I have felt a strange longing for writing lately. I’ve actually been thinking about writing more blogposts again for the past year.
But since I haven’t done a post in what feels like an eternity it feels so hard to write a first one. I don’t really know how to start or what to say.
But I know that as fast as I sit down and start writing something and then click on post, that “wall” I’ve built up around making a first blogpost will be teared down. It’s always the hardest before we take that first step.

I feel like I’m writing out in the black void. As if it’s 4 billion years since my last blogpost and earth is no longer existing and nobody hears me haha. That’s how strange it feels to write a blogpost again. This part of the internet feels like something ancient now.
Who spends time reading blogposts now days when everything is suppose to go so fast and make a lot of noise to gain our attention and to keep us scrolling and looking for the next shot of dopamine?
In a time when everything moves so fast, and social media changes in ways that makes me feel a bit lost sometimes, it just feels so nice to sit here and write, in this empty space.

A blogpost doesn’t make any noise.
It’s not trying to be seen or read. It’s just there for those who want to take part of.
Like the flowers in a field.
You can stop and smell them if you want or just walk past them.
I like that.

So this will be my first blogpost in a long time and I have no idea if my inspiration to write and make blogposts will stay but I will just leave it like this now. Without any pressure. I do hope that I will continue with making blogposts now, since I really feel like I need it in some strange way.

So hello there, whoever will be reading this. And welcome back to my blog!
I decided to share some photos of a roadtrip I just did the past week. After a half year of renovations on my new art studio I really needed to get away and charge up my batteries a little bit, and going to the mountains in the north without any time schedule our plans, that is among the things that brings me most joy in the entire world! In that freedom I feel like myself.

So maybe this roadtrip to the north is what actually inspired me to finally make this first blogpost! I think so.

In a lot of ways I feel like I’m just about to start a new chapter in my life. Not that a lot will change in my life, just that the “feeling” around things will change to the better. Like an upgrade.
Or maybe it’s because I will soon move into my new art studio that for some reason feel like one of the best things that ever happened in my life.
Something I been dreaming about ever since I moved to the woods and started my creative path in life. That is definitely a huge upgrade in my life and I have a feeling that it will bring so many new good things into life.

Anyway, I think I will just post this now before I change my mind haha!
Looking forward to the next time that I will sit down with a cup of tea and just let my hands write whatever my heart wants to express.
That is such a beautiful feeling.

Big hugs to all of you out there! ♥

68 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. Eliness says:

    Hi Jonna, I’m so glad to see light peeking through the windows of your virtual home! We, readers and bloggers, are still here 🙂 Maybe more hidden because of the noise of larger platforms that has become overwhelmingly dominant – but the secret little gardens of the internet are still alive and blooming, cultivated with as much love as ever. A blog is like a welcoming refuge that you can decorate and populate as you wish without pressure – a sanctuary that a social network could never replace. So, welcome home 🙂

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Thank you Eliness for your beautiful words. You describe the blogworld so accurate.
      I’m so glad it’s still here. And that people like you still take the time to read and write ♥️
      Maybe there will come a time when more people feel like “coming home” again, when the world gets to noisy and
      the social media just drains us of energy.

      Sending you tons of love ♥️

  2. Shannon says:

    It’s kinda funny that I just wanted to check your blog today, the day that you wrote this- to see if there was anything new. The universe brings us places sometimes that are unexpected and look at the reward for me checking in today! Thank you for sharing your beautiful messages and photos- I am very excited for you and the next chapter – having an art studio is a dream I also share. Sending love.

    • Anja says:

      Same here, I was craving some more of Jonna’s content and came here to read some of her old beautiful blog posts and just stumbled across this one!

      Thank you Jonna for this and it’s so true in what you say, we are always in a rush. It’s so nice to sit and read what’s in your heart. Thank you so much!

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Wow what a timing that you checked my blog the same day as I wrote the post!! As if it was meant to be!! ♥️
      Thank you for checking in here again. Sending you lots of love!

