My very first post

So I guess this is the very first beginning of my new blog. I would lie if I said that it doesn’t feel strange to write I blogpost here now. But it feels good. Like closing a 10 year old chapter in my life and starting on a new one. 

It’s the same feeling as I have every year in January when I go and buy myself a new calendar. Even if it feels a little bit hard to let go of the old one that you’ve been carrying around every single day for a year, it is something very refreshing about just letting go of the old and let yourself start on something completely new. To cut off the strings attached to your past that actually no longer serves you. 

I really believe that we need to do that once in a while. No matter how frightening and uncomfortable it sometimes can be. 
Just as in nature, we and our life is also in cycles. 
And I believe this is a beginning of a new one in my life.
Thank you for being part of that.

In my old blog there is 2926 blogposts published, all the way from 10 years back in my life. And I have decided to leave that blog just the way it is, so that it will always be available to read if someone wants to go back in time.

I feel so much love for that blog, as if it was my baby. 
It’s not only the most beautiful documentation I have of my life during these 10 years. It’s also where I found my path to creativity. 
I first thought my blog would just be some kind of online diary where I would share my new life in Grundtjärn to my family and friends back in the city.
But through that blog I found my passion in life. I quickly fell in love with photography and storytelling.
Making people feel something through my photos or texts. 
That became so important to me. 

My blog-readers inspired me to keep doing what I love, and to continue to evolve and find new ways to express myself. 
And even though my life and work today is not centered around my blog as it was before, it all started there, and it lead me to my dream; to be able to work fulltime with the things I feel passionate about. 

So to all of you “old friends” from my old blog who reads this; thank you, thank you, thank you! 
You were all a big part of my journey, and I can’t even describe in words how important you were for me. Thank you for all the time you spent on writing me comments with uplifting words and beautiful compliments about my photos, texts and videos.
It meant more than you know ♥️

So now, new and old readers, welcome to my new blog! 
I really look forward to continue blogging again, even if it’s not going to be as often as I did back in time.
But there is definitely something different with writing, and reading. Once in a while I really appreciate to sit down and write. It’s something very…calm about it.

I can spend several minutes to just write one sentence, to make it just the way I want and really find the right words to describe what I mean from my heart. When talking, I have to express myself much faster. 
And I guess both are good in different ways.

The hardest blogpost is now made; the first one.

I guess it will take a little time to feel like home in here. Not only for me, but maybe also for you. 
It’s like we moved into a whole new house. 
But after some time I am sure it will feel even better than before. 

It’s still a week left until this website is live, so as I publish this blogpost now nobody will see it until next week. Can’t wait! 🙂 

Thank you so much for reading my very first post in here! 
And I hope you will enjoy the new website/blog/webshop! 

Talk to you all soon! ♥️
Much love 
/ Jonna

112 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Rosina Espig says:

    Aww I hope you’re now able to relax and go on a long, long hike before the forest is covered with snow which is making it hard to walk ❤️ Or to lay around on the sofa without feeling bad or guilty. I really hope that the new webbshop will serve it’s purpose and make sure that your not going to get totally stressed out, even when you get many orders… But what I can definitely say is that your new website is so beautiful that I enjoy scrolling through it even without the intention to buy something. You guys have managed it to create a whole piece of art… ✨

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Ohh dear Rosina, you have no idea how happy I was to read this comment from you. I almost wanted to cry haha. It felt like getting a big hug from a friend.
      My mom actually called me and said “Jonna you got a first comment on your blog now, and its SO BEAUTIFUL!!” ?
      I have been so “shaky” and a little bit nervous all day now because the site is live and in some way it feels so strange that its now up for people to see. It feels like we’ve been building a boat for two years and its now time to release it out on the ocean to see if it will float ?

      But to hear these beautiful words really made my day. Especially since they came from you ♥️
      Thank you so much Rosina! I hope to talk to you more soon!
      Much love!
      / Jonna

      • Fatima Ishaq says:

        I want to read your all blogpost. I couldn’t find….I love your videos your way of expressing feelings toward changing seem peaceful to mind…. please tell me how can I read your all blogpost.

    • Nicole says:

      Dear jonna♡
      I’ve been following your blog for so long and I’ve always noticed the difference between your writing styles, which I’ve always admired. I always noticed how much love you and Johan put into your shop and blog. It’s so nice to see how much heart and soul you both put into it. I love reading your blog, it always feels like I’m there live with you . I love your personal writing style!
      oh and your new collection is wonderful, i will order something next month!
      ( i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes
      in this text, i come from germany and my keyboard always wants to convert the texts into german)
      Take all the Times you neues
      Have a nice evening!

  2. Petra says:

    Dear, dear Jonna (and Johan & family), congratulations on your beautiful website! Your jewelry collection looks amazing! I can only imagine what a relief it must have been to finally push the ‘publish’ button after two years of hard work. I’m Dutch and moved to Sweden 3,5 years ago. I live with my boyfriend and son in the wilderness of Dalarna. Not as remote as where you live, but from where I come from it’s a big change. Now and then I’m having a hard time, building a new life in a new country, far away from friends and family. But everytime I watch your videos I’m moved to tears and it makes me feel so proud to live in this wonderful country. You have such an amazing talent in showing the beauty of nature, thank you for that. I think you’re a really beautiful person. I can tell you put a lot of love and effort in everything that you do, that’s why you are so succesfull. But what I love the most about you is that you just stay ‘you’. You’re pure and authentic. I’m wishing you lots of success in everything that you do Jonna, Much love, Petra

  3. Moa says:

    So happy you have a blog again, I like your vlog as well but as you say in a different way. Hope you continue to find your inspiration. I find you very inspiring!

  4. Jessica says:

    I love this entire web shop. Everything g is so easy to use & locate.
    I know you all have worked so hard on this. I’m excited to order another piece of jewelry soon.

  5. Jimmy Utterström says:

    The new website looks really great and I wish you the best going forward towards new experiences and exciting adventures.

  6. Kitty van Dijk says:

    Congratulations on your new website, it looks amazing! I am so glad that you are all finished and can finally breathe again. All of your hard work has paid off, and now you can just enjoy it! Change and new beginnings are always scary, but if we never change, we aren’t really living, are we? I think it’s beautifully poetic that after 10 years you are starting fresh, sort of like a phoenix starting a new life cycle. I am very much looking forward to seeing what emerges from the next 10 years. Change is amazing fuel for the creative spirit!

    Also I loved what you said about how different it feels putting your thoughts into writing. I always express myself better through the written word, and I love to write in general, whereas when I’m talking I feel like my brain is moving faster than my mouth and I can never get out the words that I mean to say. It’s refreshing when you can sit and slow your brain down so you can get your thoughts out the way you really want to say them ❤️

    I hope you, Johan, and your family are all doing well, and congratulations again!

