Ice from above

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“As the ice grows in the winter it cracks and creates otherworldly sounds, as if it was an ancient spirit awakening and roaring out in the night. And the surface of the ice turn into a beautiful work of art”

This is a photo taken of the ice from above. By Jonna Jinton.
Photo printed on Fine Art matte paper.

    • Photo by Jonna Jinton
    • Signature mark on the back of the photo
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    • Estimated time before shipping: 3-5 business days.
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Product description

Fine Art matte paper.
A high quality matte and age resistant photo paper. The smooth surface
gives the paper a lovely soft feel and the print a stunning sense of depth.

Frame and passepartout are not included.

The photo is printed on the entire paper in the size selected,
with no white border.

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