  3. Hana says:

    Hi Jonna,
    First of all thank you for this post, and mainly for what you do and continue doing! You are living your dream while many just ‘dream’ about it (including me, haha).
    Keep going, Jonna :). You have a very wide audience that eppreciate the beauty, calmness, and inspiration of your videos/ posts :).
    Wish only the best, Hana

  4. Pia Sjöstedt says:

    Hej Jonna! Vad kul att du hittat tillbaka till bloggen, jag är en av dom som gillar att läsa och föredrar bloggar framför video, så jag blevså himla glad när jag såg att du bloggat. Fortsätt gärna med det 😊
    Blev väldigt förtjust i din jämförelse mellan blogg och äng: A blogpost doesn’t make any noise.
    It’s not trying to be seen or read. It’s just there for those who want to take part of.
    Like the flowers in a field.
    Så fint och något jag tar med mig.

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Tack Pia! Så glad att du tittade in här! ♥️
      Jag ser verkligen fram emot att fortsätta blogga. Inser hur mycket jag saknat det.
      Förstår varför många föredrar att läsa bloggar.

      Och vad glad jag blir att du gillade liknelsen.
      Stor kram ♥️

  5. Taylor says:

    Jonna! What a beautiful blog post! I found myself here to reread old ones for the first time, as others have mentioned as well, and was so excited to see a new one! haha. Sending you much love from southern Maine!

  6. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    When I found you blog years ago I was amazed how many profoundly deep thoughts it contained. This wasn’t something one would expect from a person who hadn’t done much spiritual study before. I saw it as a silent flow of Universal Intelligence inspiring your thought. This Intelligence
    resides at the very core of everyone but is rarely recognized. In your case its accelerated flow was triggered by spiritually very advanced goal you chose for yourself: inspiring others. I was very familiar with this flow, however, in my case its trigger wasn’t inspiring others. It was my absolute determination to find the reasons for and to ultimately resolve my existential suffering.

    I see your blogging as a form of meditation, only better. When you sit in front of a computer, switch off outside distractions and focus on writing,
    you connect with a guidance of an Intelligence that created this whole manifest reality. It is my opinion that you need not only write, but deeply contemplate what you wrote. Your Spirit needs this guidance and inspiration like your body needs oxygen.

    Undoubtedly, you have a job to do: inspiring others. You have been endowed with many talents to make this happen. It is your duty to use them
    for the benefit of all creation. But you need to know how to do your job right. This question, what one talks about to four and a half million people,
    you really need to direct to the Intelligence that resides at your very core, and alertly wait for answers to bubble up.

    As a general rule one can perhaps put it like this. Your subscribers love watching your vlogs because they make them feel good. Your vlogs are. form of transmission of high frequency spiritual energy. They consume it and, most of them, return to their old frequency to come back for more inspiration from you. This is really a form of an addiction. They need to learn to find the source of high frequency energy within themselves. Do you know this expression ? Give a man a fish and he will eat it and come back for more. But give him a fishing rod and there is a good chance that he will learn how to fish himself.

    When you stopped blogging and an amount of subscribers to your YouTube channel started growing exponentially, I felt concerned. History of
    mankind is full of charismatic figures who attracted a large following and then collapsed under the pressure to deliver and took a big tumble.
    Look at your idol Avicii. Luckily, you live a clean life far away from the vices of big cities and have a great support system in form of your family
    and friends. Still, striving to satisfy so many followers may cause a big drain of your energy. From certain perspective you got yourself 4.5 million
    of little vampire bats chasing you, ready to suck up every ounce of your energy in order to feel better. This is another reason why you need
    a connection with an inexhaustible source of all energy through your blogging.

    Quantum physics confirms it. Waves of energy emerge from a seemingly unknown source, appear to our senses as particles, dance around
    for a while and disappear back into it. This source is not unknown, it is a Pure Consciousness residing at our very core. Consciousness itself is not
    an energy but all the energy emerges from it. Have you heard about a hugging saint from India Mātā Amritānandamayī Devī. She transmits
    spiritual energy through hugging people almost 24/7. She hardly sleeps, eats, drinks, goes to the bathroom but her energy is inexhaustible.
    What is her goal ? To spread Love. This is not different from inspiring others, is it ?

    This is how I see the importance of writing a blog for you. Whether you choose to continue blogging or not remember that it is your own spiritual
    evolution, your energetic, mental and spiritual condition that matters most. During pre-flight safety instructions, in case of an emergency, parents are asked to put on oxygen masks themselves first, and then put them on their children. This may initially sound very counterintuitive
    to many people but the logic of this instruction is obvious. Lots of love.