  7. [email protected] says:

    Dear Jonna and Johan,

    for the last couple of days I checked the homepage nearly every hour to see if it is online. Finally today I checked again at half past 10 and there it was. Oh my god. I freaked out. I immeadiately bought the armcuff that I wanted for the longest time. It was the fastest order I’ve ever placed because I have so much worries that it would sold out really quick.

    Congratulations on your new beautiful website. It makes so much fun to surf around and read all the beautiful words, look at the pictures and your artwork. You both are the nicest persons I “know”. You are the reason why I wanted to visit Sweden so badly. But for now I have some jewelry to begin with, something from you, something which comes from your hands and have your spirit and good energy in it.

    To watch your videos are so calming and soulhealing. Whenever I feel a bit of a depression coming over me, I walk into the forest with my dog Nala and then rush to youtube to watch your videos. I can’t describe how it touches my soul. Some years ago a made a genetic test and the result was that I’m 60% Skandinavian. Maybe this is the reason why I feel so at home when I see the Swedish Nature. You have such an extraordinary ability to show the world the beauty of nature, the power source of mother earth. So much people are in need of that. 2 Million followers prove that you are on the right path. Keep going.

    I wish you all the best.

    With much love,

  8. Joanna van der Hoeven says:

    Jonna, thank you so much for your inspiration, for sharing what is in your heart and for showing us the beauty that surrounds us each and every moment. I’ve followed your story for years, and I am so glad that you are where you are in your life right now, happy and successful (and Johan too!). Sending you much love from Suffolk East Anglia, UK. xoxo

  9. Ana Montes says:

    Oh Jonna! Now I have to congratulate you here too. And Johan as well! The design of the new website is so clean, and I was wondering how did you manage to make it feel so warm and welcoming with such clean and cold colors. That takes real talent!
    What else can I say, I’m completely and helplessly in love with your jewelery. Time to save up every penny I get to have the collection of my dreams!
    I wish you guys the best. I’m sure you will have the greatest time coming now that you finished this project ? You both really deserve it.

    Love, Ana

  10. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    So happy for you Jonna! And the whole family. Building such a website project is a long road and may you be blessed with much success and love in this new home!
    It’s lovely and feels like the special place, as always, that you create in everything you do.
    Mwah! Skål!

  11. Simon says:

    Klarar inte att hitta orden på engelska så det får bli på svenska.
    Grattis till er nya hemsida, och vilken sida sen!
    Man fastnar här, ni har gjort det så harmoniskt med bilder, texter, typsnitt och allt. Det märks att det tagit mycket tid i anspråk och säkert mycket omgörningar.
    Jag som följt dig (er) i flera år känner mig “hemma” och nya personer får en väldigt bra bild av er redan på första sidan med historian bakom företaget osv.
    Klickade tillochmed in på väldigt många smycken fast jag inte är rätt målgrupp för just de eller har någon att köpa de till (än), bara för att läsa vad ni lagt för tankar bakom de olika smyckena, vad stenarna betyder och se bilderna vid vattnet som du, Jonna, berättat att du jobbade så hårt med nyligen.

    Stort grattis till er Jonna, Johan och resten av familjen 🙂
    Kul att höra att Jonnas pappa också blivit en del av företaget nu, är nyfiken på vilken roll han har.
    Ser fram emot att följa er framöver också!

    • Simon says:

      P.s. Är rädd att jag inte helt klarade att uttrycka mig på svenska heller hehe. Hoppas inte min kommentar framstår som besserwissrig eller liknande för det är inte min mening. Menar mer att man verkligen ser hur mycket tanke ni lagt bakom varje detalj och att man ser att det ligger ett enormt arbete bakom just det att få de som följt er länge att känna sig hemma samtidigt som ni så bra förklarar vilka ni är och företagets bakgrund för de som hittar hit nu 🙂 D.s.

  12. Aimee says:

    It’s so exciting to see the new website, your new little home on the internet! It’s so lovely, and clean and fresh. I am excited for you as things continue to grow and move forward. It must feel so nice to have the big project done! Yuki sends Nanook hedgehog kisses.

  13. Susan W. Devi says:

    hey there, isn’t this exciting? I think what I love most about this new website is that you have been talking about it for quite awhile now, and the little glimpses of the behind the scenes along the way have be sooo tantalizing. And now that it’s live, it’s like the birth of something we’ve watched you incubate for so long. I’m very new to your following, but I reached back to the beginning of your YouTube videos and some of your later blog posts so I understand just how much effort it took to reach this goal. Yay!!! You’re going to have an awesome new chapter in your life, and I’m so happy for you. You should be very proud of yourself!!

  14. Emily Williams says:

    I didn’t really visit the old blog, but now that I’m aware that you blog often, I’m so ready to come visit the new one often ^_^ You’ve brought SO much inspiration into my life. Thank you!

    • Emily Williams says:

      also…really happy you put “The Story of My Life” video in the “About Us” section. Probably my favorite youtube vid 😉

  15. Emily Williams says:

    also…really happy you put “The Story of My Life” video in the “About Us” section. Probably my favorite youtube vid 😉

  16. Sonia Chambers says:

    Congratulations on the new site it is absolutely stunning 🙂 I wish you all the best you deserve it from all the hard work that has been done, the site is seamless and beautiful but only to be expected as is everything that you do you are a truly amazing soul with so much inspiration for us all just to live aligned with who we really are. Much love – Sonia

  17. Madelein Janse van Rensburg says:

    Jinton family, you have all worked so hard for so long, and it truly shows. The new website is absolutely stunning! Congratulations to you all! May this be the start of a prosperous, fulfilling future for each of you. I hope you now get to take a nice long break to just drift in the lake or run through the trees. ❤️ All the best on your new adventure, I can’t wait to place an order! Lots of love from New Zealand

  18. Rue says:

    Congratulations on your new site. I’m so happy for you, Johan and Mom. The site is brilliant, beautiful and fun. I love your new location and have enjoyed exploring all of its pages. I look forward to your future additions and new blog posts. I was glad to hear that you are leaving the old blogs up. It is on your old blog that I found you. Re-reading the old posts feels like visiting a dear friend. I wish you great success with this new site. I’m with you every step of the way. Much love. Rue ❤️

  19. Adriana MG says:

    Hello Jonna & Johan (and everyone else involved)
    The new website looks beautiful and very well made. Congratulations on this new beginning. Wishing you all the best always ❤️

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely love this and everything about this new website! I have only been following along with your journey for a few years but I feel like I know you personally, I have watched every one of your vlogs many times over, I know them off by heart now ? every time I need some inspiration or motivation to get back in touch with my nature loving side, I turn to you for that guidance.

    You were one of the first people I started following on instagram and the only person I followed on YouTube for years. It was because of you that I had the courage to start my own journey with launching my own business, my own creativity through photography and generally follow my heart where it wants to go.

