen soll. Was für ein Zauber, was für eine Komposition. Jedes Teil dieses Videos verkörpert deine Seele, deinen reinen Geist. Ich habe so etwas schönes, bezauberndes noch nicht gesehen. Ich fühle tiefe Hingabe in allem was du tust. Und es ist meine Hingabe und mein Fühlen als Zuschauer deines Videos ein kleiner Teil davon sein zu dürfen. Vielen lieben Dank- Volker

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