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Thank you for taking the time to share these interesting thoughts and perspectives!
      Sending lots of love ♥️

      • Hrafna-Flóki says:

        Thank you. It is my pleasure and joy to write these comments. There is so much more to it than meets the eye
        on the surface. I doubt that you always have full memory of what the mystical, astral Jonna 🧝‍♀️ does during her out-of-body/astral travel experiences. You could be a little surprised. 😲😊

  7. Sweetpea in France says:

    So exquisitely beautiful in thoughts, photographs, mountains, snow, ice, beauty on more than a road trip…a drive to freedom. Thank you for the gentle

  8. Mika San says:

    I follow you on YouTube but have never read a blog of yours, or anyone’s for that matter. But today I felt compelled to look on your website! I was pleasantly surprised to see you just posted a few days ago!!! How lucky am I

  9. Frida O says:

    Hej Jonna, gick in här av en slump idag och blev så enormt glad när jag såg ditt nya inlägg. Hoppas du fortsätter skriva med jämna mellanrum. Älskar dina videos och Instagram inlägg/storys men det är något speciellt med att få läsa blogginlägg.

    Men känn ingen press på dig själv att du måste fortsätta skriva utan låt det komma om det vill. ❤️

  10. LARS 8463 says:

    Godmorgon Jonna !!!
    Sitter i soffan ,vilar fötterna, kliar myggbett.
    Efter nattens vedkubb bärande.
    Läst långsamt, stillsamt, eftertänksamt.
    Efter miljarder år av skriven tystnad
    Du kan fortfarande skriva, din “knasboll”
    Och om jag var omgiven, använde, fick
    lika många ord som du.
    Skulle ordförrådet på min planet stå tomt.
    Så glad att ditt förråd är större.
    För när du får lust att glänta på dörren
    Kan jag sitta här i soffan.
    Läsa långsamt, stillsamt, eftertänksamt.

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Åhh Lars, TAAAAACK!! ♥️
      Tack för allt. För dina ord på papper och på skärmen.
      Har velat tacka dig så länge, men inte vetat hur.
      Och så dök du upp här igen. Blev så innerligt glad!!

      Jag skulle kunna fortsätta blogga bara för att få ta del av dina tankar.
      Jag slutar aldrig att förundras. Och din humor! Och ditt minne!
      Vet inte vad jag ska säga. Är bara så glad att du finns och att du fortfarande
      gick in här på bloggen som ekat tomt så länge.

      Hoppas du mår bra!!
      Skickar en STOR KRAM till dig!
      Tack igen ♥️

      • LARS 8463 says:

        Godmorgon Jonna
        Vilar i soffan, i ljudet av regn.
        Läst långsamt, stillsamt, eftertänksamt.
        Även om du, inte visste vad du
        skulle säga.
        Det jag hörde, gav känslan.
        GLAD! att jag är en klok tok?
        Som mår bra!

  11. Ebba Eskilsson says:

    Hej Jonna!
    Vilken härlig överraskning med ett blogginlägg från dig! Jag är en av dom (jag antar att vi är många) som med jämna mellanrum går in på din gamla blogg och läser och minns tillbaka. Jag kan minnas var i livet jag själv var när jag läste dina inlägg och längtade efter den vardag du visade upp. Jag bodde i en lägenhet mitt i centrum av en stor stad och längtade ut. 2019 gick flyttlasset och jag har inte ångrat mig en sekund! Stor kram!

  12. Alexandra says:

    Hei Jonna!
    Thank you for being here again! Sometimes I think that I would like to have a newsletter from you (it’s popular nowadays, as our email box is the only thing we can somehow control haha), and today I just had a feeling I shold check your blog – and you are here! Happy returning to the words – we are here for your messages <3

  13. Angelina says:

    Dear Jonna,

    two days ago I was checking your old blog and your videos on youtube after months! And then I thought to come hear on this website of your blog and with great surprise I saw this so recently article of yours. I was very happy!

    You have inspired me so much to leave Athens and come in the mountains, mount Mainalo specifically. I also have my own blog (https://angelinahelioti.com) to share with people the beauty of mountainous Greece and my experience of living here.

    Hope you are doing well. Hugs to you from Greece!!