    I recommend your social media to everyone and I get so excited each time I see something new from you. I am so proud for you with this new chapter in your life, seeing the impact you have made on not only my own life but the lives of so many others truly shows that you are an ambassador for a new era of freedom and creativity for people all around the world.

    Congratulations on this launch, I can’t wait to see what this next chapter unfolds for you ???

  21. Sarine says:

    Congrats! So happy for you. I have been following you for a while so I remember you talking about this. And now it’s here! Heja Jonna! Looking forward to continuing reading your posts (and watching your videos of course). Lots of love from a German who used to live near Sunddvall for six years and sometimes misses the nature a lot.

  22. Charlotte Force says:

    So excited about this beautiful website! Can’t wait to buy some jewelry… and read some more about lingonberries soon? Late summer, early fall, what a gorgeous time of year to celebrate this all in!

  23. Pamela says:

    I love your site! ✨ The simple clean design, the personal stories, the beautiful art. The site is so deep, you have created your own little world here. An oasis of beauty.

    You can feel how you have taken charge of what you want your business to be. It is so brave and amazing, and I know it took a massive effort to achieve. Congratulations to you and Johan and your whole family!

    So, so happy for you!!! ❤️

  24. Nicole says:

    Dear jonna♡
    I’ve been following your blog for so long and I’ve always noticed the difference between your writing styles, which I’ve always admired. I always noticed how much love you and Johan put into your shop and blog. It’s so nice to see how much heart and soul you both put into it. I love reading your blog, it always feels like I’m there live with you . I love your personal writing style!
    oh and your new collection is wonderful, i will order something next month!
    ( i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes
    in this text, i come from germany and my keyboard always wants to convert the texts into german)
    Have a nice evening!♡

  25. Nicole says:

    Dear jonna♡
    I’ve been following your blog for so long and I’ve always noticed the difference between your writing styles, which I’ve always admired. I always noticed how much love you and Johan put into your shop and blog. It’s so nice to see how much heart and soul you both put into it. I love reading your blog, it always feels like I’m there live with you . I love your personal writing style!
    oh and your new collection is wonderful, i will order something next month!
    ( i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes
    in this text, i come from germany and my keyboard always wants to convert the texts into german)
    Take all the Time you need
    Have a nice evening!

  26. Maria says:

    Congratulations with you new beautiful website dedicated to your incredible art. And thank you for leaving your old blog as it was, I always enjoyed reading it. Everything you create always makes me feel the world is more beautiful. And it always makes me feel better about the world, especially in the time we are living through.

  27. LeAnn Willard says:

    SO happy your new site is finally live! It’s been allot of hard work and time put into it….. and you can tell by the beauty and love it shows. I’ve been a follower for a very long time, I’ve different accounts over the years… but yours has been one I’ve brought with along my own path in life. You have the knack of centering and calming, providing wise words and breathtaking beauty (in nature and the world you share with us)…. I’m so happy to see you continuing to grow and share with us the creativity and love you put into the world. And be sure to let Johan know that we know without him you also wouldn’t be where you are today <3

  28. Emma Johnson says:

    What a beautiful website! I am amazed! The jewelry looks fantastic! And your photography looks so clear and lovely against the background! Thank you for all the hard work and perseverance you have put into this website! It is incredible!

    Best wishes!

    ♥️ Emma

  29. KJ says:

    Aren’t new beginnings wonderful!? Your website is beautiful, like you and Johan. Ending of one chapter of my life is not necessarily a sad experience, it is a time of reflection…a looking back on the joyful memories and the smiles they bring, the laughter and lessons learned…there is a deep yet subtle connection, a drawing within and a deep sense of contentment. Just as the cycles in nature, the ending of a chapter, for me, are likened to the time of deep Autumn and then into Winter. But the new? Ahhh, new beginnings are full of a new energy of excitement, newness, adventurous, freshness – like the crispness of an early morning in the mountains breathing deeply of the fresh, clean, invigorating air…Oh how I love the mountains! They are my happy place! New beginnings are a looking forward with anticipation, happiness and joy….it is like the innocence and beautiful joy of a child discovering something new and exciting. I wish you and Johan joy and beauty. Much love!

  30. Annina Torino says:

    Grattis till nystarten! Nu är det bara att bokmärka nya sidan! Bra ändå att du lämnar kvar den gamla, det gör du rätt i tycker jag. Kram!

  31. El says:

    Oh I’m so happy to see this website up now! I know it must feel like it has been hanging over you for such a long time now.. I sincerely hope you can get back to feeling that little bit lighter… that little bit more free, now that it’s finally live! Congratulations to you on your new start 🙂


  32. Helga says:

    Dear Jonna and her loved ones … this is a wonderful site, so good work done by all of you. I wish you all the best moving forward with new ventures in the days and months to come. It’s been such a crazy year for all of us earthlings that your presence lifts our spirits – and to let you know how much we enjoy the gifts you bring us. Take care !

  33. Ursula says:

    Dear Jonna!
    Yes, it still feels very unfamiliar and new here.
    I almost smell the fresh paint on the walls of this freshly painted room …
    But I also smell the scent of the wood of the new beams and the beautiful shelves …
    And that smells very homely.
    And everything is so neat and clean …
    Still a little uninhabited, yes, as it is when you move into a new room …
    But very friendly colors shine from every corner, lovely faces, words and sounds smile, and cast a very cozy light on this solemn place …
    From the bottom of my heart ❤❤❤ I wish that you will soon feel at home here. That you will feel comfortable and relax here. That you just spread your wings and let yourself be carried freely and easily …
    Just like you fly through the beautiful land of your homeland …
    In a way I love you like my sister who is strolling through the forests with me…,
    even if we don’t actually know each other, and you actually don’t know anything about me, except for these few sentences when you read them …
    Maybe that’s the wonderful thing about love for all wonders in life – everything is so familiar and right and always there and always loved.
    I thank you so much for all your touching heart work!
    You make the power and the tenderness of all life so wonderfully audible and visible … and you release all the magic in your works of art …
    Happy birthday to this work of art here again.
    Nice that you exist and keep it up !!!