  14. Melanie says:

    I spent the last year reading every blog post and watching every video of you, Jonna. 🙂 What an Odyssey, haha. I was very surprised and happy to see a new blog post, your content NEVER disappoints me. On the contrary, you are my main inspiration regarding achieving my goal in living in the Swedish countryside, together with my husband. And I have to say that this dream will soon be a reality. <3 When I first discovered you a few years ago, I occasionally watched you, but you often went away from my radar, because yeah, Youtube has a way of turning your focus away to many other things. Then last year in November I somehow got a video of yours recommended and I don't know what happened, but it awakened something in me? All those years in my 20s searching for a place in this world, to find a meaning of all this. It's like my mind was enlightened, I don't know how to say it properly. 😀 I just KNEW now what my purpose in life was supposed to be.
    I'm sure that many, many people felt the same way after getting to know you and your life and I'm very happy that you exist in our lives and that you left imprints in our souls. If I should somehow meet you one day, I would really, really like to give you (and Nannook) a BIG hug. I own several pieces of your jewelry (Nordic Sky necklace, the Wild Ring and necklace, and the Rimfrost Ring) and I wear them almost daily, as a reminder to follow my dreams and to feel connected to nature.
    So see you soon, Jonna, here or on Youtube. <3 I wish you and your family all the best!

  15. David says:

    Hehe my wife loves your vlogs and stuff, and I’m just co-addicted. But prefer texts.
    Keep on doing what you do, it’s so good quality in your work 👍🏻😀

  16. Dee says:

    “It’s not trying to be seen or read. It’s just there for those who want to take part of.” – Beautiful and wisdom filled words! Jonna, you really are an amazing woman…

  17. Julia O'Donovan says:

    I’m so happy to see a new blog post from you! I actually went onto your site and wondered when we’d see another post, and there it was! Oh my god I understand so much how you’re feeling about writing. It sometimes feels like I’m talking to no one, like as soon as I click “post” it flies off into the abyss never to be seen. But I love the way you described blog posts. They’re slow, unintrusive, and contemplative.
    It’s so crazy how much I relate to how you’re feeling. I also have been sensing a positive change or shift happening within me, like nothing huge or monumental is going to happen but it’s more about changing internally.
    I hope to see more blog posts from you soon! 💚

  18. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    I have always loved Nanook just like a human would love a dog. I noticed though, at least for a year, this feeling has started turning into something much deeper than that. I realized that I admire and revere him just like one would relate to a dear teacher. I think that Nanook teaches us all how to face an old age and death with an utmost peace and dignity.

  19. Haley says:

    Thank you to the inspired impulse that helped you to sit down and write this blog.
    Thank you to Jonna for writing it.
    Thank you to all who support her and this way of life.

    Lots of love & gratitude to you

  20. Katja 🐬 says:

    What a beautiful blog and I am also really enjoying the beauty of your website in general.
    I just came to say hi after your last video that inspired me so much. I was also renovating my granma’s house for the last year, with so much love. Its such a second state, a state of renovating, its also like alchemy, washing walls and old energies and turning them into all new.
    Now that I came to the end of it and woow I have to say i feel empty. Its ok. New chapter coming slowly and in its own time.
    I felt so connected to your thoughts about all of it. And there was something healing in the way you expressed all of it.
    Happy spreading of your wings, dear Jonna and I am joining that feeling as soon as I catch my breath.
    Big hugs from croatian coast,
    Katja ✨🌊✨

  21. Tiffany Dawn Smith says:

    What a happy surprise to see a new blog here. And you are right, Jonna, I feel this too that blogging has some kind of old magic to it. I miss those days of blogging. I hope you will continue to blog here like you used to, just simple little messages, and another blogger I would love to see return would be Rima Staines at intothehermitage.blogspot.com

    Sitting here reading your blog, I am whisked back to a decade ago, when life was different in so many ways. Growing and maturing is so crucial and surely the reason we are here to begin with, but there is also something so precious about the earlier innocence, the struggles we had then. I also like how much more sincere blogging like this is, not trying to sell or promote or *curate* a *feed* you know? I think keeping a blog like this is one of the most amazing things you could ever do, just imagine if you continued to add entries until the day you leave this life, what a treasure trove!

    Sending love to you, Jonna!


  22. Written by Tereza says:

    Hi Jonna!

    To be honest, I was missing your blog posts so badly! I follow you on Instagram and I always watch your videos on youtube, but there is just something cosy about blogging. It feels more authentic and personal somehow. I was missing your photographs too – I mean, in a bigger size!