  34. Lia says:

    I have watched your vlogs and read your blog posts for a few years, now. I was excited for the release of your new sight and it did not disappoint! I love the look of your new webpage. I think you all did an amazing job! I can’t wait to see all the beauty you continue to show through your art, text, and vlogs. You have created a safe space for people to come and unwind their mind. I hope you know how how much of a light and inspiration you are to so many. Keep on being you! <3

  35. Fionna says:

    Dearest Jonna and Johan, I wanted to write something about how excited I am to see your new website…but now I’m out of words. Everything is so beautiful and even though I usually don’t like onlineshops that much (I’m more of a physical shopper ?), your shop gives me this feeling of these little, charming shops I like to spend a lot of my time, even if they’re small and don’t offer that much different things (like these really big shops do). I spend some time wandering through your shop and everything is just wow! I can’t afford to buy something yet, but when the time has come I will save my money to treat me to something from you!
    Thank you all die being out there, creating beautiful things for us all! I’ve watched your videos for some years now and you are still my favorite YouTuber. Please stay your authentic self.
    Lots of love from Germany,

  36. Abby C. says:

    You are very inspiring to me and have helped me to love and embrace my long and snowy winters where I live in Upstate NY!
    Thank you so much for that 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Abby xoxo

  37. Helga says:

    I love everything about your new website. It’s like entering another world. Which is so needed in these crazy times. I’m looking forward to order one of your beautiful jewellerey pieces, they all look so amazing and special. You two are unique souls, I wish you alk the beat and of course sucess with all you do. Greetings from Austria. ?

  38. Christina says:

    Grattis till en helt fantastiskt fin ny sida! Har skrollat runt bland berättelser och bilder, det är som er egna sagovärld, helt på riktigt. Ni två är en stor inspiration för andra och jag har rekommenderat så många att följa. Själv har jag haft mycket glädje av att läsa och ta del av din vardag och ditt konstnärsskap i många år nu. Tack!

  39. Birgitta says:

    Grattis till en jättefin och ny sida! Självklart kommer jag att fortsätt följa dig och din familj då ni är samlade i Grundtjärn. Älskar också dina fina inslag från fjällen med alla vackra bilder. Lycka till med allt ni gör och fortsätt leva ert liv som ni också ska njuta av .

  40. Anna Helin says:

    Kära Jonna,
    Jag hittade din blogg för över ett år sen. Jag var 14 år då. Jag minns hur jag var helt förtrollad utav dina videos, tittade på varenda en. Jag läste nästan vartenda av dina blogginlägg, ända sedan begynnelsen. Jag överdriver inte när jag säger att du förändrat mitt liv och min syn på världen. Du har fått mig att se min omgivning på ett helt annat sätt och börja älska platsen jag bor på. Jag är dig evigt tacksam för att ha öppnat mina ögon och för att du skänker mig ro i själen för varenda post du skapar.
    Den nya webbsidan är så himla fin.
    Tack Jonna.

  41. Chantall says:

    Dear Jonna,

    Your website looks amazing 🙂 Congratulations to you and Johan (and the rest of the team)!
    Try and find some time now to sit back and enjoy the wonderful last days of September. You have such a lovely personality and I always look forward to your blogs and vlogs. They help me to stay positive during this pandemic. Thank you so much.

  42. Villblomst says:

    Hey, Jonna! What a beautiful new website!! Congratulation! I have been following you a long time, your old blog is really like a book 🙂 I love all your work, you are a talented artist and inspiration for so many in this world. I have a deep connection to nature. Spending time in nature really makes me feel connected to my soul and feeling home. I am so happy to live surrounded by nature, close to beautiful wilderness in Norway. When I found your channel, your passion and your journey reminded me about my own passion, way of feeling and living. I left my home in Germany when I was 21 years old, because I wanted to live more close to nature, I have lived in Norway for many years now, living my dreams.
    I really LOVE trees and I am so happy that you share your love for trees, it´s so needed in this world! I cried with you when you showed us the deforest of your beloved forest. This year I had to experience the same. It hurts so much when you are loosing a beloved forest!! It´s really like loosing a good friend.
    I hope you are owning the forest around your house? You are living in such a beautiful and wonderful place! Like in a dream 🙂 I am happy for you. Never stop follow your dreams and to be the authentic version of your self. You are fantastic. Never rush to be creative or productive. You have all the time in the world, because you already have created so much and your following community is BIG. You can just RELAX, ENJOY and take your own time for everything you do 🙂
    Kram fra Norge

  43. Julia O'Donovan says:

    Jonna, if only I could express the gratitude I have for you and your work. When I started watching your channel/reading your blog 1 year ago in September 2019, something in me awakened. When I watched your video “The Story of My Life” I cried because you showed me the life I didn’t know I wanted, and needed.
    A few weeks ago I spoke to my older brother on the phone, who suggested I started my own blog as part of my creative endeavors. And I find it so synchronistic that just as you’re starting your new blog journey, I am also starting mine. I just purchased a domain name today ? I look forward to new posts from you, and congratulations on your new website! ?✨

  44. Erika Wahlnemo says:

    Wow! Så häftigt att ha fått följa din resa från när du nyss flyttat till Grundtjärn till där ni är nu. Du har verkligen visat att om man i hjärtat vet att man är på rätt plats och får göra det som själen längtar efter kan det aldrig bli fel. Det är en oändligt krokig och tuff stig att vandra med många många och ovissa tider och stunder. Men vet man trots motståndet att kompassen visar i rätt riktning i dimman kommer man slutligen vidare och fram. Tack för ert ljus och för att ni visar att det är möjligt att gå hjärtats väg trots att omvärlden kan göra motstånd. Önskar er all lycka och välgång! Som ni i hela familjen har kämpat! Kram Erika

  45. Belinda says:

    I like your new website very much – I can tell you have worked very hard to make it so beautiful. It is very nice that you have a blog again – sometimes it is nice to just read and let your mind make the pictures in your head. I love your vlog, too, and have followed it for years. I am looking forward to following your blog and vlog for many more years!

  46. Elora Munka says:

    Très chère Jonna,
    Je suis vraiment très heureuse pour toi et ton amoureux d’avoir enfin fini votre site… et je dois dire qu’il est vraiment super ! L’autre était bien mais celui-ci respire l’envie de changer et je pense qu’il était nécessaire de changer car toi même tu as bien changé depuis le début de ton aventure ! Je te trouve de plus en plus rayonnante 🙂 Merci de tout cœur pour votre travail acharné, vous pouvez être fière tous les deux.
    J’espère que tu va t’accorder un peu de repos dans ta petite maison perdu dans la montagne après ce gros travail..
    Je t’envois, à toi et à Johan, beaucoup d’amitié, de bonne ondes et de la joie de te revois sur ce blog !!!
    Bisous, Elora

  47. Brittany says:

    Jonna! Your website is beautiful. I know how much work must have gone into launching this site. Congratulations! <3 Am I correct in remembering that your mother is a developer and built the site? If so, wonderful job, Jonna's mom! 🙂

  48. Jana says:

    Your website is beautiful as I imagined it would be, so creative and inviting, like someone else said, its a art work in itself, just scrolling thru. Just Beautiful. You can relax now Jonna…Job well done. Much love to you and your amazing family. I love the story that your Mum made your arm bracelet…how amazing, what a wonderful journey. Big Pats to Nanuk…(Not sure on spelling) all the way from Queensland Australia xoxox Jana

  49. Josue Castro says:

    Wow, you made it! The new website feels like a beautiful spring after the winter, and after all the work and the effort you, Johan, and your family put on it, it looks incredible. A new beginning for all of you, and I hope that this new step in your life is going to be better and full of hope. I am excited to see what new adventures you are going to have. But now it’s time to celebrate! Congratulations on the new website!