    Im so happy you started blogging again!!! 🙂

    Have a beautiful summer!


  23. Sophie says:

    Glatt överraskad över att läsa ditt inlägg 🙂 Jag kommer från Dalarna och nästa vecka börjar min semester. Vi ska packa vår buss med ungar, hund och packning för en vecka och fara norrut. jag har aldrig varit längre upp än till Idre, och nu ska min man ta oss upp mot Kiruna och kanske ännu längre om vi orkar och hinner. Men en plats han pratar om att vi lär se är Abisko, och jag har googlat och sett bilder, och då när jag såg din bild här så ser det ju ut att vara de bergen i bakgrunden. Det ska bli spännande att se, om vi nu tar oss dit 🙂
    Tack för din inspiration och skapande, du är guld du – hälsningar från Dalarna

  24. Heather says:

    Hi Jonna,
    Welcome back to writing! There are many of us – like those who’ve already posted a comment above – who feel most deeply through the written word (or perhaps it’s the space between the words that means the most to us). Whichever it is – words or space – your voice is one that rings out true so thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    I watched your road trip video today and wanted to reach out. The story you told about the Mountains humming to you, for some reason, hit me very hard. When you said you felt a type of sadness there, something very very deep punched my stomach. Not in a bad, sinking feeling kind of way, but a kind of knowing below knowing – a knowing beyond words and I’ve been trying to work it out all day. I have two mountains I can see from my house and one day last year, in the quiet evening as I was walking home and looking at them, I had the sudden phrase come into my head: “the day the Mountains got up and walked” and I could almost see in my minds eye, two great beings rising up and standing tall against the sky. It was wild! And when you said you heard/felt a low vibration/humming, and felt some type of sadness, thinking about my own mountains, it flashed into my head that maybe the Mountain’s hum/song/vibration is like the drone in music – or IS the original drone to all music, making us see and feel things we didn’t know were there before. And maybe that sadness you picked up on was a type of emptiness or loneliness from them on our behalf.because we are all zooming around in our own human heads, worlds, dramas, devices, distractions, and have lost interest in some extraordinary music we aren’t even hearing anymore.
    Or maybe I’m reading too much into it and being far too kooky. Haha.
    Still, I think I’ll go ask my Mountains about it tomorrow evening and see if I get anything 🙂
    Love from Virginia, USA

  25. Tina says:

    “ A blogpost doesn’t make any noise.
    It’s not trying to be seen or read. It’s just there for those who want to take part of.
    Like the flowers in a field.
    You can stop and smell them if you want or just walk past them.
    I like that. ”

    I like that too.
    Maybe I should also write a blogpost again?
    Thank you for your beautiful words and the inspiration! <3
    Love from Germany

  26. Michelle says:

    I miss the good old days reading your blog posts with your everyday life pictures or images from your adventures. It has a different feel – slower of some kind and more personal. I found you first because of your blog, maybe it is a special space here for me because of that <3

  27. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    This picture: “The Mountains are calling” is one of your most favourite !!!! Wow. For me it is even more than that. It is the most profound and important picture you have ever taken. It is the only one I bought. I love all your photography but I am driven to keep my surrounding very spartan. But this picture stands out from all the others. Its grandeur and magnificence is overwhelming. This picture is an invitation. I see in it a fragile but courageous human being heroically answering and embracing the call of powerful forces of creation represented by towering mountains.

    Your recent commentary explains it all. What you hear is a primordial OM sound that creates the universe. Sound is a vibrating energy. It emerges
    from an ultimate source; pure, unlimited Consciousness, differentiates and the universe appears. Quantum physics confirms that this whole world is just an energy vibrating at different frequencies. OM sound is always present. When it stops the universe will disappear. Some areas are more conducive to sense it, depending on our state of consciousness. Obviously, person mostly preoccupied with daily survival will not recognize it.
    Cosmic sound OM is also called “Pranava” in Sanskrit. It means “to hum”, just as you name it.

    But Stora Sjöfallet is not the only place where you sense the OM sound. Remember, you wrote once that when you press your head against the ice
    on the lake, listening to its singing, you sense deep, low background sound. If I remember correctly you called it a song telling a story with an infinite number of threads. I guess, an ice sheet acts as a giant amplifier of OM sound.