  50. Cassie says:

    Wow, your new website is so beautiful !! I don’t know how you do it but all of what you produce is amazing !! I love you jewels, photos and paintings. You and all your family are a sunshine in our day to day life. I can’t wait for other articles on your Blog so I’ll have a look to your old one.

    It must have been a lot of work to produce this website and its content. I hope you’ll have some time now to rest and enjoy life. But I’m pretty sure that you enjoyed all the days that lead you to this big success.

    Thank you so much for all your work. It inspire me so much ? Kiss from France.

  51. Melianna says:

    Reading this blog post almost made me cry (happy tears don’t worry ;)).
    I’m so happy to read a new blog post written by you.
    I read all of your blog posts on your previous blog and you inspire me so much Jonna.
    I think I will buy one of your jewelry pieces as a christmas gift to myself :).
    Sending lots of love from France !

  52. Claudia Opitz says:

    Dear Jonna <3
    what a wonderful new beginning !
    Yout new website is a dream !
    I propably like felt at many others ?! I did`nt find them first !
    If you set up a new video, you might be able to drew attention to your beautiful new website again?

    You gave my a very personal gift with your first blog post 🙂 My dad`s birthday is September 12 . He and my mum were absolut Northland travellers . The love Sweden, Finland, Norway .
    Thank you very much for this gift because of the date 🙂

    I am looking forward to new blogposts, wish you many orders 🙂 but also a relaxed life 🙂
    and I am grateful to be able to read again and again your old blog 🙂
    Stort kram <3
    Claudia Amitola

  53. Joy Taylin says:

    Jonna, Congratulations on your new website, blog and shop! Wow!! This is the most beautiful website I have ever seen. Your creativity and imagination are infinite. It truly is a masterpiece, and is sure to move and breathe through the seasons as you do. I am so happy for you and celebrate this monumental project of bringing it all to life. Much love to you and Johan in your next adventures. My heartfelt thank you for making the effort to share your world with us. Having the chance to peek into it now and then keeps me inspired and brings me back to feeling grounded and happy. I just ordered my New Path ring from your shop and am so excited to receive it soon!!! Many blessings on your path. Much love, Joy Taylin and my two Chow Chows, Koa Bear, and Shandy.

  54. Ruth Vissering says:

    Hi Jonna, Johan and Family! Congratulations on the success launch of your webshop. It looks so beautiful and going through with all your works it takes my breath away. Everything is so amazing! All your Photography works are beautiful and I wish to own one of your artworks someday. I always watch your vlogs and patiently waiting when will be the next one. 🙂 Meanwhile, I will keep on rewatching your old ones. Thank you for sharing us the beauty of your place/world it brings so much joy, peace and relaxing feeling to us.

    More blessing to you and to your Family!


  55. Lars 8463 says:

    Gomorgon Jonna
    Om du såg mig, skulle du inte se mig
    På samma sätt som du ser mig nu.
    För då skulle du läsa mitt kroppsspråk
    Lyssna på ditt egna.
    Och hur berättar mitt
    Om tankarna jag nu hör
    När jag ligger här med första koppen

    Om dina minuter som blivit till år
    Som format orden, texten, känslan
    Smaken på koppen
    Som jag alltid dricker
    I stillsam självsamhet
    För då är det ingenting som stör.

    Ostörda stunder med dina ord.
    Stillsama stunder med dina tankar.
    Stunderna som får mig att se
    Hur du ser ut i mina ögon
    Ögon som nu betraktar ditt bildspråk.
    Ser dig i färgen, formen, ljuset…
    Så det skrivna ordet…

    Igår när höstlöven stilla föll
    Lyssnade jag på Johans sommarprat
    Om det som nu gäller alla årstider.
    Ni vet bäst själva varför.
    Men för att ni har varandra.

    • Erika says:

      Lars 8463: Fortfarande är dina ord lika vackra, så lättförståeligt…..
      lika välformulerade som endast du kan. Du är en vacker gåva av dig själv.
      Inte alla kan använda ord som du gör. Du skulle har en blogg Lars, där
      du kunde förmedlar dina fina ord-tankar!

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Finaste Lars ♥️
      Du anar inte hur glad jag blev när jag såg din kommentar i min nya blogg.
      En av mina största rädslor med att flytta bloggen och börja blogga på engelska var att du skulle försvinna från den.

      Vet att jag sagt det många gånger, men dina kommentarer är som ren poesi.
      Jag blir alltid så lugn efteråt. Som om man får en stunds meditation av att läsa.

      Tack, tack TACK för att du följde med hit! ♥️

    • Jonna Jinton says:

      Tack Hanna! ♥️
      Google har tyvärr tagit bort funktionen med en översättnings-knapp i bloggen.
      Men om man däremot använder Chrome som webbläsare så är översättnings-funktionen inbyggd.
      Så när du kommer till bloggen så ska det gå att välja “Översätt sida”.

      Jag hoppas det funkar för dig! 🙂

      / Jonna

  56. inge ro says:

    Så nya bloggen blev på engelska så det blir väl språket de närmaste 10 åren. Kan vi vänta oss nästa kapitel o nästa 10 år efter detta blir på spanska.. De flesta av oss har väl spanskan från sällskapsresan o den är nog minst sagt bristfällig. Hur som helst, lycka till En undran, kan man ha yoga bland myggen.

  57. Laetitia says:

    I was so impatient to finally see this new website …. and the wait was worth it !! it’s absolutely beautiful … I have tears in my eyes …. I read your blog from the very beginning, even before the videos … I am so proud of you, of your courage, of your tenacity and the love you put in everything you do … you inspire me to a point that you can’t imagine … and I can say it without shame I care about you as someone of my family …. even if it may seem strange! you brought me comfort when I was not well, joy and the desire to transform my life. thank you for existing Jonna. from the bottom of my heart thank you. Good Luck for the future and i wish to you and your Family all the best.
    may happiness always follow in your footsteps

  58. Joanna Liso says:

    When I first came across your videos on youtube I eventually found my way to your blog and I went back to the beginning and read every single post from start to finish (with the help of Google translate). It took me a while because there were so many posts but it was like a book that I couldn’t put down. I kept wanting to see what would happen next in your incredible life, even though the funny thing is that it had already happened for you! I feel very connected to the way you write and together experienced your ups and downs.

    Your story made me reflect on my own life and wonder whether I could learn something from you. You seem to have a natural ability to make the most of any moment and you pursue your dreams with reckless abandon. You rarely worry about how the pieces will fall together, and you never complain when things aren’t working out how you expected. You just trust that they will work out and enjoy the ride. Even when you were living alone in the old school, curled up on the floor of the hallway beside Nanook desperately trying to keep warm, and being haunted by a ghost you didn’t let go of your dream. You carried on with courage and self-belief and now you deserve all the wonderful things life has brought you.

    I really struggle with this kind of self-belief and as an artist I often feel I am holding back and struggling to let go of thoughts that don’t serve me. One day I hope to have my own little home in the countryside and everything that I wish for, but I in the meantime I am learning to enjoy the journey that takes me there. Every blog post you’ve written and video that you’ve made is a beautiful reminder and motivational boost. Thank you thank you thank you!

  59. Linda Slater says:

    What a lovely website! I have adored your videos for a long time, they bring me great peace and joy. Your creative process and your perspective on life, love and nature is so refreshing and real. I look forward to everything you do and you inspire me to be more creative. Thank you, Linda

  60. Anaïs says:

    Wow I’m really impressed by the quality of the new website! I used to read the former blog and the new one is gorgeous!
    You and your team did a very good job! You must be very proud 🙂
    Thank you for everything, Jonna. Have a beautiful day!
    Love from France

  61. R.M.H.A Berkhof says:

    Wouw, wat een prachtige website. Ik volg je You tube filmpjes al een tijdje en vindt ze zo mooi en inspirerend en ben erg gaan houden van de Zweedse bossen! ? ?complimenten ook voor de mooie sieraden, schilderijen en prachtige foto’s.

  62. Jonna Jinton says:

    Thank you SO MUCH everyone for all your beautiful comments on my first blogpost!! ♥️
    I wish I could answer you all. But I really want you to know that it makes me soooo happy that so many wanted
    to write a comment on my new blog! 🙂

    Much love to you all! ♥️

    / Jonna

  63. Lana says:

    I am here in Canada and just love your blogs! It is especially nice to see how you make your art and how your family is so involved as well. I can tell that your husband is a very kind person. You bring joy to my day when I see how you find beauty in all of the little things. You inspired me to start painting bookmarks for all of my friends during this pandemic….Sincere good wishes……Lana

  64. Henrik says:

    Hey Jonna, mostly your charisma touch my heart and my soul in this way, there is going someting in a strong Resonanz. There is a call inside of me which you trigger in me. Thank you for your work and sorry for my bad english. It‘s a wonderful website, vlog and even your art! Henrik from germany

  65. Marian B. says:

    Dear Jonna, today, Dec. 2nd 2020 I’ve visited your website for the first time, and now your blog. First I was watching the works of art, and a few pages written in Swedish. That’s a little hard to understand, although some words are familiar. My mother was Frisian, from the very North of The Netherlands, and there’s a similarity in sound, at times, between the Frisian language and the Swedish language. Frisian is an official language apart from the Dutch language and children in Friesland, that’s the Dutch name for that county, learn to speak and write both Frisian and Dutch.

    I’m so impressed, and inspired, with what you’re creating and the joy you share with us, living in that paradise in Sweden, with Johan and others of your family. I’ve noticed that there are a few other Dutch people here, commenting, nice! Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are, and your talents, your ability to enjoy the small things in life, the time spent in nature, in all the seasons.

    In my own way I’m in touch with nature much, nurtured by the little things I see, feel and hear, like birdsong. All the natural world is touching me so much more deeply, in the last years. It’s an ongoing awakening to that world, with always a greeting to the sun when iti’s clear. The sea at the South Coast of Britain, is my next year’s destiny, for a search of a home for myself. My heart’s desire is to live in ,or near, a spacious landscape, with a view over the sea, and hills, cliffs, sandy beaches and rocks. Estuaries are often gorguous in Britain, with the tidal motion going in and out. That’s never the case in The Netherlands, the tide is only visible on the beach.

    This year I’m in my home in The Netherlands, to re-orientate, reconnect with family and friends, prepairing for a new journey overseas, to the West. During the lockdown in March and April, I’ve walked endlessly, exploring my city after almost 5 years of absene. Forests are dear to me, we’ve had lots of mushrooms this autumn, with mild sunny November days. Since a week or so it’s truly winter, quite a sudden change with temperatures near zero degrees Celsius, and beautiful mists over the land, when the evening falls. In the area of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    Ha, I guess this is a little journal, a sort of introduction of who I am. It’s always a bit awkward with connections in the virtual world, for there’s no physical meeting and speaking. Hence, my way of saying “Hello” and at the end of this comment, it’s “Bye for now”. Blessed be ?

  66. Volker Menz says:

    Hey Jonna, I am so happy to be part of you. It makes me happy to always have you with me. Sometimes as a beautiful picture, sometimes with your voice, sometimes with what you write. But always with your soul. I feel so much pain inside me that shows up again. Yes, I too have already made a long journey, and the path of my heart is not over yet. I feel like I’m part of you Much love- Volker (p.s. I don’t speak English very well, that’s why – Google translation, – you will understand me !, thank you!) ✨

    Hej Jonna, ich bin so glücklich ein Teil von dir/euch sein zu dürfen. Es macht mich froh dich immer bei mir zu haben. Manchmal als schönes Bild, manchmal mit deiner Stimme, manchmal mit dem was du schreibst. Immer aber mit deiner Seele. Ich fühle so viele Schmerzen in mir die sich noch einmal zeigen. Ja, auch ich habe eine lange Reise schon hinter mir, und der Weg meines Herzens ist noch nicht zu Ende. Ich fühle als wäre ich ein Teil von dir. Viel Liebe- Volker (p.s. ich kann Englisch nicht gut, darum – Google Übersetzung, – du wirst mich verstehen!, danke!) ✨

  67. Carl Stridsberg says:

    Hej Jonna!

    Så du har skapat en ny blogg? Fin, verkligen. Förstår att det var ett stort steg att ta och att lämna den gamla. Den blir ju lite som ett övergivet hus nu men minnena finns kvar i väggarna och husets själ.
    Själv har jag ju bloggat på i mer än tolv år och även skapat ett par sajter till, och

    Jag var väl en av de första som började tipsa om dig på min blogg tror jag? Minns du det inlägget?
    Tänk så mycket som har hänt dig sedan dess. Du har blivit en riktig affärskvinna nu, där borta långt in i urskogen! 🙂
    Det verkar som att allt du gör blir vackert. Dina foton, dina bilder, dina smycken, dina videos. Du är i sanning en riktig konstnär. Fint att du hämtar inspiration av naturen. Som gammal skogshuggare har jag ju varit mer i skog och natur än de flesta. Älskar också den. Livet vore mindre vackert och rogivande utan skog, utan naturen.
    Ändå verkar det som att vi människor gör vårt bästa för att förstöra den. Många arter har dött ut och är på väg att dö ut. Läste någonstans att nära 75% av bin har dött ut i vissa länder! 🙁 Det är fasansfullt när man tänker på det..