  28. Paloma says:

    Dear Jonna, hi!
    It feels so good reading back from you. I loved reading your blog back then and still feel the same comforting vibe reading you now. I can totally relate to how you feel bout the speed and noise of the internet world. I have the same feeling about it, and in a way creating my newsletter has released the pressure that I felt from social media. I always prefer to play my own game, and I don’t feel like that is totally possible in these platforms unless I create stuff and post it in my own realm, if that makes any sense.

    Thank you for your last video, I’ve loved being taken on adventure. It was also so inspiring for my next roadtrip.
    Take good care,

  29. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    There are countless places around the world, like Stora Sjöfallet, where some people sense that the Divine comes close to the surface of the ordinary reality, just like hot lava from the volcano comes close to and heats the ground above. It makes perfect sense to expect that water flowing through these areas may have some special qualities as well.

    Maybe you have heard of dr.Masaru Emoto. He discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. Crystals formed in frozen water change when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. This is a scientific, disciplined, well documented research. There is a plenty of materials on this topic on the internet.

    There is an idea. Devise and perform a shamanic ritual over every bowl of water you give Nanook to drink. Remember, it is your state of consciousness that really matters here. Ritual only serves a purpose of invoking it. Visualize that every molecule of water turns into a bright star radiating love and healing, travelling straight to his aching joints restoring them. Support your visualization with your emotions. Your emotions can be very powerful indeed. Remember, clear intention plus strong emotions are secrets of manifestation.

    Perhaps add some water you collected from Silver Fall into a bowl. Invoke powerful Forces of Creation, that revealed themselves to you
    in the North of Sweden, to support your intentions.

    Respectfully explain your intentions to Nanook and ask for his permission to perform a ritual. I am sure that in his own way he will
    understand and agree to it. This may sound like a very strange idea but do not forget that the same Universal Spirit that animates our
    bodies and minds, animates his. The more we act from the place of Oneness, the more the whole Universe supports our endeavours.

    For this manifest reality to exist, Universal Spirit has to preserve its karmic coherence or it would collapse. We can not alter the rules
    of the game here, but within their limits we have huge ability to modify things, most of the people have no idea about. With that in mind
    roll your sleeves up, get to work and get shamanic healing “chit” done. 😊 Give it a good go anyway. 🧙‍♀️

  30. Sheri says:

    The things you say and the way you write is so familiar. And i’m from Australia, so far away. I sometimes wonder why it’s so hard to find like minded people here in every day life; I guess it is that there are alot of us around but just spread out all over the world. Man i’d love to hang out with some of you guys and have this kind of friend circle, all your readers Jonna are possibly quite similar in some way. but I am more of a lone wolf, probably like so many of you all. i love being alone in peace away from noise and peoples energy more than i can spare the time to cultivate deeper bonds and friendships, and with other life in the way, family, kids, there seems like no space is filled with friends. it’s one of the struggles of life. being with others can be so uplifting. And yet quiet peace is what i most deeply yearn for. And then i get lonely and sad that i have no one to talk to. ha. I am annoying. Tonight i came to your blog because i wanted to figure out how to find other blogs too.. and i have no idea. i wanted to find funny bloggers who write about their experience with menopause. I’m 42 and i think i am getting it because my period is weird and i am so extremely emotional and over the top that it is beyond normal. its like PMS on steroids. i dont know how i will survive this.

  31. Dreier says:

    Dear Jonna
    Americans often confuse little Switzerland with big Sweden. I am writing from Switzerland.
    I didn’t know your blog before. But your new film about the fascinating mountains of Sweden led me to your blog. Similar to the Lapporten in Sweden, we have a U in the mountains in Switzerland. It means: Sickle – Justital. Our Berg – U is very narrow, that in Sweden is very wide.
    Your wondrous personal experiences with the mountains prove your inspirations and works that followed. It lets me, as an outsider, see an awe-inspiring, (awe) beautiful, indescribable dimension. You can’t describe it with words.
    They are traits that have been lost and destroyed with all the human conquests.
    A portal? A gate? What will make people tremble again before what once called them into being?
    Your blog is even deeper. Every reader needs to calm down and quietly follow your beautiful words in their thoughts.
    Sorry my english might be weird. I translated German with google.
    Blessed are you and your entire family and all who support you.
    Greetings from Switzerland
    Stefan Dreier

  32. Lea says:

    Hey Jonna!! I am so glad you have returned, like so many others are as well. It is strange how life works…I was just watching an older video of yours where you speak about this very same “wall” that keeps us from doing the things we really want to do, things that we are passionate about and will help us grow. I am going through my very own journey of tearing down that wall and following my dreams. You are big inspiration and we are very fortunate to have you and your platform!!
    Much love, Lea.

  33. Giulia says:

    Dear Jonna, reading your blog brings me so much calm and joy at the same time, as much as watching your amazing videos. It brings me at the old/not that old times when social media were not such a huge thing and blogs were the classic place where we used to find amazing pictures and tips from people sharing their art or just their thoughts. This brings me some nostalgic feelings but also relief that there’s still someone who keeps preserving the “old ways” outside of the noise of social media. I am definitely going to follow your blog and thoughts and journey here (other than on Youtube) whenever you’ll feel to write something again✨

  34. Petra Klinger says:

    DEAR Jonna, it is the 4.8. and André and me Petra vom Germany are sitting in Grundtjärn on the hill , we are looking to the midnight lights 23:00 o clock. We cant believe it. Al is real in Grundtjärn. We are 5
    weeks on a roadtrip bei Van and this is our 39. Wedding bithday! The best day on the whole trip.We are speechless in the moment and full of breathtaking feelings to be here. Experiencing this Place makes us sooooooo happy. We follo you youtube from the beginning here in Grundtjärn. You are the most interesting and best Inspiration in the www. And now everything is real and even more valuable that you exist for us. We met your great mother and you kind dog. What a great experience, Wishing all the best to the whole family Petra und André P.S. will send a postcard from our trip !!

  35. Priscilla Von Sorella says:

    Absolutely love that I randomly checked your blog and it happened to have a new post by you. Yes this is such an ancient art in the world of media today, but there’s something so wholesome, intimate, and beautiful about blogging and I hope it comes back. Thank you for writing this it’s inspiring me to start my blog up again. You are always such an inspiration! 💓 Posting from Banff, Canada.

  36. Laura Hodgins says:

    Dear Jonna,
    I’m so happy to see a new post from you here on your blog. There is something personal, quiet and peaceful about a blog. Welcome back and thank you for sharing pieces of your beautiful life with us.
    Much love to you all from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

  37. Estin says:

    Hello Jonna ♥
    Thank you for blogging again.
    I am writing to tell you that I really look up to you.
    Reading your blog post somehow made me feel like you’re putting my thoughts into words that I never could.
    Watching your videos, hearing your voice (you have a very beautiful and soothing voice ♥), listening to your music, or the music you carefully chose for each video, just lights me up in a magical indescribable way.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating such beautiful content. It imprints within me. ♥

    Sending lots of love to you and your family ♥

  38. CommuniCaite says:

    Jonna! Thank you so so much for sharing your thoughts with us. I’ve recently come across your YouTube channel & have felt so at peace watching your videos, almost like a breath of fresh air! Which is something i have been needing so much of during this time of great transition in my life. I am in the midst of moving halfway across the world from the United States to England to be with my husband who lives there. Though it is very exciting, it is so much to take in all at once. I have felt a longing to escape the stress of it all & to be in nature more, but my lifestyle doesn’t leave much room to do so. That’s where your videos have helped me feel so much tranquility during these times! Your art & vision of the world is so beautiful & it really resonates through. I especially resonated with your New Path ring as it’s message hits right at home right now (sooo I may have totally decided to treat myself & bought it on impulse *hehe*) Looking forward to seeing where your new creative endeavors take you! <3

  39. Hrafna-Flóki says:

    My heartfelt congratulations on a grand opening of your sacred, creative space. ❤️

    You had a great intuition the other day that a dirty water pouring out from an old radiator in your studio was some kind of a symbol. It was a symbol and a sign that the Deity you worship, the Creative Aspect of the Universal Spirit, loves and is delighted to reside in a new Temple you had built for it. It just sends you a little reminder.

    Years ago I had begun noticing this seemingly strange process. I walk down the street. I see and admire a new, well designed house, nice
    yard. And there is an old, dilapidated house right next to it, neglected yard. And I see the same Beauty shining through both of them.
    How is that possible ? 🤔

    The essence of this process is expressed in these words: “yogi in samadhi does not see a difference between a lump of gold and excreta
    of a crow”. It is Existence itself that is beautiful. This is where all the Beauty comes from. On an absolute level Existence does not have
    any opposite. There isn’t such a thing as non-Existence because it would have to, well – exist.