    I alla fall, vill önska dig och din man Ett Gott Nytt År!
    Låt oss hoppas att livet kommer tillbaka och att inga snart längre dör av covid-eländet..

  68. Glenn says:

    Admiration and envy are what I feel towards the life you have both created for yourselves. Living within the bounds of Northern Sweden’s wilderness, yet still within touching distance of modern life and all its electrical murmurings. A cat or two and a dog, and a husband who speaks way too much – almost as much as the abundant falling snow you often receive. All of this seen through a viewfinder, as if looking through a frosted window upon a white clad dream, but of course, it’s not all serenity and peace.
    The beauty in which you abide, the bone and skin against the grass and rock can be a harsh landscape if you work against it, if you disturb its silence and meditation. This I know you know. Your presence though is no imposition, but a conjoining with the elements and elementals, as human life should be, should do, and then the earth would love us more if we allowed ourselves to accept its nurturing…as you both do.
    Much respects

  69. Davide Canzian says:

    Dear Jonna
    I discovered your Youtube channel just a few days ago and I was struck by the beauty of your videos; I see many online of a certain quality but yours are of a high level also the wise use of the instrumentation.
    My wife and I live in the north east of Italy not far from the border with Slovenia; unfortunately due to the covid it is not possible to travel but we hope that by the end of 2021 it will be possible.
    I love Sweden which I was able to visit twice in the late 90’s and which I would like to visit again.
    I am using google translator as i am not that good at writing in english.
    I always look at the places you visit with great pleasure and I imagine myself to be in those places too; this hectic life will sooner or later freak us out.
    You were very brave indeed to leave the city to start a new life; in a previous job I followed the birth of an ecommerce site and I must say that yours is very well done.
    Then I love the apple world madly and in fact my wife and I have two macbooks and I have an iphone, I have been a technology enthusiast for a long time now.
    A greeting
    David and Chiara.

  70. Ian Beaumont says:

    Dear Jonna,
    what and inspiration you are and the fantastic life you have made for you self. may self and my partner are very envies. we are both conservators i specialise in the conservation of leather objects and she paper. we both long to live out of the city and we will eventually. I had to buy one of your silver armcuffs for Louise my lady. because we work with beautiful historic objects we have a deep understanding of beautiful things. I love your jewellery so can’t what for it to arrive. thank you for being such an inspiration at such low point in are lives. Beau

  71. Maja says:

    Dear Jonna,
    You don’t know how happy you make me with every post and video and pictures and paintings you make. My heart just start to sing. There is so much beauty around us and you are showing us this breathtaking nature and the words of wisdom with such a passion and love and in the times when we need it the most. From the bottom of my heart …. Thank You <3

  72. Richard Rollo says:

    Dear Jonna, I’ve only recently become aware of your posts in the past month and I am very interested in your stories from your ordinary day to day living. I’m half Swedish from my mother and still have some family in Sweden. My father was of Irish, Scots, and Anglo-Norman ancestry. My Swedish Grandfather and his brothers grew up on a hog farm in Umea, Sweden They got jobs as dynamite setters on the Swedish railroads. They were working on the proposed rail link that was supposed to run from Gothenburg to Oslo, Norway. Construction came to a halt in 1905 due to a referendum when Norway voted to become an independent Kingdom rather than remain under the Swedish King. Agents in Sweden representing the Duluth Mesabi Railroad in Minnesota then offered the Gabrielson brothers similar jobs on the railroad in Minnesota and free transportation to America. The brothers took the offer. My grandfather and one of his brothers then married the girls (our grandmothers) they met at the dances in rural Bohuslan. My grandmother had to get the permission of the King to get married, she was a teenager. One of the brothers was already married and had two children. All of the brothers and their wives eventually became U.S. citizens and homesteaded land South of Pelican Lake in Orr, Minnesota. My mother grew up to become a school teacher in Minnesota and later in California.

    My father was a train station agent for the Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific railroad, and a U.S. Army officer in France in World War II. Later, he went into trucking management. I was born and spent my early years in Minnesota, but I’ve lived most of my life in California.

    I notice in several of your video clips that you have tried to find your Texas accent. I grew up in Southern California and many people here in the 1950‘s were from Texas. I basically learned the Texas accent from watching late night car dealer ads and Gene Autry movies. The car dealer Cal Worthington sponsored five hour Country Music shows on Sundays. I mostly prefer swing era Jazz, but I like all kinds of music, even Country. When I needed to learn Spanish, I listened to the Mexican music stations for accent.

    Since your English is excellent, a Texas accent is easy to develop and the best way to get it is by listening to Country Music. I don’t know what is available in Sweden, but you might be able to get it from You Tube. Here are my suggestions for listening:

    “Right or Wrong” Either by Reba McEntire, Merle Haggard, or Bob Wills
    “San Antonio Rose” sung by Glen Campbell with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
    “Faded Love” sung by Tommy Duncan with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

    Also one of my all time favorite movies was The Last Picture Show which takes place in a small town in Texas in the early 1950‘s . I loved it.

    I enjoy the adventures and stories of your life. To have created a world wide business and remain in a rural lifestyle is quite an impressive accomplishment. Best wishes and best of luck.
    Yours truly, Richard Rollo Montebello, California

  73. N says:

    Hello Jonna!! I recently discovered your channel and I am in awe with Grundtjärn. It looks so beautiful!! I am an avid traveler, and am looking for places to go to (after the corona virus calms down of course) Unfortunately, I only speak English and French. Is it possible to visit this area without speaking Swedish.

  74. Marian B. says:

    Dear Jonna, there’s a book I’ve been reading again and again, every 10 years or so, that might be interesting to read for you. You may have heard from it, it’s written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Your latest video “Loving to be alone” made me think of this book. The link to this PDF free download book is below. About the choice of the title, she says:

    “The title of this book. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, came from my study of wildlife biology, wolves in particular. The studies of the wolves Canis lupus and Canis rufus are like the history of women, regarding both their spiritedness and their travails. Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack. They are experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely
    stalwart and very brave.”

    “My own post-World War II generation grew up in a time when women were infantilized and treated as property. They were kept as fallow gardens … but thankfully there was always wild seed which arrived on the wind. Though what they wrote was unauthorized, women blazed away anyway. Though what they painted went unrecognized, it fed the soul anyway. Women had to beg for the instruments and the spaces needed for their arts, and if none were forthcoming, they made space in trees, caves, woods, and closets.

    Dancing was barely tolerated, if at all, so they danced in the forest where no one could see them, or in the basement, or on the way out to empty the trash. Self-decoration caused suspicion. Joyful body or dress increased the danger of being harmed or sexually assaulted. The very clothes on one’s shoulders could not be called one’s own. It was a time when parents who abused their children were simply called “strict,” when the spiritual lacerations of profoundly exploited women were referred to as “nervous breakdowns,” when girls and women who were tightly girdled, tightly reined, and tightly muzzled were called “nice,” and those other females who managed to slip the collar for a moment or two of life were branded “bad.”