    On a relative level of manifest reality, however, Existence has two aspects: creation and destruction. But essence of them both is one;
    constant transformation. This is how One, Eternal, Unchanging Existence manifests here.

    We have a tendency to call a creative aspect of Existence beautiful and a destructive one ugly because we are attached to our vehicles in this world, our physical bodies and don’t want them to vanish. Can you see through this attachment and recognize the Beauty
    that makes all relative beauty and ugliness beautiful ?

    Sometimes seeing The Absolute Beauty in relative ugliness can be heartbreaking in the same time. Can you see Beauty in Nanook’s
    old age ? Can you see Beauty in his Dignity. Of course, animals don’t have an intellect as developed as ours. They don’t have the ability
    to compare and judge their conditions. Nanook doesn’t think like: “Once i could run all over these fields and now I can not and this is
    not fair and life sucks”. He is the same happy and joyful Nanook he always was. This is why I consider him our great teacher.

    Can you see Beauty in a “creepy forest”. Can you relate to it with love, respect, curiosity rather than fear. Lots of things must have
    happened in these woods. It asks you to listen to its stories with understanding, acceptance and love so it can let go of them
    and find peace.

    As a matter of fact I don’t need to ask all these questions. You already answered them years ago in your short video: “The Autumn teach us how beautiful it can be to let go”. Do you remember ?

  40. Silia Kontothanasi says:

    Hey Jonna!!!

    I have been following your beautiful journey for the past 3 to 4 years. Just before covid and quarantine came into our lives, that’s when I found your Youtube channel and heard about that Blog, a period of your life that I hadn’t known.

    Back then, I guess, you could be a little more yourself and the pace of life would be slower and everyday life might be more difficult but simple!

    I was looking for this carelessness today, this simplicity and purity and that’s why I looked for your Blog. I was looking for exactly what you mention, a world away from fancy social media, away from the “How to impress” mind set.

    So thank you for being here, for inspiring us with your journey, for giving us courage and strength!!

    Finally, thank you for sharing with us the Magic of Nature through your beautiful pictures, as for someone who lives in a big city, it is difficult to see it and feel it. To me you are like Tinkerbell, a little fairy who decided to take pictures of her fairy house!!

    I wish you all the best and may all of your family, friends and all of you guys who read this comment have a wonderful day!!

    Sending you all my love from Athens ,Greece!!✨💕

  41. Mélanie says:

    Thank you for sharing parts of your soul with us. It brings peace to my heart everytime I watch or read something from you. I really enjoy reading your blogpost. I miss that side of social media a lot. You’re really inspiring and I wish someday I will be able to follow my creativity a lot more. I am an Artist but so full of self doubt.. and when I watch you or read from you, it gives me the urge to do something creative in a free way and I appreciate that. Thank you for that. I send you a lot of love. 💛

  42. Janina says:

    Ååh, vad glad jag blir över att du börjat blogga igen! Försöker hålla mej undan sociala medier så mycket jag kan, men din youtubekanal följer jag, och ett par bloggar. Det känns som att efter allt ändlöst scrollande blir kvar med en slags rastlös tomhet, men efter ett välgjort blogginlägg känner man sig nöjd och lugn, redo att fortsätta sin dag. Ibland behöver man hjälp att sakta ner lite. Tack för allt du delar med dej av ♥️ önskar dej en fin fortsättning på hösten!

  43. Maria says:

    Hi Jonna, I love this so much! This is exactly how I feel about life lately. I wish I could filter through the noise of the things that are trying to get my attention to be seen and just focus on the quiet things, the things that are just there for me to decide whether to ingest them or not. I miss just sitting down and reading blogposts with a cup of tea the way I used to. Thank you for trying this out again. I hope you continue to find the inspiration to write <3

  44. Alies says:

    I love the stillness of this too, on a autumn morning i’m spending with a hot cup of tea and some candles lit.

    I hope you keep finding joy in writing, i certainly find joy in reading it.

    Lots of love!

  45. Lill says:

    “A blogpost doesn’t make any noise.
    It’s not trying to be seen or read. It’s just there for those who want to take part of.
    Like the flowers in a field.
    You can stop and smell them if you want or just walk past them.
    I like that.”


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