    So like many women before and after me, I lived my life as a disguised criatura, creature. Like my kith and kin before me, I swagger-staggered in high heels, and I wore a dress and hat to church. But my fabulous tail often fell below my hemline, and my ears twitched until my hat pitched, at the very least, down over both my eyes, and sometimes clear across the room.”

    • Granpabbie says:

      Thank you Marian for providing us with a link. I noticed this book years ago but somehow I have never got to read it. From my perspective it touches upon a very serious issue of an unbalanced masculine and feminine energies in the world we live in. They generally correspond to gender but every individual has both. They need to be recognized, acknowledged and in proper balance or a human being, and a collective he/she lives in, will not be healthy.

  75. leif says:

    Hej Jonna! Fint att se din nya blogg. Jag undrade vart du tog vägen. Du har många vackra bilder här.

    Nu kommer våren vilken härlig tid, blommor, träd , fåglar som sjunger ut sin längtan, njut och spring på ängarna och i skogen.
    Allt liv väntar på dej, omfamna det och dansa en virvlande dans på Logen.

    Du har lyckats superbra men alla you-tube videor. Hela världen bugar för dej, dom vill se mer av din konst vackra Tjej.
    Här ser du en film med sång från mej och Uncas i fjällen en vår för länge sen.

    Många kramar från mej.

  76. Julio Cesar Gómez Arteaga says:

    Hola Jonna, Johan, Nanook y Najelly… les hablo desde Colombia, sigo tus videos en youtube y me han parecido una gran ayuda, es muy hermoso ver el sitio donde vives, es hermoso ver como te desempeñas y compartes con la naturaleza. Que lindo es su hogar. donde vivo con mi esposa y mi hija es un lugar apartado de la ciudad, hay pueblos pequeños a 20 minutos y casi una hora de camino, pero no tenemos el clima que ustedes tienen allá, acá el clima es tropical. los felicito por esa gran vida, en serio son unas excelentes personas, les agradezco por compartir un poquito de sus vidas y no solo eso, también por compartir sus sentimientos, experiencias, altibajos, alegrías.

  77. Monica Cortes says:

    Hi Jonna, I came across your channel on YouTube about two months ago and I fell in love with your art, photography and the North of Sweden. I enjoy your videos so much. I feel like they bring me peace and happiness! I am from Chile but I’ve been living in Canada for about 10 years now. I hope to visit Sweden once this pandemic is over. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us! Much love to you and your loved ones!
    P.S. I recently bought one of your photographs and I can’t wait to put it on the wall at my place. 🙂

  78. someone ancient says:

    What a wonderful week to double up my message count and leave a follow up message, here at your place.
    Somehow I feel so urged to order one of your icy mountain top photos. I have to admit, they are not only the greatest photos of ice I’ve ever seen. They are such impressing pieces of art and so beautiful that they are truly unimaginable and appear magical to me. It’s undescribable, you know. Will definitely check out the purchasing procedure at the coming weeks and wish bitcoin would be as possible payment option available…
    Cant describe my happiness, that I found this place thru a conversation with someone who miraculously claimed to be from Romania, last December. And even if I don’t know, if I ever will be talking that person again, it feels like i have gotten back some key, in relation to memories. It’s a strange story, but yeah, that’s how life is…
    And hey, something that I got in mind, back then since i watched your vlogs, videos and music was, if I ever will be in need of a pair of rings, there is only one single smithy, on the whole planet, where I feel it will be capable of producing those…
    Anyways, thank you so much for everything you leaving to this world. It’s god like work you doing. Very creating, inspiring and truly amazing.

  79. myates54 says:

    Hello Jonna,
    I came across your work on YouTube and fell in Love with it. You capture the full meaning of what Sweden is all about, I know because I have lived in Sweden. Thank You so much for your hard work you bring this to us.
    I am from the United States of America, living in the State of Utah.
    My Great Grandfather Nils Johnson emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800s. He and his family were from Ornskoldsvik, which is not that far from where you live.
    I had the wonderful opportunity of living in Sweden for 2 years back in the late 1970s. I would be the age of your parents, I would think. It was such a wonderful experience. I learned the Swedish language and can still understand a lot of what I learned. I can even speak the language a little bit. But my Swedish writing is not so good, that is why I am writing this in English.
    I first lived up in Lulea, then Goteborg, Linkoping, Taby, by Stockholm, and finally Sundsvall. What a wonderful country you have. I am so in Love with everything Sweden, I have a room full of Swedish things. During the 2 years I was in Sweden, I interacted with many people in your Country. My experience was so positive. Such wonderful people, you can be proud.
    I was able to travel back to Sweden in 2009 with my Wife Colette. She Loved your country. We have planned a trip to Stockholm in June of 2022 to visit friends and go to a concert at the “Konserthuset in Stockholm. We might have another opportunity to live in your country for another 2 years. We should know by January 2022.
    I have picked berries, in your forests, swam in your lakes, enjoyed your sun late at night, and loved your dark, blue skies in the winter, along with the northern lights, interacted with your people, eaten your wonderful food. I can’t say enough good about your country. Thank You so much for sharing your work. I purchased the dark blue necklace for my wife Colette. She Loves it and wears it all the time.
    Warm Regards,

  80. Lu Vicario says:

    Ciao Jonna, I’m lu from Italy, Milan (Cormano). Your life is a realisticdream.
    Connection with nature it’s important; sometimes when I walk a dog, Angus (il mio piccolo amore), I see the grass in the park and I discover a small amazing world. This morning, white fog was over the green grass: really amazing.
    Thanks for your work and generosity

  81. Oscar Tamez says:

    Hi Jonna, i am Oscar Tamez from Monterrey, Mexico. I see all most of your videos, about you, your life, and where you live in North of Sweden, and is all truly amazing. The environment of your life with the nature, the winter, is fantastic. I only dream to one day visit that beautiful country. I love Sweden because of you Jonna.
    Thank so much to you, to Johan and Nanook to show us that amazing place in earth. And very soon I buy something in your store. Everything is Beauty.
    Well have a great season christmas to all your family Jonna.
    Muchos saludos desde Mexico Jonna !!! 🙂

  82. troy goggans says:

    I have not been watching your videos lately because I thought I saw a sadness in your eyes even even when your lips were smiling. I hope you find happiness in your success not everyone does.

  83. Hajar says:

    Beautiful website and beautiful writing.. it’s so clear that it’s coming from your heart.
    I congratulate you for your hard work, your being, and your presence it’s felt and it’s thanked..
    Keep going beautiful Jonna!

    Too much love from Hajar <3

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